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Missed Connections: Find The Truth In This Crazy Hot Mess

My blogging pal, Natalie Hartford, has been on hiatus for a few years but she’s b-a-a-ack, and I’m excited. I pulled a post out of my archives in her honor. Her original Missed Connections post had us rolling in the aisles. If … Continue reading

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Age-old Dating Advice…Just In Time For Doomsday

I have a special Thoughty Thursday treat for y’all today. We’ve got Natalie Hartford in the house! I love her post, and I hope you do too. Be sure to ring those cowbells for her down in the comments!! 🙂 **************** … Continue reading

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How To Write A Press Release Without Tearing Out Your Hair

by Natalie Hartford So today Miss Jenny and I decided to do a little blog swap. I’m taking over her Techie Tuesday post to show off a little of my day job side (shhhhh…don’t tell anyone). While I am here … Continue reading

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Missed Connections: Which of These Train Wrecks Needs the Most Dating Advice?

Natalie Hartford and I have been killing ourselves over Craigslist’s Missed Connections this week. We’ve been completely incapable of containing our mirth. At one point, Nat laughed so hard, she’s been home bed browsing all week! Today I’m providing the prelude … Continue reading

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Missed Connections: Find The Truth In This Crazy Hot Mess

Natalie Hartford had us rolling in the aisles a few weeks back over her Missed Connections post. If you’re like the two of us, your first question is, “what’s a missed connection post?” [If you’re even more like us, your second … Continue reading

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The More Cowbell Posse ~ Y’all Amaze Me!

Hopefully all the readers here at More Cowbell know how much I appreciate them ~ y’all  are my posse and you brighten my day. Today I wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU. It’s a pretty rare thing to … Continue reading

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Undie-Shooters Have Made the WANAPanties Parade List!

Whoo-eeee, what a week! It’s been Undie Central here at More Cowbell as we celebrate National Underwear Day. The events of the week have gone like this: I paid Undie Homage with 8 Mostly-True Facts About Underpants. We discovered the … Continue reading

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The Undie Chronicles Continue with…Vibrating Panties

As you found out yesterday, we missed National Underwear Day last week. On Twitter today, we decided we simply MUST celebrate this holiday in style every year. Henceforth (I just love that word), August is the Month of Undie Homage. This year we’re gonna … Continue reading

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Why Are Bodily Functions So Dang Funny?

More Cowbell Monday is always about laughter. It’s just a rule around here that we start the week that way. I mean, really…it’s MONDAY. Need I say more? In honor of the snarling hacking cold wreaking havoc at my house, … Continue reading

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Milestone Winners + More Cowbell Coming Attractions

Whoo-eee, what a week!! Since our Life List Club milestone party last week, I’ve worked many, many hours getting a new document management system rolled out at work. It’s been all databases all the time for me, while y’all have … Continue reading

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