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Tips for Surviving the Agony and Ecstacy of NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo is my birthday present to myself each year. Every year, I love it. And every year, I hate it…there’s simply too much to do in the tiny little month of November. Even without my birthday falling at the beginning … Continue reading

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3 Writing Commandments and Why I Love ROW80

Novel writing isn’t for sissies. I’ve written software training manuals, short stories, a memoir and more than 500 blog posts and still full-length fiction makes my soul shake in fear. I hitch on my titanium panties and keep writing, and I … Continue reading

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Z is for Zorino, Zatch and 12 Other Zany Words I’d Never Heard Of

You know why I do the A to Z Blogging Challenge every year, despite the extra work? Because it makes me stretch and learn. Hubby and I were talking over “Z” words (especially after yesterday’s Scrabble post) and trying to … Continue reading

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8 Reasons I Chose to Blog From A to Z

Happy April y’all! I’ve been on the fence for quite some time about this year’s A to Z Challenge. I did it last year and loved it, but it definitely requires work and planning. I keep a pretty full plate … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never…TWO Weeks Late To The ROW80 Party

I’ve mentioned it before, but goal-setting kinda gives me hives. I’ve been working up my goals since Christmas and my critique partner, Laura Drake, has thrown every iteration of them back to me with comments like: “They’re too nebulous” or … Continue reading

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10 Tips To Help You Finish Your Novel and/or ‘Win’ NaNoWriMo

November 13-20th is World Kindness Week, an entire week dedicated to spreading kindness around the world. I encourage you to celebrate and commit at least one act of kindness each day this week. Here’s a link if you need ideas… … Continue reading

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6 NaNoWriMo Tips + #ROW80 and a NEW Twitter Handle

Despite having shingles, it’s been a (sort of) moving and (sort of) shaking kind of week. Below are six of my tips for improving your NaNo wordcount. I’m still setting things up for 2012, but you can find me on … Continue reading

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#ROW80 Update ~ A Plethora of Goals

This is my first ROW80 Update this round. Considering we started on October 1st, I’m just a wee bit behind! ROW80 is the writing challenge that understands you have a life so I’m rolling with it. For more information about … Continue reading

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3 Writer’s Commandments and Avoiding The Dreaded “S” Word

There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. ~W. Somerset Maugham Novel writing isn’t for sissies. I know we’ve talked about this before. I’ve even brought you people like Margie Lawson, Susan Mallery and Stephen J. Cannell who … Continue reading

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Fast Draft-ers of the World Unite!

Y’all might remember that we did a “practice” round of Fast Draft last month… (I can hear several of my Fast Draft pals yelling, “PRACTICE?! What do you mean ‘practice?” We worked our tails off and it felt QUITE real.) … Continue reading

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