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The Love Revolution Continues with WANAParty!

You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world… ~ The Beatles, 1968 As you know, this week the Digital Renaissance for the Artist has begun… A “Love Revolution” is unfurling through the blogoverse … Continue reading

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D is for Dancing!! Huge Party at #ROW80 Today…

OMG, I’m still sore from starting the party at Midnight and cutting a rug with Barbara McDowell and Lena Corazon, your #ROW80 Throwback Party co-hosts! Since I joined the party, these songs have been on the playlist: December, 1963 (Oh, What … Continue reading

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B is for #Blogging Party! (And what the heck is the #AtoZchallenge?)

Holy Cowbell, yesterday was the start of my blogiversary month! (Yes, we’re partying all month.) First off, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you! Without you, hanging out here and providing thought-provoking conversation and hilarity in the comments section, I … Continue reading

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Rock The ROW Party – Photo Finalists

Less than two weeks ago, a whole bunch o’ crazy writers flooded the Twitterverse and camped out on the ROW80 hashtag to party down. The ROCK THE ROW party was Nicole Basaraba’s brainchild to celebrate Kait Nolan’s brainchild, “A Round of … Continue reading

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A Much-Needed Day Of Rest – A Recap of Our First Row80 Party

Oooh, mama, did we party yesterday!! Lena Corazon, Susie Lindau and Barbara McDowell were chatterboxing with me over at #ROW80 all the way to 12:15 am EST TODAY. There were snacks…(yep, that sure is a lava lamp!) Cupcakes, cream cake … Continue reading

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ROCK THE ROW – International Twitter Party Celebrating ROW80’s Round 4 In Grand Style

How’s that for a long post title? Note: (ROW80 Deets first, Party Deets second.) By now, most of you know what ROW80 is (if not, click here). Organized by Kait Nolan (@kaitnolan), this is the writing challenge that focuses on … Continue reading

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“Rock The Row” – Twitter Party on 10/5!!

The party is coming! The party is coming! ONE WEEK from today, the #ROW80 hashtag is going to light up like the stage at a rock concert. Yes, that’s right, on Oct. 5th there’s going to a be celebration for: … Continue reading

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A Party Is Coming! A Party Is Coming! Row80 Check-In 9/14

At my last check-in, we took a poll amongst Team Row80 members to see if they wanted to celebrate the close of Round 3 in style. The answer was a resounding YES. As someone who attended the James Rollins Worldwide Book Launch … Continue reading

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ROW80 Update – 12 Days To Go!

Holy cow, there’s less than two weeks left of Round 3. On September 22nd, we’ll all be panting in a big heap at the finish line… Or will we? It kind of depends on what you’re going for with your … Continue reading

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