The Titillating Tenacity of Tiny “T”

Welcome to Thoughty Thursday! This is the day of the week when y’all get to be privy to whatever thoughts are kicking around in my brain. I started Crossfit this week (after several years of lackadaisical exercise) so it’s hard to form any thought but “OUCH” today.

Still, I’m no sissy. I can write a blog, even with screaming muscles. You’re just going to have to do a larger ratio of the thinking for me today.

You’re reading this post because I am a compulsive joiner. (NO, this blog’s not about SEX…)

p.s. I made that all red and boldy just to see if you were paying attention.

I’m talking about joining challenges, groups, memes and the Letter Game that’s flying around the blogosphere. When you’re done reading this post, if you’re feeling inspired, ask me for a letter and I’ll give you one.

You see, about a month ago Myndi Shafer began banging the bongos with Big “B.” My pal, Kathy Owen followed with a ribald rendition of the letter R.

Still, I managed to resist their siren call.

Next up was Natalie Hartford, jamming with Joyous J and Marcia Richards loving up on Lusty L. I so adored Marcia’s list (it included everything from Lust to Liberty) that I caved to “the joiner call” and asked her to assign me a letter.

As you see from the title of this post, I shall be tittilating y’all with Tender “T” today. Ten terrific “T” words, just for you.

[Okay, I’ll stop with the alliteration. I could go on like this all day.]


Trust is the foundation of everything. Wouldn’t you agree? It isn’t an emotion that comes super easily to me. I’m slow in my trust, but very loyal to the people I’ve made a trust investment in. Personal integrity matters.

True Love

True love has to follow trust on this list. It just does. (Even though the words, “true love,” make me laugh my face off because of The Princess Bride. Twue Lub…) Seriously, we write stories and dream about true love because it’s eternally the best game in town.


All my life, I’ve been touched by teaching. There are the teachers who lit up my mind and the students who gave me the gift of watching them learn. When teaching is done right, there is a reciprocal magic to it that’s nearly incandescent.


For some people it’s a haircut, for others it’s a snappy outfit. For me, the key to pretty is all about the toes. I can’t say mine are all that cute, but when they’re dressed up they make me feel cute.

My toes on my wedding day…


Without Twitter there would be no More Cowbell because I’d never have met any of my online writing community. Without Elizabeth Craig to point the way (she was my first friend on Twitter) and Kristen Lamb to lead me down the blogging path…Well, I don’t even like to think about it!

I am here in this exact space because of Twitter. There are other factors, of course, but Twitter is the engine that helped power my social media train.


Speaking of boldly going where I’ve never gone before… I love travel in all it’s forms. I’ve been blessed to train all over the United States, in Singapore and in London and to meet amazing people in my journeys.

Despite all that, my farthest treks have been courtesy of the internet. I’ve learned more about diverse cultures and met more friends from other countries via blogging than I did during any of my business trips. The world is a better place because of social media.


After reading that last paragraph and hanging out here with me, you probably know exactly why I teach software classes. I freaking love technology! I love the way it saves people time (yes, it really does if you have a good teacher) and I adore the way it brings people together.

To me, technology and people will be forever intertwined.


Speaking of which…I loved Texas before last May when I went to the DFW Writer’s Conference. I have family there and I dig their “Don’t Mess with Texas” attitude. However, since the DFW conference, I love Texas even more because like 20 of my online pals live there. As the locals would say: Yee-haw!!!


Tomatoes make me think of my garden. I hang out there quite a bit. Plus, I just laid in my winter garden, which has all my East Coast pals mad with jealousy. I figure it’s the trade off for putting up with some of those very “special” California residents — I get a garden that produces year-round.

Tomatoes from My Garden

My Tiny Taurus

Last, but never least, we have Baby Girl who was born on Mother’s Day a few years ago. She’s becoming a “big girl” way faster than I am comfortable with and she lights up my world every day.

Plus, she helps me garden…can’t you tell?

Isn’t this fun? Would you like your OWN letter?? Just ask me down in the comments!

What is your favorite “T” word (and why)? Same question for the ten words I listed here. Are you a compulsive joiner? What’s the craziest thing you ever joined? Enquiring minds LOVE to know these things here at More Cowbell!


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63 Responses to The Titillating Tenacity of Tiny “T”

  1. zkullis says:

    I always like your posts – they almost stand up and demand a reply.

    My favorite “T” word is a tenaciously titillating yet not-so-tiny T. Triumph. Triumph², actually. Triumph as in reaching the end of a struggle, thus achieving a goal, and also Triumph as in the motorcycle company from the UK.

    I love both of them. But, it is somehow more titillating to have your triumph and ride it too.
    (I ride the Triumph Rocket III with some wicked after-market mods)

    *wolfish grin*


  2. K.B. Owen says:

    A fab list, Jenny! Thanks for the mention, too. I knew it would only be a matter of time before you joined us, bwahaha….

    My fave T words? Titillate, trinket, treasure,Titan, tavern, and…tipple. LOVE that last one!


  3. Okay, my “t” word today is TWINS! Cause my son’s wife is having ’em. Our first grandchildren and we just found out it’s a boy AND a girl! So yeah, loving the ‘T!!!’ It’s a great list, with many good things. I share your love of ‘t.’ (I’m off to Octopodicon today, which doesn’t start with a ‘t,’ but should be a lot of steampunk fun. If any of your posse is going to be there, too, I hope they say hi!)


  4. gingercalem says:

    Love all your TERRIFIC T’s!! I also love TRUTH. And I love TIME –what you yell when you finish your CrossFit workout so your ‘time’ can be recorded. TULIPS – my wedding flower. 🙂

    Alright, I can’t resist, also being a joiner. Give me letter and I’ll see if I can post it before I leave for Canada … or after … whenever! 😉


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I love Truth too – it falls smack into the middle of Trust. And ahhhh, lovely Tulips! Those most have been beautiful…

      I’m giving you a C for Crossfit, since you are part of what convinced me to do this. You’ll be happy to know that we just committed to 90 days of 1:1 instruction after our intro week (because I’m still so remedial I’d have slowed down the class, or hurt myself). I’m going to get back into shape if it kills me – and today it feels like it might!


      • gingercalem says:

        WooHoo … C it is! Putting on my thinking CAP! 😉

        Jenny, your ‘C’ommitment to yourself is a gift you will never regret. 🙂 I can’t wait to watch you transform.


  5. Marcia says:

    Love your list, Jen! Especially your tiny Taurus. She’s precious. Thanks for the shout-out. You did a fantastic letter “T”, and you sounded unsure when I gave it to you.
    My favorite “T” words = Tough – it’s what my Dad taught me to be, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”
    Tender – it’s part of loving and being loved
    Truth – Speaking it is the most important part of a relationship
    Thunderstorm – creates a cozy afternoon for reading with your blanket and favorite chair
    Tackle – makes me think of playful times with Hubs

    It was a fun game and thanks to Kathy for giving me a fun letter!


  6. I love that you started with trust and true love. I was already nodding by the time you finished those two, and I agreed with so many of your Ts after that, so all I can say is “great post!” (Even though I’ve never been to Texas, I have to love it too because so many of the great people I’ve met on Twitter come from Texas 🙂 )


  7. Love your T’s! In fact, I’ll be headed to Texas at the end of the month for a Cowboy game. 🙂 The other two T’s I thought of is Tango (because it’s sexy as heck) and Tenors (but then, I’m a sucker for a pretty voice).

    I, too, have been watching the fun and resisting, but I think I’m ready to jump on in. I’ll take a letter, please, madam! (BTW, your Tiny Taurus is a cutie!)


  8. Diana Beebe says:

    Great list! As a native Texan, I love you state shout out. 🙂
    My T words today are “tuner” and “tardy” as in the piano tuner who is 30 minutes tardy. Grrr.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I didn’t know you were from Texas, Diana. I hope you got your piano tuned. (Maybe it’s because it’s late, but that sounds kinda naughty!!) 🙂


      • Diana Beebe says:

        Born and raised. I do hate to admit that I don’t own any cowboy boots. (Shocking, I know!)
        LOL. It’s funny how very mundane things can sound so naughty. That’s why kids don’t understand the lyrics to most of the songs they listen to. 😀 The piano sounds great now, thanks.


  9. Patricia says:

    My favorite T word is Tinkerbell, but yours are awesome. Your Tiny Taurus is adorable.

    I played the letter game with the letter D. So yeah, I guess I’m a joiner too. It was fun.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Tinkerbell is SUCH a cute word. Thanks for the sweet words about Baby Girl. It’s not the best pic I have of her, but it’s pretty darn cute with her playing in the garden. We were planting potatoes. 🙂


  10. Fahhhhbulous list darlin’! So glad we were able to finally rope you into you into doing a post. LOL!! I love all your Ts…and those toes are seriously ADORABLE!! I love my toes as well and there’s nothing better than decorating them up!!

    Now…what would be my fav and why?!?!? Hmmmmm…

    Tess…my fur babygirl

    Tea…love…reminds me of my Mom and grandmother…

    So many Ts…so little time! Thanks for the UBER shout out! You are TERRIFIC! 🙂


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I LOVED my wedding toes! I felt like the most glamorous bride in the world with those.

      Ohhhh – pretty Tess!! I wish we would put pics in the comments so everyone else could see how adorable she is. And it’s funny…Tea was on my list but I had to cut some stuff out. Tea, Tango and Torrontes (one of my fave kinds of white wine) – all got axed.


  11. Very nice, Jenny! And creative. I’d ask for a letter, but I’m afraid I’d wind up with a Q, X or Z when you reach your hand into that hat. 🙂


  12. Julie Glover says:

    TEXAS!!! I love that you love Texas. Texas welcomes those who want to live here or just visit for a spell. (Sometimes I just love my state so much I want to deep-fry and devour it. Yum, y’all!)

    TRUTH is a T-word that means a lot to me. I am a truth seeker and appreciate truth tellers.

    I love your pretty toes, by the way. In my male-dominated household, I said the other day, “Look at my pretty purple toenails!” and received a shrug and an eye roll. I need a chick here to appreciate my girly side.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I do love Texas! And it is on the short list of the places Hubby and I want to live as we get older. “Deep-fry and devour it”…LOL. You’re so cute.

      Truth is an amazing “T” word! And I absolutely promise that if you ever say, “Look at my pretty purple toenails!” to me that I will give them all the proper attention they deserve.


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  14. Wonderful picks, Jenny. The Princess Bride video made my eyes misty and traveling is one of the great joys of life. Your tiny Taurus is a blessing and like Pauline, I have to pick Twins as my T word. I have a pair of my own, a boy and a girl.

    I already played the game with an O post (one of my words was Orgasm 😉 ) but I’ll share a silly thing I joined. A friend talked me into tracking notes. You enter the serial number of the bill to the site and if someone else tracks it later, you get a notification and a see where the bill had traveled to. I lost interest very soon but it’s proof you can talk me into trying pretty much anything 😛


  15. This sounds like fun and since I can’t come up with any inspirations for blog ideas right now I’ll ask for a letter.


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