“Rock The Row” – Twitter Party on 10/5!!

The party is coming! The party is coming! ONE WEEK from today, the #ROW80 hashtag is going to light up like the stage at a rock concert.

Yes, that’s right, on Oct. 5th there’s going to a be celebration for:

  • All of us who just finished Round 3 of ROW80.
  • Anyone who plans to post their goals and dive into Round 4.
  • The amazing people who supported Round 3’s writers (y’all REALLY deserve a drink!)

If you’re scratching your head, wondering what the hell ROW80 is, click here. Round 4 is the last round for 2011 so I hope to see every one of you there, pushing to start or finish  those WIPs by the end of the year.

Party Details:

  • Theme: “Rock the Row”
    However you want to work that in is great. I leave it to your outrageously creative imagination!
  • Date: October 5th, 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM ET in the U.S.
    This also happens to be the first day of check-in so there should be a ton of ROW80 fun happening around the blogosphere.
  • Party will be held at the #ROW80 hashtag.
    Fire up your Tweet Deck or HootSuite and let’s get jiggy with it.
  • Photo Competition:
     You can start now…we won’t tell. Start digging for or taking photos that reflect the theme. We’ll do our best to gather them and decide on the best to spotlight in a post at the ROW80 blog. One the readers vote, the 1st place winner gets a copy of Kait Nolan’s latest book, Red, in e-book format!!
  • Friendly Blog Competition
    We will also post a mash-up of favorite ROCK THE ROW posts at the Row80 blog.

I’ll start getting some polls ready so you can all vote on these things. 🙂

I'd expect more leather and chains with a rock theme...

 And the dancing? Fuggedaboutit!! At my last Twitter party, I was dancing on top of a table with Terrell Mims doing “James Rollins Jello Shots” while Piper Bayard passed out deviled eggs and Kristen Lamb belted out “Highway to Hell” on the karaoke machine.

It was a blast. Maybe for THIS party, Natalie Hartford will bring her truck with the hitch stripper pole… Perhaps our Pale Mistress of Exceptional Bellydancing, Piper Bayard, will show up and give us lessons. This is assuming she can take time from her campaign for president (she’s got my vote – how about you?).

I think the main event might end up being the Party Rock shuffle that Nicole Basaraba has started at her place – click here to watch the video. (It’s also #11 on my playlist!) I need to get me some of those pants!

I made a soundtrack for the last party and I won’t do less for our #ROW80 Extravaganza.

I bring you my first draft of the “Rock The Row” playlist! Suggestions are welcome and appreciated. I want to tweak this through the week until we have the perfect party tunes.

  1. Crocodile Rock – 1973 – Elton John
  2. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) – 1981/1982 – AC/DC
  3. The Heart Of Rock & Roll – 1984 – Huey Lewis & the News
  4. Here We Go Let’s Rock & Roll – 1991 – C&C Music Factory
  5. I Love Rock ‘N Roll – 1982 – Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
  6. I Wanna Rock – 1984 – Twisted Sister
  7. It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll – 1974 – The Rolling Stones
  8. Jailhouse Rock – 1957 – Elvis Presley
  9. Let’s Get Rocked – 1992 – Def Leppard
  10. Party Like A Rockstar – 2007 – Shop Boyz
  11. Party Rock Anthem – 2011 – LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock
  12. Rock And Roll (it’s been a long time since I rock and rolled) – 1972 – Led Zeppelin
  13. Rock And Roll All Nite – 1975/1976 – Kiss
  14. Rock And Roll Music – 1957 – Chuck Berry (or The Beatles version)
  15. Rock Around The Clock – 1955 – Bill Haley and His Comets (What a classic!)
  16. R.O.C.K. In The USA – 1986 – John Cougar Mellencamp
  17. Rock Lobster – 1979 – B-52’s
  18. Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy – 1979 – Bad Company
  19. Rock Of Ages – 1983 – Def Leppard
  20. Rock The Casbah -1983 – The Clash
  21. Rock This Country!– 1997 – Shania Twain
  22. Rock This Town – 1982 – Stray Cats
  23. Rockin’ Robin – 1972 – Jackson 5 (If you want to see Michael look like Michael…)
  24. We Will Rock You (we will, we will rock you) – 1978 – Queen

And since it’s a Twitter party, where we dance together only in our fertile imaginations, here’s #25 to get me fired up to start Dancing With Myself. This is a Billy Idol tune, one of my favorite college dance songs. 🙂

(Plus, I could NOT pass up the video of Shania and crew, singing #21 in Silver Lamé!)

I’ve gotta run and go find a table to dance on! Carry on, bloggers…carry on! For any of you that are also posting on the Twitter party at your blog, please include a link to your post in the comments so everyone can click over to the party at your place too. Check below for links to several amazing Rock the ROW party posts – click HERE to add your Party Post to the LinkyTools.


Are there songs that I missed for the party soundtrack? Do you plan to start Round 4 next week? Have you already decided on your goals? Enquiring minds always want to know here at More Cowbell!


DON’T FORGET! Tomorrow is Part 2 of the Dirty Fighting Contest posts with Naked Editor’s analysis of the entries. This is a do-not-miss post for all you writers!

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38 Responses to “Rock The Row” – Twitter Party on 10/5!!

  1. K.B. Owen says:

    How about the movie “School of Rock” with Jack Black to get y’all in the mood? BTW, check a couple of those dates that say Sept instead of Oct. Looks like fun!


  2. Piper Bayard says:

    This is so appropriate because I know you ROW80 folks, and you totally rock! Thanks so much for the shout out and the kind words. You bet I’ll be there teaching folks how to bellydance. This will be fun!


  3. Marcia says:

    Amazing line-up of music for the party! And I always wanted to learn belly-dancing. Sounds like you know how to throw a great party, Jenny! I’ll posting Thursday about the party at http://Marcia-Richards.com so stop over and join the before-party party!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I absolutely know how to throw a party. I saw your pingback so everyone will definitely be able to find your post and continue the party prep through the week. Thanks, Marcia!


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  5. Marcia says:

    How about A/C D/C Let There Be Rock, and Peter Criss, Let Me Rock You


  6. Wow! I can’t wait to attend my first ROW party… I am so fired up, I am speechless for Rocking Party tunes but… WAIT! Have to include my newest favorite from Red Hot Chili Peppers with the catchy “Tic Toc I’m gonna rock you like the 80’s “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie”… yes… perfect!


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  8. Hartford says:

    Woot woot! I am ready to ROCK the ROW!! Let’s break out the stripper pole and get this party started!! Sweet shout out – many thanks! I plan to take part this round (eeeekeee…scared but excited!!) and will have a ROW80 page up soon at http://nataliehartford.com so be sure to check back and continue the shindig at my digs. I am the hostess with the mostest after all. LOL!
    As far as my goals are concerned, this week unexpectedly slammed me so I plan to take some time this weekend and get my party plan ironed out and online!
    Can’t wait…party on friends….
    P.S. LOVE the playlist!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Thanks, Natalie! You might go to Tiffany White’s blog, or Catie Rhodes. Let’s see…Gene Lempp and Kerry Meacham. They all have Row80 pages listed with their goals and how they did. It will show you that goals can be big or small. Doesn’t matter: “Row80 is the challenge that understands you have a life!”


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  11. Nancy J Nicholson says:

    Count me it! I’m looking forward to the Rockin’ the Row and staying on target with my goals. I’ll bring the umbrella’s and coconut shells. Just a little island paradise to get things started.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Oooooh, coconut shells. A welcome addition to ANY party! Thanks, Nancy…can’t wait to see you there. Party details will be popping up all around the blog-o-sphere soon. 🙂


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  13. Barbara says:

    Beyond ready to Rock the Row and party Jenny! I did a draft of my goals last week and every day of this crazy week knew they were what I need right now. Don’t mind me if I crank up some tunes and get a mini-party going in this corner. Love the party soundtrack and will start rocking my shoulders with the mellow Rock the Casbah then move “all in” with some Zeppelin Rock and Roll. I might also grab a theme song for my new journey. And, inspired by Piper’s post a little bit ago, I planked and owled this week. At work. And let someone take pics. Getting jiggy and wild over here. 🙂


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Oh, we won’t let you stay in the corner for very long, Barbara. We’re all about the belly-dancing conga line in the middle of the room. ESPECIALLY if you’re jiggy or wild. 🙂


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  26. And here are my pictures, Jenny! Best not be drinking anything when you look at them! http://wp.me/PSyB


  27. Tia Bach says:

    SO much fun. Thanks to you & Nicole for such a great wrap-up party!


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