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Hashtag of the Week: #MadPooper

Twitter has been blowing up this week over a Colorado Springs woman, dubbed The Mad Pooper, who is copping a squat on people’s front lawns. Now, as insane as that is, that’s not the funny part. She’s been doing this … Continue reading

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Why I Freaking LOVE Twitter

I’m a pretty big fan of social media across the board, but there is something about the 140 character limit that brings out the clever in people. Case in point, a hashtag that is trending right now: #ChangeAConsonantRuinAMovie. I’ve been laughing … Continue reading

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How “50 Shades of Hay” Led To The Amish Erotics

Lena Corazon is a lampshade-wearing instigator of epic proportions. Y’all do know that she was the real force behind several of the Undie Chronicles, right? Speaking of epic…Friday night’s party at the #myWANA hashtag on Twitter was an absolute blast! … Continue reading

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A Pimp and Promote Frenzy, A Twitter Party and The WANA Phenomenon

Welcome to Thoughty Thursday here at More Cowbell! This is the day of the week when y’all get to be privy to whatever thoughts are kicking around in my brain. Today I’m thinking about my writing pals and the outrageous … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy By The Tweets

I spent some time following the photos and tweets on Hurricane Sandy yesterday and I’m sharing the standouts with you. We keep seeing that social media is a huge game changer for natural disasters. You get literally millions of local … Continue reading

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Triberr Part 5: The Boneyard and Other Tribe-y Hot Spots

Welcome to Techie Tuesday here at More Cowbell! This is the day each week when I unleash my inner geek and we talk about some groovy piece of technology or a technical point of writing. This is the last Triberr … Continue reading

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ROW80 Mid-week Check-in 10/19/11

It’s been a NaNoWriMo balancing act this week here at More Cowbell so this check-in post is a teensy bit late. On the upside, we’ve had two posts to help you get ready for NaNo already this week. Monday’s post … Continue reading

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Rock The ROW Party – Photo Finalists

Less than two weeks ago, a whole bunch o’ crazy writers flooded the Twitterverse and camped out on the ROW80 hashtag to party down. The ROCK THE ROW party was Nicole Basaraba’s brainchild to celebrate Kait Nolan’s brainchild, “A Round of … Continue reading

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A Much-Needed Day Of Rest – A Recap of Our First Row80 Party

Oooh, mama, did we party yesterday!! Lena Corazon, Susie Lindau and Barbara McDowell were chatterboxing with me over at #ROW80 all the way to 12:15 am EST TODAY. There were snacks…(yep, that sure is a lava lamp!) Cupcakes, cream cake … Continue reading

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“Rock The Row” – Twitter Party on 10/5!!

The party is coming! The party is coming! ONE WEEK from today, the #ROW80 hashtag is going to light up like the stage at a rock concert. Yes, that’s right, on Oct. 5th there’s going to a be celebration for: … Continue reading

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