The Best Tweet I’ve Seen This Month

How was your summer, everybody? I’ve been writing and writing, road tripping and writing. I’m desperately trying to finish editing a book before I attend Cruising Writers with Lisa Cron and Angela Ackerman.

[Excuse me while I have a fangirl moment *booty shake*]

So I’m catching up to be offline and I logged onto Twitter and OMG.

My writing pals and I were just talking about how difficult it is to write a sex scene. And would you look at this jewel of a tweet.

It’s like kismet.

Now isn’t that far more uplifting than the usual tweets running around Twitter? Disasters and politics and recipes have got nothing on these dangly bits.

Tell me one thing you are excited about as we move into Fall? Enquiring minds love to know these things here at More Cowbell!


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14 Responses to The Best Tweet I’ve Seen This Month

  1. Kit Dunsmore says:

    OMG… not sure what to say about this! It’s simultaneously hilarious and making me want to puke… But I do love it when the universe sends me stuff that is On Topic with my interest of the moment, so I get the kismet aspect for sure.

    As for the fall, I am excited about my novel. I am getting new insights daily. i think I finally know what the heck I am writing about (and what the heck to leave out). I usually don’t get this excited about writing unless I am starting a new project.

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  2. I am also laughing and wincing. You have a gift for getting interesting stuff. lolol

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  3. Diana Beebe says:

    OMG! I saw that on Twitter, too. The thread was way entertaining. I know you’re having a fabulous writing trip–I so wish I could’ve gone with. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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  4. I’m excited that I finally snagged a More Cowbell post b4 it was too late to comment. I’m excited that I am finally, FINALLY on a cohesive thought -train for a new novel. I’m excited that my snarky brain mmediately wondered if that tweet was a post-sex descriptor.

    Inquiring minds and all that jazz.

    Have a WONDERFUL trip. Send FB updates, Jenny.

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  5. That cruise! I can’t even imagine how much fun you’re going to have. The best tweet I saw lately were responses to the FSU President after his pregame prediction that FSU would beat Alabama in football “pretty bad.” #EpicFail

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  6. yvettecarol says:

    Love coincidences, especially ones which are this funny! 🙂

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