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Did You Shake Your Booty for National Underwear Day?

I’m usually completely on top of National Underwear Day, if you know what I mean, but I am running madly behind this week. If you forgot to sling around some drawers, or streak through your neck of the woods, let this … Continue reading

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Come Join the N.U.D.E. Celebration at More Cowbell!

It’s National Underwear Day EVERYWHERE in the blogosphere this week. That’s N.U.D.E. for short (huge thanks to Jansen Schmidt for pointing that acronym out cuz it makes me giggle)! We’ve been honoring the festivities all week here at More Cowbell, culminating in … Continue reading

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Undie-Shooters Have Made the WANAPanties Parade List!

Whoo-eeee, what a week! It’s been Undie Central here at More Cowbell as we celebrate National Underwear Day. The events of the week have gone like this: I paid Undie Homage with 8 Mostly-True Facts About Underpants. We discovered the … Continue reading

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The Undie Chronicles Continue with…Vibrating Panties

As you found out yesterday, we missed National Underwear Day last week. On Twitter today, we decided we simply MUST celebrate this holiday in style every year. Henceforth (I just love that word), August is the Month of Undie Homage. This year we’re gonna … Continue reading

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Wishing Y’all A Belated National Underwear Day!

Did you know that there’s a National Underwear Day? Yep, me neither. Apparently, this year it was on August 5th and we missed it! It was the 10th anniversary no less. The internet is a dangerous, dangerous toy, my friends, … Continue reading

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