A Party Is Coming! A Party Is Coming! Row80 Check-In 9/14

At my last check-in, we took a poll amongst Team Row80 members to see if they wanted to celebrate the close of Round 3 in style. The answer was a resounding YES.

As someone who attended the James Rollins Worldwide Book Launch Party for Devil Colony, I can attest that a Twitter party is a blast. 🙂

Since about 20% of you responded with, “What is a Twitter Party?” Nicole Basaraba, who came up with this great idea, was kind enough to explain.

What’s a Twitter Party?

We’ll is just like a regular party with a theme, great food and drink, loud music and TONS of conversation.

Whether you completed the goals you set at the beginning of the 80 days or not, I’m sure you Rocked the Row! Because unlike another online writing challenge you may heard of *cough* NaNoWriMo *cough* you can change your goals.

Date: We’re working on that but the tentative date is early October before we start Round 4. 

Guest list: all ROW80er’s, any other supporters you’ve had along these 80 days, and guests are welcome (especially potential ROW80ers for Round 4) so invite your friends!

What to bring: bring what you would for a rocking party. For example, someone might bring beer, pretzels, guitars, face paint, long wigs, you know the usual.

Nicole’s ideas for proving you Rocked the Row:

  • Dress up in your best rocker outfit and posting a photo.
  • If you’re a little shy, you could write your own ROW80 themed lyrics to a Rock Song and post it on your blog.
  • You could dress up as a rocker and play Guitar Hero on live video!
  • Invite 3 friends to join ROW80 Round 4.
  • Have the highest ROW80 word count completed over the 80 days.

The options are as limitless as our wild writer’s imaginations. 🙂

As I’m still recovering from the wicked icky stomach flu, so I don’t have a ton to report. I’ve been mostly working and blogging, and playing with Baby Girl. I do have my Writers In The Storm blogs lined up through the end of the month, which was a big accomplishment. I won’t be blog mistress there again until December.

What ideas do you have about a Row80 party? Songs to play, food to bring? How is your week going in terms of goals? We want to hear about it!


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19 Responses to A Party Is Coming! A Party Is Coming! Row80 Check-In 9/14

  1. Sherry Isaac says:

    Row 80 Round 4. Must consider adding to my goals.

    A year or two ago I met a writer who reviewed her goals during her birthday month rather than January 1. I decided to adopt the pattern. September is my month. Goals are my job this month. Jenny, thanks for the reminder to get moving on this task.

    Attended a writing Par-tay of sorts this past weekend. See Romance & Beyond for details.



  2. Twitter Party!! Woot Woot. IIIIIIII want to Rock the Row all niiiiiight and party on Twitter every day. 🙂 …maybe I should get writing tonight.


  3. Marcia says:

    I’m so ready for a party! I’ll bring everything chocolate and some classic rock for rockin’ the party all night! I’ll be talking to some of my peeps about joining Round 4! It’s so worth it!

    Sorry you still feel yucky, Jenny. Keep sippin’ water or ginger ale.


  4. Julie Glover says:

    I love the idea of a party! I’m getting closer and closer to meeting my goals, and I love hearing the progress others have made. I’ll be Rocking the Row with y’all!


  5. I did end up changing my goals slightly… namely I didn’t worry too much about exactly how much writing I do here and there and around the world. I did worry about the “main” projects, and I discovered I have been pushing back the actual writing way more than I should. Mini projects, blog posts, and other distractions keep getting in the way.
    I did do the #3DayNovel, and I’m proud to say I disgorged 23,000 words over Labor Day Weekend!
    I love the idea of a party! I can’t wait to hear more.


  6. Lena Corazon says:

    Love the idea of the party. I will throw on my sparkliest of clothes and accessories for the occasion. 😀

    My week’s been going well. No actual writing on the WIP, but lots of thinking. I’m also getting a teeny bit done each day on the thesis, so that is a huge relief.

    Glad to hear that your recovery is coming along. Have a great rest of the week, Jenny!


  7. Oooh! Sounds like lots of fun!


  8. I can’t wait for the date!


  9. Jenny Hansen says:

    Sonia and Tiffany – the best guestimate I have on the date right now is October 4th. We’re hoping to have it all nailed down by Sunday. 🙂


  10. Upbeat songs and as many food as possible. 🙂


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