The Love Revolution Continues with WANAParty!

Love Revolution, Kristen Lamb, WANA International


You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world…
~ The Beatles, 1968

As you know, this week the Digital Renaissance for the Artist has begun… A “Love Revolution” is unfurling through the blogoverse with the unveiling of WANA International and WANA Tribe.

Why do we call it a Love Revolution?

I’ll let WANA Mama, Kristen Lamb, tell you in her own words:

“I’ve always referred to WANA as The Love Revolution because we aren’t founded on marketing or promotion or selling stuff. We aren’t founded on self-serving objectives. We are founded on the principles of love, service, and community. It’s why WANA works and it’s why it thrives. It feels right.”

Every “grand opening” needs a party, right?

Ours is happening today, June 8th, on Twitter at the hashtag #WANAParty.” Natalie Markey and the WANA crew are kicking it off at 2 pm CST. Click here for more details.

You all are invited – both to the party and to swing onto the dance floor with me. I’ve heard rumors about a conga line and a karaoke rendition of Dancing Queen. Plus, there will be a photo competition for prizes so start thinking of what photos you can take that embody the Love Revolution.

See you there…


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19 Responses to The Love Revolution Continues with WANAParty!

  1. Okay but I need a tutorial on how to do photos for Twitter! STAT! It’s going to be all cowbell!


  2. Julie Glover says:

    WANA is the perfect name too. “I WANA come to the WANA party!”


  3. Okay, anything that starts with a Beatles song sparks my interest! 🙂


  4. WAHOOO! I am officially DONE with my school year (er, except for final papers and grading and whatnot), so this is the PERFECT way to celebrate. See all you crazy WANAers at the partaaaay. 😀 😀


  5. Looking forward to it, and hope I get to play! Hopefully the party will be going on for a LONG time – I’ll be at work until 6pm PDT. =(


  6. Here I always thought WANA stood for We Artists Need Alcohol…


  7. Jane Sadek says:

    Just thought you’d like to know, I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!


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