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Sabotaged by the New WordPress Dashboard

Apparently you have to turn comments and pingbacks on in the new WordPress dashboard, which is about the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. Blogging is all about the conversation for me, and I was kind of bummed out that everyone was so quiet … Continue reading

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Does Blogging Jack Up Your Schedule?

Welcome to Techie Tuesday here at More Cowbell! This is the day each week when I unleash my inner geek and we talk about some groovy piece of technology or a technical point of writing. Today, we’re talking about blogging … Continue reading

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Blogging Q&A + My Timesaving BFF in WordPress (The Dashboard)

Welcome to More Cowbell! Today is Thoughty Thursday when we examine whatever topic is kicking around in my brain for the week. First of all, I want to thank all of you who voted for Rapunzel in the March Movie … Continue reading

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Is Your Blog Eating You Alive?

Are you a blogger who feels like you and your time are being slowly eaten alive by your blog? I ask because I have several friends whose blogs are giving them panicky, vengeful feelings. I just read a post yesterday by … Continue reading

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Help For Those Late Night Fights With Your Blog

Technology has been a fluffy happy kitten for some of my friends and a scary jaw-snapping lion for others. Everyone knows it’s here to stay but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna be their Happy Place. Last week, I saw an … Continue reading

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