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Easter–A Time of Love, Greed and Glory

I’m just gonna confess it: growing up in my house, Easter was about greed and glory. Easter was about decorating some crazy-awesome eggs, better than anything your sibling could ever hope to achieve. Easter was about THE GOLDEN EGG. Continue reading

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Keeping the Gluten Out of Thanksgiving

For people who do a lot of cooking, eating gluten-free at home is not exceptionally hard.  Truly, there are tons of options these days. Plus, I eat a whole lot less in the way of processed food than I used to. I … Continue reading

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Bastille Day and the Curse of the Summer Flu

Today is Bastille Day, or French National Day, which commemorates the official start of the French Revolution. Such a wonderful day and, you’ll soon find out, I couldn’t pay my husband to lay a French kiss on me today. The holiday is celebrated on … Continue reading

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Foolproof Fun for Valentine’s Day (Relationship NOT Required)

Valentine’s Day is still a week away, and all of my single pals are already sick of it. Everywhere (except this post) there are hearts and flowers, and proclamations to buy a bit of romance. I’m not going to discuss … Continue reading

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Family Christmas Parties Are SO Bloggable

Tis the season to party incessantly, isn’t it? And so much festivity packed into such a short time is bound to be filled with bloggable moments. One such moment occurred this weekend when we went to an annual party with … Continue reading

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Do You Make Family Videos?

Julie Glover posted this yesterday and, as I watched it, I thought: “Dang. This leaves those old silent home movies from MY childhood in the dust!” This home video is wildly entertaining (unlike the ones of my big brother bouncing beach … Continue reading

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Holiday and Craft Supply Stores LOVE Me…

As much as I hate to admit it, I could be classified as a hoarder when it comes to Christmas supplies. We just went into the garage to get our holiday stuff out and the hubs looked at the shopping … Continue reading

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Silliest Vacation Moments Ever…

The Hansen Clan went to a high school graduation this weekend up in Monterey and had a blast. Baby Girl was a rockstar for the 8 hour car trip, which was a shocker to us parents. [We expected to need … Continue reading

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Egg Fever Has Taken Over My House

This isn’t Baby Girl’s first Easter, but it’s the first time she’s into it. We’ve worshipped the bunnies and discussed eggs. She slayed us yesterday because she threw a plastic egg and, when it broke apart on the floor said: “It … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Advice, Part 1: Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ Like a Personal Gesture

It’s all hearts and flowers this week as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Here at More Cowbell, we like to laugh and help you avoid epic V-Day Fails (like last year’s “Get Off Me) at the same time. Between the … Continue reading

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