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My New Hobbies: Potato Abuser and Zucchini Pimp

My new gardening theory: I’m too nice to my spuds. It’s time to go all “Fifty Shades” on my potato pals. Seriously, all my friends with crap soil can grow mad amounts of potatoes. Even my big bro, the Bag … Continue reading

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G is for My Glorious Garden! I’m Ranting About Planting Today.

Today’s #AtoZchallenge post is about my glorious garden. Before I discovered the joys of digging in the dirt, Fall was my favorite season. Now I get pretty excited each Spring. 🙂 Anyone who hangs out with me on Facebook has … Continue reading

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Harvey, The Horse Show Zucchini and The Importance of Gluten Free Sausage

It’s been a wild week at the Hansen House and we’re completely off our normal bloggy schedule here at More Cowbell. The RWA National conference was in town, along with some of my favorite peeps, and a stomach virus came … Continue reading

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V is for vLog! Blogiversary vLog is FINALLY Ready (Kind of…)

Welcome to More Cowbell! We are all the way up to “V” in the A-Z Challenge – only FOUR more days! Did you see the “U” post by Margie Lawson yesterday?? It ROCKED! Confession: I’m looking forward to the end … Continue reading

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Doing the Melon “Bootie Shake” at More Cowbell!

Many of you know that I’ve become a somewhat avid gardener in the last few months, reaping the rewards of my father-in-law, the green-thumbed magician who gave me splendid soil. I still don’t know what he did to my dirt, … Continue reading

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Moping Over My Melon…Can Anyone Help Out the New Gardener?

My Friday dating blog got pre-empted by some extremely graceful upchucking from Baby Girl (which I’ll blog about later when there’s time to catch up). Suffice it to say, she’s doing better than we are today and y’all get next … Continue reading

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Mad Love for My Zucchini

[If your mind just plopped in the gutter, fish it out…this isn’t that kind of blog.] How many of you have already started your summer garden (or long to have one)? After years of having a few planters and wishing … Continue reading

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