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M is for Man Facts ~ Here’s 13 Groovy Ones

Anyone who hangs out here at More Cowbell knows that I’m kind of a “dude.” I don’t know if it’s because I was influenced by my big brother (the Bag Whore) or if it’s just because my mama was kind … Continue reading

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K is for Kinky: What’s the Kinkiest Room in the House?

We haven’t gotten our laugh on for at least three days here at More Cowbell! It’s like a new record. Today, we’re talking about SEX. (Are y’all awake now?) And we’re not just having this discussion because Hubby and I have … Continue reading

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F is for Freaking Great Writing Advice

Film Director Mark W. Travis puts out a Directing Thought of the Day on his Facebook page that I just love. On March 14th, he used this graphic and said the following: When we’re in trouble with a scene or … Continue reading

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D is for the Dentist (Who Makes Me Neurotic)

My biggest fear (after plummeting to my death from great heights) is going to the dentist. After $50K in dental work (that included 5 oral surgeries), you’d think I would sail through my appointments like a pro. Not so much… … Continue reading

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K is for Kicking My A$$ ~ How To Cope With Being Overcommitted ~ #AtoZchallenge

Welcome to More Cowbell! Today is Thoughty Thursday when we examine whatever topic is kicking around in my brain for the week. This week, as I… Get ready for the DFW Conference Act as the April blog mistress for Writers … Continue reading

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B is for #Blogging Party! (And what the heck is the #AtoZchallenge?)

Holy Cowbell, yesterday was the start of my blogiversary month! (Yes, we’re partying all month.) First off, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you! Without you, hanging out here and providing thought-provoking conversation and hilarity in the comments section, I … Continue reading

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