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4 Spooky Beauty Tips From “Back in the Day”

Y’all know my first question to blog guests is: “What kind of undies are we talking about?” I’ve gotten some really great answers over the years, but today’s guest is simply too dignified to flip up her skirts for our amusement. (Perhaps we can talk her into it in the comments.)

Here’s a sassy 19th century gal, talking about some really spooky products. Continue reading

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Rap Your Way To The Classics! (Samples Included)

OK, I’m convinced Mr. Sparky Sweets, PhD is brilliant. He’s the creator of Thug Notes, the quick YouTube video version of many classic novels. This guy is the Cliffs Notes of the YouTube generation. If you’re a reader, you’re going to get lost … Continue reading

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Crazy Books, Part 6 ~ The Biblical Cure for Your Irritable Bowel

Yesterday I was meandering through Amazon, making sure that I could deliver the prize from last Thursday’s post on Tattoo Envy straight to Gloria Richard’s computer (I can!). That problem solved, I poked around a bit, looking for funny reviews when … Continue reading

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A Pimp and Promote Opportunity + Yesterday’s Prize Winner

We’ve thrown open the comments over at Writers In The Storm today for a bit of Pimp and Promote! Stop in and strut your stuff. Better yet, come meet new people and find out about their cool stuff. For those … Continue reading

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Do You Have Tattoo Envy?

Welcome to Thoughty Thursday here at More Cowbell! Thanks to this post from my pal Coleen Patrick, I’ve got tattoos on my mind. I’m going to confess it…Tattoos have always scared me to death. I just know that gravity would gleefully defy … Continue reading

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When You’ve Gotta ‘Go’…in the 19th century

It’s Thoughty Thursday and, thanks to my pal Kathy Owen, I’m thinking about the bathroom. Specifically about the toilet, or the potty, as we call it in my house with the toddler. After reading this post, I love my 21st century … Continue reading

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Stacy Green Takes Us Into The Dark World of the Las Vegas Homeless…

Wheeeee! We have my pal, Stacy Green, taking More Cowbell by storm today. And on a ROW80 check-in day too…if you’re swinging by for that, click here to encourage your peeps. When I found out about Stacy’s charity blog tour, … Continue reading

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Crazy Books – Part 3: Coping with a Small, Um….

One of the advantages of social media is the laugh factor. Nearly every day, I come across something that makes me say, “What were they thinking??” This book is one of those things. Since we love to kill ourselves laughing here … Continue reading

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10 Ways I’d Love My Books To Be Like Flat Stanley

If you’re a North American parent with a child in 3rd grade or beyond, it’s a pretty sure bet you’ve heard of Flat Stanley. Just in case you haven’t, here’s a quick summary: The Flat Stanley Project In 1994, Dale … Continue reading

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LMAO! Put Down Your Beverage and Look at This Book Cover!!

Laura Drake, one of my critique partners at Writers In The Storm sent me this link to the 10 Worst Book Covers In the History of Literature. Here’s the cover that dominated our dinnertime discussion last night (and had me … Continue reading

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