Do You Have Tattoo Envy?

Tattoo Lady

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Welcome to Thoughty Thursday here at More Cowbell! Thanks to this post from my pal Coleen Patrick, I’ve got tattoos on my mind.

I’m going to confess it…Tattoos have always scared me to death. I just know that gravity would gleefully defy me if I ever got one.

My fear is this:

That tasteful butterfly perched on my person would eventually look like a psychotic manta ray. My cute little fashion statement would turn into something requiring embarrassing surgery to remove.

Yet, still, they fascinate me and populate my books. Seriously, someone in there’s always got one.

I love this post from Coleen because now I know I’m not the only one with this ink fascination…


Maybe I Have Tattoo Envy
by Coleen Patrick

There is a moment in my new YA novel, Come Back to Me, when Whitney realizes everything she’d ever assumed about Evan Foster could be wrong.

It’s when she gets a glimpse of his tattoo.

Whitney already didn’t want to like him. Not because he was a typical bad boy, but because he was the opposite—the good guy who drove her home from a graduation party, after she’d passed out next to a ditch. The good guy who inadvertently got Whitney sent away for three weeks of trust falls, group therapy, and crafting.

The tattoo surprises her, makes her think about him in a different way.

Tattoos intrigue me too. I don’t have one (yet?), but there’s something about a tattoo that symbolizes a certain element of freedom, an ability to express yourself (almost) permanently.

Maybe I have tattoo envy.

And I’m not alone. According to a recent poll on BuzzFeed, the number one question people with tattoos are sick of hearing is:

Can I touch it?

It’s not that I’m a stranger to them. My husband has one (fraternity letters). Both my sisters and my brother got tattoos. Even my dad.

My mom is currently tattoo free. At least, I think. Although, when she finished reading Come Back to Me, the conversation started like this:

Mom: Who’s Evan?

Me: What do you mean?

Mom: Who did you base him on?

Me: Um, no one.  I made him up.

Mom: Oh. (sighing, disappointedly). I wanted to meet him.

Me: (trying not to laugh)

Mom: He’s just…oh….hmm, well…he has that tattoo!

Tattoos are intriguing, polarizing, fun (even funny, ever seen one spelled wrong?), mysterious, sexy, romantic, rebellious, dangerous, bad…a million reactions over ink on skin.

Do you have tattoo opinions? What are they? Enquiring minds LOVE to know these things here at More Cowbell!

More Cowbell giveaway: In honor of a prize Coleen won at this blog many moons ago, I am giving away an e-copy of Come Back To Me to one lucky commenter. I’ll use to pick a winner tomorrow and will announce it in the comments. ~ Jenny

More about the book:

ComeBackToME-199x300Whitney Denison can’t wait to start over.

She thought she had everything under control, that her future would always include her best friend Katie… Until everything changed.

Now her life in Bloom is one big morning-after hangover, filled with regret, grief, and tiny pinpricks of reminders that she was once happy.  A happy she ruined.  A happy she can’t fix.

So, she is counting down the days until she leaves home for Colson University, cramming her summer with busywork she didn’t finish her senior year, and taking on new hobbies that involve glue and glitter, and dodging anyone who reminds her of her old life.

When she runs into the stranger who drove her home on graduation night, after she’d passed out next to a ditch, she feels herself sinking again. The key to surviving the summer in Bloom is unraveling whatever good memories she can from that night.

But in searching for answers, she’ll have to ask for help and that means turning to Evan, the stranger, and Kyle, Katie’s ex-boyfriend. Suddenly, life flips again, and Whitney finds herself on not only the precipice of happy but love, too, causing her to question whether she can trust her feelings, or if she is falling into her old patterns of extremes.

As she uncovers the truth about her memories, Whitney sees that life isn’t all or nothing, and that happy isn’t something to wait for, that instead, happy might just be a choice.

Available for purchase at AMAZON or SMASHWORDS
(paperback and other venues, coming soon)

About Coleen

ColeenPatrickColeen was eight years old when she home-published her first book, How Mr. Pelican Got His Hat.   The penmanship is great, the illustrations and bookbinding iffy, but the story ends on a happy note when we learn that the sharks wear lipstick and are not actually dangerous. Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

Today, she continues to write contemporary YA stories, and read A LOT, although she sometimes finds curious things drifting into her stories that perhaps stretch the limits of reality.

Coleen lives in Virginia with her husband and two children.  She still loves YA—Sarah Dessen, Jenny Han, Meg Cabot, Susan Beth Pfeffer, John Green, the list goes on and on, stretching into the adult realm of Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Jodi Picoult, etc.

You can find her at her blogsite:
On Twitter: @ColeenPatrick
Or Goodreads: Coleen’s Reviews

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119 Responses to Do You Have Tattoo Envy?

  1. Ooh…Coleen’s story sounds really intriguing! Do I have tattoo envy? Um…let me think about that. Nope. Not even a little bit. I got tired of pierced ears (only one in each ear). And all I had to do with those was stop wearing them. What if I got tired of a tattoo…and that’s more likely than not? Those suckers are pretty much permanent.

    I’m the sort of person who wants off white, or very pale walls – like a painter’s canvas. I want the color and personality of a room to come alive with accessories. Pictures, knickknacks, throw pillows, rugs…all stuff that can be replaced when I need a change.

    I figure my body is kind of like the walls in my house. If I feel the need to ‘decorate’ it, I’ll go buy a pretty top, or a bracelet or something.

    Oh yeah. There is also the fact that tattoos also involve needles. In the famous words of one of my nephews…”I can’t like that.” 🙂


  2. I don’t have tattoo envy. I have a tattoo! But it is very discreet in a place Jenny would especially like: beneath the bikini line. No one gets to see it, except me and the people I choose to share it with. You know, when I feel like dropping trow. No one has ever asked to touch it. That would be weird. LOL.

    Colleen! Your book sounds terrific! Mazel tov! 😉


    • Thanks, Renee! Hidden tattoos–equally fascinating. 🙂 If I ever get one, it will be of the hidden variety!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      All right, Renee…
      1) Dying to know what it is.
      2) I think I’d have to be inebriated to drop trou for the tattoo artist
      3) You had NEEDLES below your bikini line!

      My first thought is “Oh no. No, no, no, NO.” But then, you’re braver than me about all kinds of things. 🙂


  3. I absolutely have tattoo envy! I’d love to get some kind of swirly, gorgeous tramp stamp across my back. But like Jenny, I fear it’d look like dripping waste later on in life so withstand the temptation to get inked. But dang…it’d be fun!!
    The book sounds amazing Coleen…..woot woot!! Can’t wait to have a read…congrats and here’s to your incredible success!!


  4. Ginger Calem says:

    I don’t have tattoo envy, at least I don’t think so. I do find they can be very cool and unique. And yet, they can be overdone. What I find interesting is how many people have them, and people I’d never expect at all. I’ll sometimes put on one of those temporary ones for fun and it does feel a little rebellious. Haha! Even though I’m quite sure I’ll never get a tattoo, last year I did something I also never dreamed I’d do. I got my belly pierced. It’s a very thin silver ring, set off-center, and I LOVE it. I hate needles and don’t like anyone to touch my bellybutton so go figure! 🙂


    • Piercings also make me curious!! A belly ring can be very purty. My daughter has benn so into that–she was very happy to turn 18 and not need permission anymore for that. LOL


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Ginger, a bellybutton ring is so sexy. BUT, and this is a big but for me…the gals in my family tend to get fat rolls there with menopause. Then, it wouldn’t be so sexy…

      I’ve also heard you can’t have anything at your waistline for about a month to avoid infection when you get pierced there. Is that true? Details please!!


      • I remember that being true when my daughter got hers. She has lots of ear piercings too and knows how to take care of them, but still infection seems to happen way too easily. Not sexy.


  5. I have tattoo envy and have a bunch of tattoos. Great post. I add a tattoo’ed character in all my books, too.


  6. Catie Rhodes says:

    Okay…so I have 12 tattoos, and I *still* have tattoo envy. I want more!

    I don’t care if the tattoos one day look like someone sneezed Oreos on my skin. They weren’t a fashion statement when I started getting them 10 years ago, and they are not a fashion statement now. I didn’t get them to be pretty or to attract men (or women).

    I got them because I wanted them, because they are a symbol of my individuality and personal freedom, and because I could. I got them because, from the day I was 14 and saw a picture of Janis Joplin’s tattoo, I wanted one. Even so, for a lot of years, I was too chicken to get a tattoo. But one day I turned 30 and realized…a lot of things about my life–its brevity, my own insignificance in the grand scheme of things, and the role fear played in it all.

    I’ve had people ask, “Well, what are the people in the nursing home going to think when they are wiping your wrinkled a$$?” And I answer, “This old, used up woman lived.” And I have.

    From the lyrics of “Bird on a Wire”

    “Like a bird on the wire,
    Like a drunk in a midnight choir
    I have tried in my way to be free.”
    ~Leonard Cohen

    And, God help me, I have tried in my way to be free.

    Thanks for this post. Loved it. I’m going to check out your book, Colleen. The cover is great!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I adore this comment, Catie!! And I think it was very smart to get them AFTER you’d had your child. 😀


      • Catie Rhodes says:

        Oh, I never had children, Jenny. But I did wait until I was 30. And I guess by that time I was pretty sure I wanted them–the tattoos, I mean.


        • Jenny Hansen says:

          And here, all this time, I thought you had! Well the baby tummy is one of the things that contributed to my “fear of the manta ray.” 😀

          I’m glad you got the tattoos you really, really wanted. That made all the needles worth it. Probably. *gulp*


    • Free–that is a big part of what fascinates me about tattoos. “This old, used up woman lived.” Awesome, Catie. That could be put in ink too…:)


  7. Diana Beebe says:

    I don’t have tattoo envy, but I find them fascinating. I do have some wonderful ink in my fantasy manuscript. 🙂


    • Now I’m wondering if writers sketch out their character’s tattoos? I didn’t. Although I looked at lots of photos until I had something in mind.


      • Diana Beebe says:

        That’s a great idea! I know exactly what my characters’ tattoos look like, but I haven’t sketched them. 🙂 By the way, your book sounds so interesting to me–I meant to say that this morning, but I was getting ready for work. Congratulations on releasing it!


  8. I love tattoos…only have an itty bitty star to test my scar threshold, but will get more. Many people regret them, but I think those are done in haste. If you are careful about placement the manta ray will not appear (that killed me!) Tummy and breasts will stretch and sag, but upper back, shoulders, and lower legs are pretty stable canvas. I have a friend that has gotten a tattoo for each major life event starting with high school graduation, commemorating her mom, her decision to go to grad school – she is a walking history book and it is beautiful. But my absolute favorite is on my husband’s upper arm…my son at age 3 drew his first crazy headshot pic of our family. Hubs had traced on his arm and inked. It will always be one of the most beautiful little scribbles in the world to me, and every time I see it it reminds me of how lucky I am.


  9. Coleen, your mom is so adorbs!! She’s totally book-boyfriending on Evan. ❤ Loved this post! I totally have tattoo envy, too. 🙂


  10. Bill Parker says:

    I was the most anti-tattoo person for the longest time, and then I had a hairstylist in Chicago who had both sleeves done (and I think her back too, admirably staying away from the, um, volatile areas and covering just about everything else) in this incredibly colorful and expressive way, and it helps that she just kicked ass in every way anyway, but I have a new appreciation for them now.

    I’d never get one. Hate needles, huge wuss who hates pain generally. But done the right way, man.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I’m with you, Bill. I hear about people having tattoos (which mean NEEDLES) in their personal areas and just cringe. These are either some brave, or very drunk, people!


    • Yeah, I’m not a needle person either and wonder how I’d get over that part. Certainly staying away from the volatile areas would be a start. 🙂


  11. Julie Glover says:

    Tattoos? No way, no how, never happening on my skin. Ink? Needles? Permanent? I personally just can’t go there. However, I’ve seen some lovely henna tattoos.

    Coleen’s book is definitely on my TBR list! Thanks for hosting her today, Jenny.


  12. bethkvogt says:

    I am surrounded by people with tattoos. And I love every single one of them. The people, that is. And yes, even their tattoos — because those pieces of body art mean something to them. (And none of those tats are skulls or snakes or demons. Yeah, that makes it easier to love them.) I like to say: If I see something I like — a quote or an artistic image — I frame it and hang it on my walls. Other people get a tattoo.
    And yes, I know exactly what tattoo I would get … if I ever did get one.


  13. I’ve got to tell you, Coleen, that I forgot the question when I read the storyline of your book. It sounds like a wonderful read. Compelling, unique, with a twist of what-might-go-wrong-if-you… caution built into the story.

    No fair! You leave me no choice but to purchase the book and discover what Evan has tattooed on his body.

    Comments pulled me back to tattoo envy. For me, it’s one of those personal choice things. Everyone’s body is there own personal canvas. I love the idea in general, but have no desire to get one of my own. And, it’s not even the needles or the ‘droop factor’ that scare me. If I have money to spend on my body, I’d invest in deleting some cheek dimples rather than adding artwork.

    Hmmmm. I wonder if I could turn those dimples into tiny, cute daisies. Nope! Can’t even go there.


  14. susielindau says:

    Two of my Uncles and my Grandfather had tattoos from being in the service. I always thought of them as a man thing. Of course these days, women get them too.
    I bought tattoo sleeves and wore them to a party. Everyone thought they were real and I had gone through a mid-life crisis! Hahaha!

    I already bought Coleen’s fabulous book, so be sure to take me out of the drawing!


  15. First of all, Coleen, your book sounded so awesome that I went to Amazon and bought it immediately. Can’t wait to read it!

    Secondly, no I don’t have tattoo envy. Not really, anyway. I have six tattoos already, and want several more. I understand the fear of gravity taking its revenge, but I put mine where that won’t be an issue. And they all have personal meaning for me: a frog on my leg (because I wanted to study herpetology), a dragon on my lower back (because I love the magic in the world around us), a family piece with all my family’s initials and the Gaelic for “bonded by blood, family forever” on my upper back, “Faith” on one wrist and “Do not go gentle into that good night” on the other. The sixth one is kind of personal, and more the result of someone telling me I WOULDN’T do it.

    Up next: two Truffula trees and “I speak for the trees” on my forearm (because I’m in school for environmental biology. Tattoos can be rather inane and pointless, but a lot of thought and meaning went into all of mine–and I wouldn’t trade them.


  16. Thank you, Tamara!! I think if I ever get a tattoo it would be something that would have a lot of personal meaning behind it too. I love bonded by blood, family forever. I’m partial to the Gaelic history. 🙂 But I also really like your explanation for your dragon. Yay for magic all around us.


  17. Jenny Hansen says:

    Coleen, I just approved 3 comments for you, so you might want to go hunting through them again. Thanks again for the FAB post!!! 😀


  18. K.B. Owen says:

    As soon as my son turned 18 and had saved enough money, he got a tattoo on his chest – of an eagle with his little brother’s name underneath. He says he’s saving up to get another one – a dragon, with his other brother’s name under it.

    I’m really glad he doesn’t have any other siblings…

    Anyway, congrats on the book, Coleen – it looks really cool – and thanks for a fun post! The only folks in my 19th century world who would have tattoos would be sailors, but now you’ve given me a few ideas! 😀



  19. julipagemorgan says:

    I celebrated the release of my first book last month by getting a tattoo on my wrist! I’d wanted one for a long time, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get it. So far, no one’s asked to touch it. I think that might creep me out a little! 🙂 People are always asking if it hurt, though. While it wasn’t as pleasant as, say, looking at pictures of Johnny Depp (who also has tattoos, and I would totally ask him if I could touch them!), it wasn’t bad at all. Will I get another one? Never say never and all that, but I really think I’m satisfied with just one.


  20. Like Renée, I also have a tattoo (well 2 of them – one’s still “in progress”) so no tattoo envy here. 🙂 I love tattoos and definitely find them interesting – and especially when they have stories attached! It’s horrible for me to say it, but I’m always disappointed whenever someone tells me they got a tattoo “just because” or being that it was on a whim. It’s fine if they don’t want to share the story, but I never understood the attraction of “flash”.

    So, I’m a tattoo snob, I guess! 😀


  21. Karen Hayes-Mitchell says:

    I have tattoos and I always get the question “Did it hurt?” Of course it did, but the pain is temporary and the art is forever.

    All of my art is personal to me, I got my first one when I was 18 and told myself and my husband that I was only getting one. Now, 22 years later I technically have 13 (technically because several of them are multiple tattoos joined into one, I’ve gone in to get tattoos 18 times and some of them took multiple sittings for one tattoo)

    Each one represents a different time in my life, or a different aspect of my life. I also had them designed specifically for me, no one else has the same tattoo. I have dragons for protection, a spider because it is my spirit animal, a black rose because they are my personal flower, a mermaid because I am a water sign, a celtic tree of life for religious purposes, a fairy for personal protection, the goddess of creativity because I’m a writer, and others.

    I don’t believe in getting “stupid” tattoos just for the sake of having a tattoo and my tattoo artist feels the same way. And he is an artist, he does everything free hand and is amazing.

    The funny thing is that as of right now, none of my characters have tattoos, maybe I should change that.


    • So cool getting the inside scoop on everyone’s tattoo stories–and learning that a spider is a spirit animal. I had no idea. I’d heard of other animals, but never a spider. I’m going to have to look into that because me and spiders have had a bit of a rocky past…


  22. Fabio Bueno says:

    I may have had tattoo envy–until I got mine a couple of years ago. Maybe I’m now tattoo-envied? 🙂
    Most of my characters have tattoos too, but that’s a witch thing 🙂


  23. zkullis says:

    Coleen, so many replies have said something similar, and I don’t want this to be a blasé reply, but your book did sound very intriguing! (adding it to my list)

    This is such a fun post! Tattoos are extremely polarizing. They can be fun, sexy, a source of pride, a source of shame, and can tell you SO much about a person.

    Years ago I contemplated getting inked. The thought of what it might look like when I’m 80 only crossed my mind for a few minutes, until I realized that I wouldn’t be parading around shirtless once I’ve been attacked by the wrinkle monster. When I get to the point that a tattoo is going to look jacked up because my body is jacked up, chances are I will cover it all up.

    Do I let people touch my tat? If they ask, but generally people don’t ask. I guess I don’t look terribly approachable. 😉


  24. tomwisk says:

    Coleen and Jenny, Hi. I’m tattoo free. That being said, a young woman with body art fascinates me. How did she deal with the pain? If it’s large, was it done in one sitting? Will she go out with me? Sorry, slipped. Guys do it to prove that they’re attached to something or rebelling against something. Women know it’s another lure. smart women.


  25. filbio says:

    Hey, my fiancee’ has tattoos and I find it incredibly sexy. If they are done right, placed right, and the artwork is high quality I feel tattoos looks good on both men and women. Most tats have special meaning to the person sporting them, and should only be getting inked if you are truly ready for the life long commitment. Personally I don’t have any, but have from peircings way back. Maybe a tattoo is next.


  26. I have a Pinterest board named Tattoo Me, because I will have a tattoo one day. In the meantime, I pin those that intrigue me. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a white tattoo, whatever the design may be. They’re more subtle, and there’s less chance that a lyrical infinity symbol will end up resembling a dog’s pull toy. 😉


  27. lynnkelleyauthor says:

    I don’t have tattoo envy, but I’m old school. I’m with your mom, Coleen. I’d like to meet Evan. His tattoo sounds cool, especially because of the meaning it has for him. Loved your book, and your characters are so real. Great post, Coleen!

    Thanks for having Coleen guest post, Jenny. What a great topic!


  28. Joanna says:

    I love that your Mom wants to meet Evan!

    YES, I do have tattoo envy, and one day! One day!

    Great post.


  29. Hope I’m not too late to the party, but here goes…. my husband has five tatoos. I’m old school too, never liked ’em until I met him. His are so beautiful, I couldn’t help but appreciate them for the pure artistry, all done by the same guy. His latest is a picture of our daughter when she was four years old. They’re all meaningful to him. Me, I’ve never been able to think of anything I wanted permanently on my body, but you know, never say never…


  30. Jess Witkins says:

    I had tattoo envy, so I got a tattoo. Then I got another one, and another one, and now I’m hankering for my 4th. I’ve always said in my next life, I’ll have full sleeves! *squee!* I turned my boyfriend on to tattoos too, so he has 2 now. He likes to brag that his are larger than mine, but technically, I have more. Ooooh, so addicting. Love me some tattoos big time.

    And would also love a copy of Coleen’s book!!!


  31. I don’t have tattoo envy, but I do like them in certain situations… like your book (which I already own and am LOVING!) My husband has 2. I have 0. It’s likely to stay that way 🙂


  32. A tatoo show at DFWcon? Take pictures Jenny! LOL! And Kathy Owen, you’re a scream!

    Wow, look at all the comments! Great subject Coleen and Jenny! I’m amazed how many said they have a tatoo or envy one. Hmm. I don’t think I’d shock anyone by saying that I do not have a tatoo. Nor have I ever wanted one. I like the henna ones though, but they wash off. I know that for most, tatoos are an emotional way to express themselves or an outward display of affection. People who know me know that I am a pretty private person, so a tatoo wouldn’t probably go with my personality. Yet, I do like the way you used a tatoo in your story Coleen. You are getting great raves about your book girl! I am so happy for you! Congratulations! 🙂


  33. Shah Wharton says:

    I used to want a daisy chain theme around my midriff, my wrist and an ankle. I also designed a rose growing up a barb-wire thread which twisted around my spine! But I never had them done – my reason then was money. I wouldn’t have done it cheaply and always seemed to need the money for other things – like bills! Thank heaven. My mom decided tattoos ruled at the crinkly age of 60 + and has them all over her arms, back and even her eyes (eyeliner and eyebrows!). Up until this crisis she’d hated tattoos. My sisters have some delicate images about their bodies – one has a Celtic butterfly wing where her crows foot will be in ten years time. My dad had lots of naked women on his legs and arms, along with the traditional – I love my mum’ rubbish – (he even had a fly on his privates, apparently). All painted on him in prison. And my sweet niece has a few too, including initials of her dead dad, her son and her husband. They are beyond the norm in my family, but no, I don’t have tattoo envy. 🙂


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  35. I know, coming in very late here, finally have a free moment to read blogs. 🙂 I love all these comments and stories! I do have tattoo envy but I even have a hard time putting a bumper sticker on my car so have never taken the plunge. I actually almost did it last year when my daughter sketched a dragonfly one for my wrist. But, my hubby doesn’t like them. I gave him a choice… either I get a tattoo or a mastiff puppy.

    Our puppy’s name is Atlas. 🙂

    Congrats on the book release!


  36. I do love beautiful tattoos. Do I have envy? Nope. Have I ever had one? Yep. 14, actually. Do I still have them? Nope. Are they painful to remove? Oh hells yeah. If you do get a tattoo, make sure you love, love, love it!

    I found myself doodling a design from my fantasy novel and thought, ‘this would make a cool tattoo’. I think my husband would disown me if I came home with a tattoo after all the pain and money we spent to remove the others! Still… it was an awesome design…


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      FOURTEEEN??! You had to go through the removal of 14 tattoos? Holy crap, I’m cringing…


      • I know! I was young and stupid. I’ll be blogging about them some day soon (waiting for the final one to simmer down to nothing), and I’ll make sure to link to this post. I love your comment about the butterfly becoming a manta ray. Slays me!


  37. angelapeart says:

    Personally, I don’t call it an envy. More like a full-blown fascination. I’ve been wanting to get one for two years now, but the hubby objects. Well, I’m working on him, and hopefully I will get a fancy low back (or maybe I will choose another more discreet spot) tattoo soon!

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  38. Wow, your new book received some good press here. Tattoo envy. Don’t think so. I see tatoos, nose, tongue and belly button rings as very tribal. A rite of passage and way for kids to feel like they fit in to a group. My daughter would drop dead if I got a tattoo. Plus, I don’t like torture.


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  40. jbw0123 says:

    This has got to be a generational thing. Tattoos make me cringe. They remind me of old dudes from earlier wars, with ink bleeding into unrecognizable blotches. Tattoos make me think of lizard skin and cigarettes. My children (not tattooed (yet?)) say Aw Mom when I point out that humans have inked their skin since time immemorial in tribal rituals, and we’re no different. Mom, they say. No way. It’s just fashion.

    What’s the difference?

    To me, tattoos look like self-mutilation along the lines of neck extension and earlobe elongation. Art, too, but isn’t it kind of nicer to have art that is removable without surgery? My tastes change, and change again. Thank goodness I didn’t have my lower eyelids tattooed in the 1980’s when I was tempted to, to save myself from putting on eyeliner. Don’t wear eyeliner now, and don’t miss it. Now, a tattoo on a character in a novel? — oh yeah baby. Self-mutilation rocks in novels. Thanks for the re-post and to Susie for sending me.


  41. Actually I have 2 tattoos! One of them I think is pretty cool, the other one needs to either be removed or have some new art go over the top of it. The problem though is that I have no idea how I managed to get them and not completely freak out in the first place, I can’t stand pain! So… I have a dilemma wouldn’t you say? But, certainly not envy!

    (BTW, I came over here from Susie’s blog party.)


  42. I enjoyed the post! My good friend and I argue (well, discuss avidly – okay, argue) about women having tattoos. He doesn’t care for them and, I think, lumps them into a group of “that type” of woman. I think they are fine in moderation. It’s whatever the person wants.
    I stopped over from Susie’s.


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