Triberr Part 4: Lazing Around In the Royal Triberr Hot Tub

Welcome to Techie Tuesday Thursday here at More Cowbell! This is the day each week when I unleash my inner geek and we talk about some groovy piece of technology or a technical point of writing.

In Part 1 of this series, I introduced you to my new Time-Saving Social Media BFF, Triberr and explained why I love it. Part 2 showed you how to get set up once you’re in Triberr. In Part 3, you learned how to ROCK your Tribal Stream.

Today we’re focusing on how to set up tribes, accept invitations and really enjoy the benefits of Triberr. You’re going to learn the knack of hanging out in the Royal Triberr Hot Tub (Triberr’s Home Window), near the comfort of the Bonfires, and allow Triberr do some of your social media work for you.

But first we need a Triberr Contest Update!

I’m giving away spots in a new More Cowbell tribe specifically from the comments in my Triberr blogs. PLUS, I will give the winners a Triberr tutorial via GoToMeeting where we all talk on the phone and do a quick online session about how Triberr works.

Here’s how to enter this contest:

  1. Comment or link back to any of my Triberr posts
  2. I will add your name to the Magic Hat of Triberr Love
  3. I will draw 3 names each time I put up a Triberr post, announcing the winners for the week.

As of mid-January, Triberr is now open to all with no invite needed. Any of you that don’t end up in my tribe can still go find and form your own tribes. There are MANY nifty enhancements coming down the Triberr pike right now, especially for WordPress bloggers.

Feel free to start setting up your tribes in the comments section here – I’ll answer questions as well. Dino Dogan, one of Triberr’s co-founders has been nice enough to show up and answer questions when he can, so cross your fingers. 🙂

Week 1′s winners were: Nicole Basaraba, Sheila Seabrook and Raelyn Barclay.
Week 2′s winners are: Jessica O’Neal, Marcy Kennedy and Fabio Bueno.
Week 3′s winners are: Leanne Shirtliffe, Gloria Richard and Kate Wood. Congrats!

I will add the commenter’s names from today to my Magic Hat of Triberr Love. THREE Week 4 winners will be announced at the end of my ROW80 update this Sunday.

OK, let’s talk Triberr…

Many of you are already in the program and loving it, some of you are in and flailing around, some of you are running as far away from OMG-More-Social-Media as you can.

Before I lose that last group, let’s make something clear:

Triberr is about consolidating all your social media into one place to save time.

Triberr is NOT about adding a bunch of time into your already over-burdened social media schedule. Don’t believe me? Look at all the fun tasks you can do in your Triberr Home:

  • Chat with your tribemates in a private environment
  • Tweet your tribemates’ posts at a scheduled interval all day long
  • Share your tribemates’ posts via Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or StumbleUpon
  • Click the post title to GO to your tribemates’ blogs

Very soon, you will also be able to read the posts AND comment on them inside  Triberr. Pretty nifty, huh?

Today we’re focusing on how to set up tribes, accept invitations and really enjoy the benefits of Triberr. (p.s. This post is a tad long because I don’t know how many more of these you’ll want so I’m stuffing some extras into this one.)

Your Triberr Toolbar

Here’s how you use your Triberr toolbar, from left to right:

  • Tribes – click here to go to an existing tribe or make a new one.
  • Bonfires – this is where all Triberr info, help and open discussions are held.
  • Search – type someone’s Twitter handle here to find them in Triberr – this is extremely important because you invite existing Triberr members differently than non-members. More on this later in the post…
  • Home – your main Triberr area is here, including all the Streams I explained in Part 3
  • Bones – where you go to buy, manage or see an accounting of your Triberr currency, which are called “bones.” More on this later in the post too. 🙂
  • Invite – click here to invite new people to Triberr (remember to Search first so you know if they’re already in the program). Non-Triberr members are free, existing Triberr members (called inbreeding) cost 15 bones.
  • Your Name – if you click in the box surrounding your picture and name, you have the choice to go to your Triberr Settings (discussed in Part 2) or to your Bones area. You can also logout of Triberr, but I’ve never once hit that option.

Setting Up Tribes

When you join Triberr, you are given several free tribes to work with. I was originally invited to the program by Roni Loren (bless her!) and I had three more tribes to work with, along with 100 bones.

If you click on Tribes on your Triberr toolbar, you’ll see the names of your existing tribes, along with the ability to create new tribes – to the right is an early screen shot of mine.

You click New Tribe to create a tribe and invite people that you know. You click New Dynamic Tribe to invite people that you don’t know yet, and Triberr searches them out based on whatever “Shared Message” you type.

I haven’t used the Dynamic Tribes yet but supposing I wanted to hook up with Mommy bloggers or Pregnancy bloggers, this would be one way to search them out.  I could go to the Bonfires for this too.

Since I’m in Triberr to manage what I do NOW, I haven’t spent much time in the Bonfires, or creating Dynamic Tribes. That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t enjoy them, it just means I haven’t had time. If you want to branch out and meet new people on Triberr, those are the places you need to visit.

The two MOST important things to know when creating tribes:

  • Always search Triberr first before sending an invite. If the person is in the program, you need to invite them differently than you would a non-Triberr person.
  • You will be charged bones to open your tribe to inbreeding (accepting existing members of other tribes). It costs 90 bones to “unlock” inbreeding but you’ll only have to do it once. Unless you plan to only accept non-Triberr people, at some point you will have to unlock inbreeding.

Nowadays, there are reminders of this built into the program. When you click “Invite” on your main toolbar, you’ll see the following dialog box show up:

You’ll have the choice of sending these people either a Twitter invite through Direct Message or an email.

Invitations to an existing Triberr members will ALWAYS come via email. The subject of the email will say “A Call To Arms by…” I’ve been meaning to ask the Triberr creators what made them choose that subject line, as it seems a bit out of place to me.

Joining Tribes

Supposing you’ve been invited to Triberr…what do you do then? The only times I’ve had trouble getting someone in is when they were already a Triberr member and I didn’t know it. I’d send them a Twitter DM, and they’d click it and nothing would happen.

If you are an existing member, you will be alerted to your new invites via email and inside the program. We discussed the email above, but you will also see a number show up next to inbreeding in your left side bar.

Can’t find that left sidebar? I totally understand! I’ve thrown alot at you in one short post so I’ve included a picture to the right.

You get here by clicking Home in the Triberr toolbar at the top of your screen and scrolling down until you see your picture on the left and your Streams in the middle of the page.

Click on Inbreeding in that left pane and accept your invite from there. The screen will look like what you see below – this is an invite I received from a WANA person this week.

Dancing Around the Triberr Bonfires

The Bonfires are where you go to party and gossip find out all the latest in Triberr. To the right is a screen shot of the Bonfires list, which you can get to by clicking on Bonfires in your Triberr toolbar at the top of the screen and scrolling down till you see them on the left side of your screen.

Within the bonfires, you can:

  • Run a general search on any topic
  • Look for tribes or guest posters
  • Find others who blog about the same topics
  • Discover areas to socialize and chat
  • Read Triberr FAQ’s
  • Give feedback
  • Get Technical Support (also available at

There is much more, but that should get you started.

Are you excited about your Triberr possibilities or completely wiped out from Techie overload? Do you have questions for me about the program? For those of you on Triberr, how are you liking it? Are you seeing an increase in your traffic and contacts? Enquiring minds always  want to know these things here at More Cowbell!


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53 Responses to Triberr Part 4: Lazing Around In the Royal Triberr Hot Tub

  1. Jenny – I signed up on Triberr last night thinking, “ok, one more social media site can’t hurt” and then I logged in. Immediately, I felt like a cat walking in on a party of dogs.
    Like you said: there are bones, bonfires, and call to arms, and inbreeding.. inbreeding?!

    So what I am saying is I plan on printing out your post here and giving it a go Friday night.
    Thanks for your tech tips.. 😀


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      LOL, Darlene. What? You didn’t know two GUYS invented Triberr?? The bones and the bonfires didn’t give it away? 🙂

      Give a shout out when you sit down if you have any questions.


  2. Hey, Chiefly One!

    Are tribe members put in a “time-out” Tee Pee when they don’t “seek” when playing a game of hide-and-go….? If yes, that’s where you’ll find me me.

    I have a New! Nifty! Revolutionary! plan to manage my social media time. It’s a new folder in my mailbox (Titled “Nifty News”). I am placing all MUST READ and TAKE ACTION blogs in that folder so I can access them during my allocated Social Media time. It’s yet another attempt at finding balance.

    MTD, (month-to-date, as I’m sure you know), with WANA, HootSuite and a YIPPEE! group of new contacts, my allocated Social Media time has goggled up whole days.

    Don’t put me on the Chewing Buffalo Hide team yet. I’ll be back. To learn. To participate.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      You slay me, Gloria. I’ll give you till St. Paddy’s Day. At which time I’ll expect a Dirty Fighting Contest entry, and your appearance in Triberr. *evil smile*


  3. K.B. Owen says:

    Great post, Jenny! I understand that doing some things costs “bones” – but how do you get bones in the first place? Are purchases involved?


    • I was about to ask the same thing, so I’ll just hang out here and wait for the answer. At least I’m in good company 🙂


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Kathy, it killed me not to include this in the post but it’s already too long.

      Do you see bones on your Triberr Main toolbar (top of screen)? Click bones on it.

      * You’ll be able to buy bones if you want (150 for $10 – price per bone goes down with more.)
      * You can see what’s been happening in your bones area – where you’ve received karma or bought anything (like an exisiting Triberr person in your tribe = 15 bones).

      Make sense?


  4. FAB post Jenny. I’ve been gearing up to start tribe number 3 and am super pumped. I feel like Triberr is really working out some of the kinks and expanding its functionality which rocks. Thanks for the detailed explanation and screen shots – it’s nice to know what to look for! Woot woot!


  5. I’m going have to reread this one when less is going on around me, LOL. A lot of info to digest there. I’m buried in revisions right now so all social media is on minimum participation at the moment, but baby steps…I approved a few posts yesterday 🙂 And yes, I’ve seen a teeny-tiny increase to my blog. So I definitely see the benefits of Triberr and am looking forward to taking full advantage of the features.


  6. Elena Aitken says:

    I LOVE your Triberr blogs. You explain so well.Maybe Triberr people should hire you because their FAQ so much.
    I see you’ve already snagged my wordbitch Leanne. Very nice snag.
    Throw my name in the hat, I still wanna be part of your tribe. 🙂


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      LOL, Elena…THANK YOU! Perhaps they will. Remember, Tech Gurus make amazing software. It’s software trainers who teach their amazing software. I couldn’t program my way out of a paper bag, so I bow to them. 🙂


  7. Totally agree with Elena! I fumbled around for a few hours the other day trying to answer one stupid question – never found it. (I eventually did yesterday morning, but not in any way I would’ve guessed)

    As you know, I want to start up a tribe, so anyone who didn’t get in on your tribe, but wants to be a part of Triberr, let me know!

    The great thing about Triberr is that you can be on many tribes, don’t think you have to just stick to one – the more tribes you belong to, the more exposure you get! I’d love to have new members and existing ones join. It’s so much fun and really easy once you get the hang of it. Don’t be scared! (I totally was at first and put it off for about a month, much to Jenny’s horror)


  8. Gene Lempp says:

    The “search Triberr before you send an invite” is very important. I had several tribe requests and thought there was something wrong on my end when I couldn’t accept them. Then Catie Rhodes invited me and after it failed we figured out that she needed to send the invite through the Tribe Up option (which costs bones).

    Great post, Jen 🙂


  9. Roni Loren says:

    Loving your series on Triberr, Jenny. : ) One thing that’s been kind of frustrating for me is that I’ve been invited to a few other tribes but all those tribes had the “tweet every posts from all members” rule. That doesn’t work for me and risks making your stream look spammy. So you may want to warn people to ask the question when they get invited to a tribe–what is that tribe’s expectation. Even in my tribe where I love everyone’s blog, not EVERY post is relevant for my stream. And I know that not every post I do is going to be right for everyone else every time. So I only join tribes where it’s acceptable to be selective about what you tweet and no one gets hurt feelings about it.

    Also, another warning, (guess I have a lot to say on Triberr), make sure when you join that you don’t let your triberr posts take over your whole stream. I have some people I follow who now have like 75% of their tweets coming from Triberr. It makes the person look bot-like and I’m reluctant to click because I know they are no longer curators of content but auto-posters.

    Just some thoughts…maybe I should vented in my own post, lol.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      LOL, not at all Roni! I think it’s important to use Triberr as you want to. It’s fun for me to hear how everyone approaches it. (For example, I have never even considered what my Twitter stream looks like! Gack! Don’t put worries in my head, sister…)

      I don’t tweet every post, but I try to tweet most of them – I just might do it at a different time when I think it will get better interest. Also, I try to engage back whoever engages me. However, when I’m at my day job, it’s fantastic to know that I’m pimping my pals at the same time. 🙂


      • Roni Loren says:

        LOL, not trying to worry you. And you’re definitely not one of the people I was thinking of. But people should be aware that you can see (at least in Tweetdeck) where a tweet is coming from. So your followers will know it’s from Triberr and if all of your stuff is coming from Triberr, it could make people click-shy. 🙂


  10. I love this. And I LOVE the fact I’m joining your tribe! I think Triberr will really work for me and help me promote others and develop community.

    I read somewhere, too, that if you use Tweetdeck (or sim), a good thing to do is to make a group of the people in your Tribe. It’s not necessary, but it’ll help you get to know them even better.

    I await my call to arms. (Twitter name @LShirtliffe). I’ll cost you bones. Sorry about that. But THANK YOU!


  11. Jen…I feel like I’m wandering around teepees in the dark. I have stumbled over logs and fallen into bogs of moldering leaves.

    HOW do I know WHEN my approvals are going out? Say I have 4 tribe members’ blogs in my stream and I approve all of them. They go out in the order I approve, right? So each one goes out every 20 minutes, one at a time? But…how do I know what time of day they are going out?? I stopped approving because I don’t want to send everyone’s stuff out at like 2am! LOL

    And, if I want to approve something for FB as well as Twitter, do I just scroll over the “load” icon or do I need to actually click the FB icon??

    P.S. Sorry for the Twitter DMs the other night…I was desperately trying to get out of a bog ;p


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Kate, go back to Part 2 and set up your content settings at the interval that’s most comfortable to you. I’m usually between 25 and 45 mins, depending on when I start for the day. You tweets start going up at the time you Approve, then queue up at the interval you set.

      If my 1st one was at 11:00 am and my interval is 30 mins, my next one will be at 11;30 and the next at noon. Make sense?

      As for the FB, etc, those you must always do manually and they happen in real time. Yes, you must click the button. 🙂

      Your questions are AMAZING, Kate!


      • Ok, so I’m still a bit lost…sorry LOL

        Going back to my 4 peeps….Are you saying that if I login at, let’s say 11am, and click “Approve” on the first peep’s blog post, that post will hit Twitter at 11:20am (if my settings stay at the minimum of 20 minutes)? Then, say 2 minutes later (11:02am) I click “Approve” on the next one – will that one Tweet at 11:40? And so on?


        • Jenny Hansen says:

          No. I’m saying, Approve ALL of them at 11 am, add your hashtags, etc.. They will keep going out at your designated interval until everything has been tweeted.

          Once it tweets, it leaves your Tribal Stream and moves over to your Sent Stream.


  12. I love these posts, but as someone who is new to social media, it still seems overwhelming. I feel like I just barely got the hang of using Tweetdeck and I’d have to learn a whole new system with Triberr. I like the idea of saving time and really, you do make it sound easy. I’m just not sure I believe it. I’d love to be in your tribe to give it a shot 🙂


  13. I’m loving these Triberr posts and the comment sections (I’m learning a lot just from what other people are asking). As a Triberr newbie, I don’t think I’m to the point where I feel confident enough to make my own new tribe, so for now I’ll work on supporting my existing tribes and continuing to learn my way around. Thanks again for this series 🙂


  14. Triberr sounds interesting. Is a Twitter account required for it? For some reason I’ve chosen not to tweet, but to hang out on history forums. I get my blog traffic from there as a homespun WWII history expert. Consolidating my forum profiles and threads I host on history forums would be neat. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this!


  15. I’m pretty new to Triberr. I just signed up yesterday, so I’m not quite sure of what’s going on yet. I do see the potential of it and I’m excited for once I get it going.

    I wish I’d seen this series before when I was googling “WTH am I doing with Triberr??” yesterday. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that exact phrase. Anyway, I’m going to go back and read the rest of the posts in your Triberr series now.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Hi Suzan…WELCOME! I’m glad you found More Cowbell and our current Triberr series. I can’t imagine why I didn’t come up in that fantastic search…Google is obviously not working right. 🙂


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  18. Stacy Green says:

    Thanks so much for breaking down Triberr. I’m getting the hang of it, but I do need to explore around and possibly find some more tribes on writing and even suspense reading. I think the possibilities with it are limitless once you take the time!


  19. Can’t believe I missed this! Your Triberr posts are invaluable, Jenny. I’ll pass this on to my tiny but growing (I hope LOL) tribe and refer back as needed. Thanks bunches!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      You’re awfully sweet, August. I think you’re doing just fine. I’m gonna get you into one of my tribes yet. 🙂 Have you checked your Inbreeding area to see if there’s an invite from me already there??


  20. Debra Kristi says:

    These have been invaluable posts Jenny. Thank you. I referred my tribe here with your first post on the subject. It’s probably a good idea to remind them all again. I know it can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. So many things to learn, but so worth it. Thank you for taking the time to put together these greatly informative posts.


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  22. great series of posts jenny. I read them and think ok…this isn’t so hard. then i get into Triberr and I’m lost again. I’m going to print them out and put them beside me.


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  25. Jenny, Thanks so much for this series. I was invited to Triberr by the lovely Debra Kristi and I do love it – but much of it mystifies me. Thanks for clearing up the majority of my confusion — and showing me where to look for answers to the rest!


  26. Callene Rapp says:

    I dipped my toes into Triberr this morning. What was it the first commenter described it as: walking on a party of dogs? Very apt description, lol! I don’t know if this old dog can figure this out!


  27. Jenny, I bow to your Triberr-awesomeness! I would be embarrassed to admit how many times I have reread each one of your Triberr posts and thank you for them. I am in Triberr with my beloved Wana 711 sisters (our bro, Kerry, hasn’t joined us yet) but still very much in the wading pool! I can see the steam rising from the hot tub but it’s still a long way down the road!


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  30. Donna Newton says:

    Right, this one I will come back to. I want to learn triberr first. I’m still trying to add a FB, G+, etc button 🙂


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