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These Guys Laughed Me Into a Book Review

I rarely do book reviews because it’s just not what More Cowbell is about…but these guys laughed their way in. Y’all know I can’t resist a good belly laugh. If you miss Seinfeld, and their hilarious yammering about life’s trivialities, you will love Stuff You … Continue reading

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Crazy Books, Part 11 : “Double Header” Dude Tells All (OMG)

Many moons ago, I stumbled across a book about OMG, a condition I shouldn’t laugh at (but do), which stands for “Oversized Male Genitalia.” Today, I’ve come across a book called “Double Header: My Life With Two Penises,” written by a … Continue reading

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Crazy Books, Part 10: Lesbian Horses–A Tragically Overlooked Minority

Facebook rides to the entertainment rescue again! This is the best “big book” title I’ve seen since The Big Coloring Book of Vajayjays. One of my pals (she can out herself if she likes in the comments) sent me this … Continue reading

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Crazy Books, Part 9: Dinosaur Erotica

The More Cowbell Posse finds the most amazing stuff!! Today’s addition to the Crazy Books series comes from Juli Page Morgan. All I can say is “Wow!” Seriously. She sent me this link to an article on Jezebel called Dinosaur … Continue reading

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Rap Your Way To The Classics! (Samples Included)

OK, I’m convinced Mr. Sparky Sweets, PhD is brilliant. He’s the creator of Thug Notes, the quick YouTube video version of many classic novels. This guy is the Cliffs Notes of the YouTube generation. If you’re a reader, you’re going to get lost … Continue reading

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O is for OMG, A Disorder I Shouldn’t Laugh At (But Do)

Your Crazy Book Review for the day:
Complete with prayers (prayers??), poetry, a daily affirmations journal (Shut the front door!!), and thoughtful quotations from leading self-help experts, “How to Live with a Huge Penis” will inspire men of all shapes and sizes. Continue reading

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Crazy Books, Part 6 ~ The Biblical Cure for Your Irritable Bowel

Yesterday I was meandering through Amazon, making sure that I could deliver the prize from last Thursday’s post on Tattoo Envy straight to Gloria Richard’s computer (I can!). That problem solved, I poked around a bit, looking for funny reviews when … Continue reading

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