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4 Spooky Beauty Tips From “Back in the Day”

Y’all know my first question to blog guests is: “What kind of undies are we talking about?” I’ve gotten some really great answers over the years, but today’s guest is simply too dignified to flip up her skirts for our amusement. (Perhaps we can talk her into it in the comments.)

Here’s a sassy 19th century gal, talking about some really spooky products. Continue reading

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Yet Another (Hilarious) Reason To Invest In An e-Reader…

People send me the best stuff on social media…I love it! I especially love sharing it with all of you. Today’s ad from Amazon is the most entertaining e-mercial I’ve seen since the whole Togs vs. Undies clip. It’s about Fifty … Continue reading

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My Fridgie Has A Magnetic Personality…How About Yours?

I hate the new non-magnetic fridgie fronts! Especially with kids, I think the ability to hang artwork on my refrigerator is my God-given right as a parent. We inherited our fridge from my mother-in-law and, while it has lovely shelving and … Continue reading

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10 Unusual Things I Know About Writers

Last summer I put up a post called Do Writers Read Differently Than Non-Writers? and was completely amazed at the huge response. It’s my only post that crossed into triple digit territory in the comments. I actually thought the comments were better … Continue reading

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