Undie-Shooters Have Made the WANAPanties Parade List!

Whoo-eeee, what a week! It’s been Undie Central here at More Cowbell as we celebrate National Underwear Day.

The events of the week have gone like this:

  1. I paid Undie Homage with 8 Mostly-True Facts About Underpants.
  2. We discovered the craziness of Vibrating Panties.
  3. Finally, I found out about the Underwear Pop-Up Party happening next week in New York City!

Thasss right! My new BFF – FreshPair – wants you to “make a change.” On August 22nd and 23rd, join Freshpair at 315 West 57th Street in New York City for the first ever National Underwear Day (NUD) pop-up event from 11am—7pm.

Holy cowbell, that is awesome stuff!

You remember my 3-part festivity list from above? Well after Monday’s post, Natalie and I met up with August McLaughlin on Twitter to start planning our NUD events for next year. Plus, Nat did her own undies post yesterday.

Wouldn’t she make a wonderful Panty Princess??

And hello? August just glows like the Queenly gal she is…

Here’s how the Twitter chat went down:

Natalie Hartford@NatalieHartford
Let’s all #celebrate! Wishing Y’all A Belated National #Underwear Day! http://wp.me/p1sxbT-1gV ROFL @jhansenwrites

@NatalieHartford ~ We need a #WANAPanties Parade with @AugstMcLaughlin as our queen. She can have the tallest tiara while we sling undies!!

@jhansenwrites @AugstMcLaughlin LOL!! Hell yes! I know just where to get the tiara and a few feather boas (of course)! :)) #WANAPanties

@NatalieHartford @jhansenwrites This is why social media rocks. I pop by on breaks to find tiaras, undie slinging and #WANAPanties. LOL!

@AugstMcLaughlin @NatalieHartford ~ Totally have my eye on one of those t-shirt slingshot thingies. We could have the Undie-shooter. 🙂

Natalie HartfordNatalie Hartford@NatalieHartford
@jhansenwrites @AugstMcLaughlin OMG the undie shooter!! MUST have!! LOL!!

You know what an Undie Shooter looks like, right?

There’s actually a few options for this. You can either use a water balloon launcher, which is MUCH cheaper, but less accurate, or you can get an entire launching tube contraption. See below for your choices…

Frat Toys’ Launcher

$20 Model From FratToys.com


A Serious Undie Launcher
The Breeze 125

This $695 Cannon from AirCannonsInc.com

I guess it depends on whether or not we’re being Panty Princesses up on a Parade float. I can totally imagine me sling-shotting myself OFF the float, so I’ve got to plan carefully.

Between FreshPair and Natalie’s and my own chutzpah, I’m sure we could aspire to someday be as big a parade at the Sweet Potato Queens of Jackson, Mississippi. Those ladies know how to rock a parade.

Last but not least, later this week on Friday, I’m going to put up a Pimp or Promote post featuring any and all Undies posts that you guys send me.

What sorts of National Underwear Day celebrations do you think would be the most fun? Can you see Nat and I rocking a parade float? Have you created or found any undie posts that I need to know about?? Enquiring minds always want to know these things here at More Cowbell!


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46 Responses to Undie-Shooters Have Made the WANAPanties Parade List!

  1. Zack Kullis says:

    Hey Jenny! I found a pretty funny undie-post with funny underwear pictures.



  2. I’m celebrating National Underwear Day by wearing some.


  3. Get me the LAUNCHER – The Breeze 125 – and I’ll be firing undies from the parade float for miles!!! Squeeee…LOL!

    We are totally going to rock the panty parade float!! The Sweet Potato Queens are my heroes and inspiration. There’s no doubt we’ll be able to glitz it up #pantypeeps style and rock it out! I’ve got the BeDazzler and piles of gems and rhinestones to vajazzle up our panties and all other accoutrements!

    And no worries about sling-shooting yourself off the float, I got your back! 🙂


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I want the Breeze 125 too! And I probably shouldn’t mention it, but there’s a Breeze 300 that can launch those undies the full 300 hundred feet away. LOL…

      Thank heavens you could keep me on the damn float. Maybe I should just bungee cord us together…


      • OMG (standard meaning please!) – I can just picture the three of you bungee-corded together launching those undies! I’ll be there with my camera!


        • Jenny Hansen says:

          Everyone is welcome to go to New York city for the 2013 Panty Parade!! I think it’ll be raucous up there on that float. (And I’m totally trying to talk FreshPair into it!)


  4. Diana Beebe says:

    And the unmentionables continue. They should be called mentionables with as much exposure as their getting. 🙂 (Couldn’t resist!)


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  6. LauraDrake says:

    Undie Shooter – that could be a new drink! A dirty Martini in a shot glass! Cherry optional.

    New drink in celebration of Undie Week!

    I can’t believe you’re sucking me into this craziness! A hashtag? Really?


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Oh yeah! We’ve been using #pantypeeps for months and more recently #wanapanties has enjoyed it’s moment in the sun. Our darling August came up with that one.

      I think a NUD drink is in order. Jansen Schmidt made the crucial point that National Underwear Day EVERYWHERE spells NUDE so we should consider a drink that combines that with Undies somehow. Hmmmmmm….


  7. amyshojai says:

    Okay, now you know that I couldn’t resist this and put my own “furry” spin on things. Ahem. You need to check out Stud Pants and Queen Panties (yes, for cats!). http://www.castlepaws.net/studpants.html some even have lil’ overalls for the “tough cat customers.”


  8. Woah. That IS a serious undie launcher. I think I’ll need plenty of practice before investing that kind of change.

    I enjoyed our Twitter chat almost as much the second time. 😉 Thanks for including me in this honorable undie crew. I just sent you our photo via Twitter. Crown us already! LOL


  9. Julie Glover says:

    So I’m guessing you’ll get around to reading my undies post from today at some point. And I already have a marshmallow bow & mallow (bow & arrow type thingie that shoots marshmallows) — which says a lot about me, right? I’m wondering how it can be converted to be of use here. Hmmm.


  10. Undie shooters? Now there’s a contraption every home should never be without. I wonder if I call right now if they’ll throw in a second one for free and then if I wait even longer they’ll throw in a pair of glow in the dark panties for no extra cost? All I pay is the shipping. I’m getting my credit card out right now.

    Definitely need a parade with a float of undie shooters, an entire float for the fundie wearers, another for the vibrating jobbers and so on. No – wait. Even better! Wouldn’t if be cool if there was a marching band and they were all wearing the vibrating underpants while they were marching? How exciting would that be?

    I’m loving this idea. And August is definitely the best choice for leader of the parade!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      If you get the buy one get one free deal, tell me and I’ll get them as a giveaway here on More Cowbell. LOL… That’s fantastic.

      And a vibrating underpants marching band? I’m ROFL over that one!


  11. Why don’t you ask people to send pix of themselves in their skivvies? That would be hawt.

    Or a red hot mess. 😉


  12. I shot my bolt with vibrating panties. LOLOL! Now all I can do is laugh!


  13. Lena Corazon says:

    I crawled out of my Fortress of Solitude this morning to find THIS amazing party going on! That undie launcher needs to be the centerpiece of the next WANA gathering. And better yet, I think #WANApanties might be a thing that really, really has to happen — maybe we can take that new logo and slap it on some undies over at CafePress? I would TOTALLY rock a pair. 😀 😀


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  15. http://www.customizedgirl.com/design/03745092dc3f5f4da2b35ba1faca588a_1954064 REALLY hope this link works since I had to be logged in to do this. This post string and Twitter string has been cracking me up all day, so I made WANA panties!!


  16. Jess Witkins says:

    OMG I can’t believe that almost $700 panty rocket launcher! Wow!!!

    May I please be on the parade float with you? I volunteer to be the Captain Underpants who goes flying out the parade cannon!


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  18. OMG, the Launcher! Me want some! Haha.


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