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An Ode To Garter-String Knickers

Undies are pretty dang personal for most people, at least they are for women. I mean men get catalogued as “Boxers” or “Briefs,” and the discussion is pretty much resolved at that point. However, for us gals, things are different. … Continue reading

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8 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Footprint

Last week I attended a free two-hour seminar on social media provided by Constant Contact (my new BFF). While it’s true that I went for work, writers are their own small business so YOU get to benefit as well. It … Continue reading

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Do Writers Need Validation?

You bet they do! Writing is a somewhat solitary experience which is part of why we writers value our online community so much. The dimension added to my writing life with my More Cowbell posse, my WANA friends and my online … Continue reading

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Winners of the Dirty Fighting Contest – Part 2

We’re back for Part 2 of the Dirty Fighting contest where Naked Editor, Tiffany Lawson Inman will be dissecting the three winning entries to add more action and punch to their fantastic scenes. Remember: Part 1 of this post was … Continue reading

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Winners of the Dirty Fighting Contest – Part 1

The readers here on More Cowbell ROCK! You all sent me the best entries!!! Tiffany helped pick the winners and break a four-way tie for the 3rd place slot. A few weeks back, I took the names off all the … Continue reading

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Coffee-Snorting Video Clip of the Week…Christian Panties!

In her Twisted Tuesday post, Dear Santa – I’d Like the NEW Hitch Stripper Pole, Natalie Hartford  asked us all what had cracked us up lately. Not 12 hours before, I’d busted a gut laughing over the video below. Meet Sister … Continue reading

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If Humans Had To Date Like Dogs

Several people asked me more questions about my Friday post about my dog, Hoshi, and what she taught me in her 14.5 years. Lesson #1 in particular got a lot of comments: 1) 50 New Smells A Day It’s said … Continue reading

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ROW80 Update – 12 Days To Go!

Holy cow, there’s less than two weeks left of Round 3. On September 22nd, we’ll all be panting in a big heap at the finish line… Or will we? It kind of depends on what you’re going for with your … Continue reading

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The Most Important Thing To Know About Getting Pregnant

Welcome to Risky Baby Business! In an earlier post, we talked about how high-risk pregnancy offers different mental challenges than a normal pregnancy. Last week we discussed the most important thing to know if you are pregnant. This week, we’re going … Continue reading

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Row80 Check-in & Coming Attractions

We’re entering the final weeks of ROW80 and I’ve decided I want to participate in Round 4. I was unsure at the beginning of this whether I’d continue or do this as a one-off experience to be tried. You know … Continue reading

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