Does Being An Introvert or an Extrovert Affect Blogging?

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Welcome to More Cowbell! Today is Thoughty Thursday when we examine whatever topic is kicking around in my brain for the week.

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For the last few weeks, I’ve been asking you readers:“Why Do You Blog?”  In case you missed it, here’s Part 1 and Part 2 of the discussion.

Part 2 examines how to keep your passion for your blog alive.

I had one of my new followers ask me this exact question on Twitter (I won’t name her here – she can out herself out in the comments if she likes). We had a chat last week that went something like this:

Her: I’m tired of blogging about writing but I don’t know what else to talk about.

Me: Well what are you passionate about? What do you get the most excited about?

Her: I can’t write a blog about chocolate!

Me: Why not? I did…TWICE (click here and here if you missed these). The point is to make it enjoyable for your readers.

We chatted a bit more and I don’t honestly know if this conversation helped her at all, but I do know it got her thinking. She got me thinking too.

Anyone can blog about ANYTHING if they make it interesting. I firmly believe it’s about enjoying yourself.

People are attracted to joy.

Let me give you some examples if you don’t believe me:

I’ve seen great blogs on philanthropy, health and gluten-free eating. Take your interest and work it, you amazing blogger…work it! (That’s right…skip a little when you make that turn of phrase…toss your head…twitch your tail. WORK IT.)

The entire point of blogging is have fun and tailor your site to fit you.

You want to know why I think so many writers have hissy fits over their blogs? Because they’re introverts and all this social media WEARS THEM OUT.

What does it mean to be an “introvert” or an “extrovert?”

I’ve found that very few people know the real definition of introverts vs. extroverts so I’ll share it with you here, courtesy of the Rockstar Counselor Guy who told me.

It’s all about energy:

  • Introverts gain energy from time spent by themselves.
  • Extroverts gain energy from time spent with others.

Are you scratching your head, wondering what that even means?? I understand.

Most people think introverts don’t like people, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The majority of introverts like people just fine, they just get tired out by too much contact with them.

For an extrovert like me, if I need an energy lift, I go to where the people are. This doesn’t mean I even want to talk to them. Truly. A lot of the time I don’t. I just want to be around them, sucking up some energy from the buzz of the room.

What are some of the ways blogging helps me as an extrovert?

  • Forming connections and meeting new people gives me the warm fuzzies.
  • As I mentioned in part 2 of this series, helping people gives me the warm fuzzies too.
  • I get to suck in all that energy from my More Cowbell Posse and use it to fuel my writing (you know, when I’m by myself ).

How might blogging help an introvert?

  • They can form connections without wearing themselves out.
  • They can interact on a limited basis, again conserving energy.
  • If they are shy, they can step out of that box more easily without the sensory input of a face-to-face meeting throwing them off. Shyness sometimes stems from the second most common fear in America, which is fear of social embarrassment.

So where do you fall? Are you an introvert, an extrovert, or something halfway between the two? Enquiring minds always  want to know these things here at More Cowbell!


Triberr Contest Update!

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  3. I will draw 3 names each time I put up a Triberr post, announcing the winners for the week.

Week 1′s winners were: Nicole Basaraba, Sheila Seabrook and Raelyn Barclay.
Week 2′s winners are: Jessica O’Neal, Marcy Kennedy and Fabio Bueno.
Week 3′s winners are: Leanne Shirtliffe, Gloria Richard and Kate Wood.
Week 4′s winners are: Elena Aitken, Stacy Green and Suzan Isik.

Sorry it took me so long to get these winners up – I was a bit sickly this week. Congrats to all the winners!! Stay tuned tomorrow for juicy details on Round 2 of the Dirty Fighting Contest. :-)

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82 Responses to Does Being An Introvert or an Extrovert Affect Blogging?

  1. Fab post Jenny! I’m an introvert and I can’t stay long on Twitter or it wears me out, too much like a big party. Social media these days is so much easier because you can go one on one which is easier for us introvs. Blogging like you say is super awesome because you get regulars that you are comfortable with and they help you relax. I agree too that you really can chat about anything and as long as some days are kind of consistent on subject you can go completely random on others. Learning slowly. Also introverted is not the same as shy. Took me a while to accept that. Great post!

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      It’s great for me to hear from the introverted set over here, since I don’t have the same frame of reference. (Hello? Extrovert here!)

      Thanks for popping in and sharing, Catherine!

  2. alberta says:

    Hi – I always used to say I was an introvert because I tried to keep away from people – but as I grew older I realised it was not the the people I was avoiding but the noise levels (have dyspraxia and noise can be a problem) the internet is grand because theres masses of people but no noise.

    I once took my sister to a party (one of her friends 50th) her friend was profoundly deaf – a sign language user and we walked into a village hall of silence with 40- 50 folk signing to each other:)

    i like talking to others and have many passions so I guess I’m an odd kind of introvert!

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      How fascinating, Alberta! I’m one of those that used to go to the bar where I worked to study and read. My hate-the-noise/introvert friends think I’m nuts. :-)

  3. Emma Burcart says:

    Well, I’m an introvert, Who knew? I love being around people and working with people, but I definitely get my energy from being by myself. Maybe that’s why writing is such a good fit for me. After a long week of being around others I just want to shut the door and be alone. Thanks for the good info. I hope you’ll have more on how to blog as an introvert.

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Emma, after reading the comments here, I’m thinking that as well. It’s interesting to hear how different everyone is. Plus, I live with an introvert – my husband is a total introvert and I’ve learned a lot watching how he interfaces with the world.

  4. Great post, Jenny. You do have the magic blogging formula and every one of your posts is worth reading. I love all the laugh-out-loud moments you bring us as well as the incredibly valuable information you share. I’m still stuck in Triberr-land muck and your posts on that topic have kept me from sinking! Thanks for all you bring to us!

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      LOL, you’re sweet, Patricia. But truly, I don’t think there IS a magic formula. I think there’s whatever you are really interested in. For example, I love your travel posts. I don’t know that I could do that well on the travel topic, but you just shine at it.

      I’m soooo glad the Triberr is helping! I’m a trainer by day, so there’s no way for me to stop that “give back/explain software” gene i possess. :-)

  5. Suzan Isik says:

    I’m kind of a hybrid, I think. In person, I’m pretty much an introvert. I’m shy, I avoid people, and I get joy from being alone. But online, I’m always seeking out people. I always have something to say. Not sure why that is, but it is what it is.

    Also, yay that I won stuff! I never win stuff! LOL

    • Somehow that shyness goes away when you’re around Cid. Hmmmm . . .

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Suzan, it would be interesting if, like Alberta, it’s the noise that gets to you. Aren’t people fun? I’m having the best time seeing how different everyone is. :-)

      Welcome to the More Cowbell Tribe! I’ll send out an invite in the next day or so. If you’re on Triberr, it will come via email (or you’ll see me show up in inbreeding on your Triberr home screen). If you’re not on Triberr yet, som’t change that – I’ll invite you and it will come in via Twitter DM.

  6. miaoxixian says:

    I know that one of my worries about blogging and that makes me a bit of an introvert in the blog world is the fear of making a public mistake. At least if I say something wrong, the words may one day be forgotten, but if I post something and there’s a mistake or it is worded oddly, I feel so embarrassed later and then it is stuck online forever! Sigh . . . and I made a mistake recently and it was corrected quite publicly in the comments and I felt so bad and like such an idiot. But thankfully most bloggers are pretty nice and supportive, so that helps. ^_^

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Have you seen Kristen Lamb’s or Anne R. Allen’s posts on “blog trolls?” It’s great for people to tell me if I spell something wrong, but there’s no need for them to be rude to you.

      One thing I like about blogs is that if I find an error, I can fix it. I hope you find TONS of more supportive, sweet tweeps. That being said, it is up to us to make sure we organize our research well. That’s the VERY hardest part for me.

      • miaoxixian says:

        Thanks, Jenny! Yeah, I will definitely research more and realize that everyone makes mistakes, it’s not unique to only me. ^_^ Now I’ll head on over to Kristen Lamb’s blog and check out that post!

  7. Ryan King says:

    Wow. That explains why Blogging kills me. I’m an INTJ. In all this time I’ve never put those two together before but you know what? I think you’re right. Social Media does wear me out. I dump a lot of energy into my posts and many times I question whether it’s worth all that time and energy. I normally say “I love reading blogs but I hate writing them.” It doesn’t take too much energy to read them but writing them.. that’s opening up and putting it all out there. Insightful as always Jenny :)

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Ryan, I’m delighted this has given you some Thoughty Thursday moments. Our critique group is about half and half introvert and extrovert and I see how much social media wears on my introverted friends. I can totally see where y’all are coming from.

  8. Fab post Jenny!
    I think people need to start thinking about their blog as their BFF. It’s where you go to talk and have amazing conversations about finding the best pants, coming across an amazing recipe, the latest embarrassing moment, the “I can’t believe my boyfriend SAID THAT?!?!?!” convo etc! Your blog is you and your BFF sitting around a table with a good cup of coffee/tea chatting about the stuff you guys LOVE to chat about!
    When I revamped my blog, I asked myself “when I am with my friends/family, what conversations pump me up?!??!” It’s when I am making them laugh and have fits of giggles over some latest insanity (entertain) OR those deep and introspective conversations (inspire)…so I try to channel THAT in my blog! My goal is to entertain and/or inspire…
    Hope that helps anyone perusing the comments!
    As far as me being intro or extro – I swing both ways baby! LOL! I derive a ton of energy from being around other people but sometimes, I need to check out and go solo to re-energize. For me, it’s about knowing what I need and honoring that. But IF I had to pick one, I’d say I am more extro.
    Have a FAB day darlin’! Thanks for the AMAZING shout out…squeeee!!!
    PS: your comment on my blog about hubby’s tribute to Dad – ROCKED! Welled me up to tears to know you were there…bleeding with us…HUGE comfort! Thank you for sharing and pouring it out there…LOVED it!

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      This is me exactly, Natalie. I have to be in the right mood to be witty in person. If I’m tired or focused on something else, I simply don’t have the wherewithal to do both. But if I’m on a roll? Fuhgeddaboutit!

  9. Stacy Green says:

    Yay! I’m a winner! So excited. What I do I do now? I’m already on Triberr … thanks so much!

    I’m halfway in between, I think. I treasure my alone time but I need people, too. I will say that blogging has given me a voice to talk about things I love, and your comment about people like posts about joy is so true. No matter the topic, we’re drawn to things that will make us smile and brighten our day. Thanks for the reminder!

  10. I think you’re absolutely right. Because I love people, generally. My husband doesn’t, but I do. LOL. But, I’m a total introvert. I prefer time alone more than any other time spent. Except with my family, but even then, I need a bit of time to myself every day. I NEED it. I can’t explain it any better. I love evenings with my daughter and husband. I absolutely love girl time with my best friend. I love our biweekly dinners with my dad and stepmom, and I enjoy our dinners out with my in-laws.

    But I NEED time alone every single day or else I feel like I’ll go nuts.

    Does that affect my blogging? I don’t think so, really. But then, I’ve never been an extrovert, so I can’t compare. :) Maybe, extrovert blogs have more posts regarding other people, outside the blogger’s circle of friends and family. Because people bring them joy and energy more often than not, I would imagine people make more of an appearance in the posts.

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      What an interesting point, April!! I’d never thought it, but people play a very heavy part in my posting topics. I don’t think I am half as interesting as the other people I know, so there’s many stories from my besties.

      Fun! I’m totally diggin’ Thoughty Thursday today!!

  11. stacy says:

    Another great post! I think I’m theoretically an introvert – I really do love hanging out with people, I’m great in a crowd, and I do well in group situations. But it burns me out. All I can think about is rushing home to a cup of hot tea, an open Word doc, my cat on the keyboard, a dog curled up at my feet, and Enya playing in the background. Being alone gives me energy, being around people drains me. Not sure if that effects my blogging or not, but its possible.

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      You are correct, Stacy. If you recharge from your alone time, you’re an introvert. There’s nothing wrong with that and it doesn’t mean you can’t be the life of the party. It just means there’s a price attached to it for you.

  12. Marcia says:

    I’m a bit of both…I have times when I need to socialize and other times I prefer to be busy with my own thoughts and activities. I think we’ve all felt like that blogger. What is it exactly that will keep me blogging without getting bored? I was blogging about writing and getting more and more bored with it until Kristen Lamb released me by saying writers shouldn’t blog about writing, but about our passions.
    Great post, Jenny.

  13. Roni Loren says:

    I am very far on the introvert side of the scale. I like people and socializing, but it wears me out. When I go to conferences, I have such a good time, but I’m flattened and useless when I get home because all my energy has been depleted. It takes me at least a week to recover, lol.

    And social media has worked out well for me because I am pretty shy and this kind of interaction is much more comfortable for me. :)

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      If you’re far onto the “I” side of the scale, I’ll bet tradeshows make you feel like someone scooped your energy center out every night.

      I never stopped to think about how it is for all these introverts to go to conference until I read a great post from K.B. Owen before she went to Malice Domestic last year. It’s interesting to look at it from the other side.

      Me? I LOVE trade shows. They’re tiring but they usually amp me up a bit.

  14. LOVE this! I think I’m more extrovert, but definitely have some introverted qualities. Thanks for the tips! Can’t wait to read about metal chicken. ;)

  15. I think something’s wrong with me because I’m not always the same. Sometimes I love being around people and it’s so much fun. I love laughing and having a good time. Sometimes being around people wears me out. It’s like a mood thing. So am I an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert? LOL

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Not a thing wrong with you, Lauralynn. You probably are more rested up when you’re having a great time. My honey loves seeing our friends and doing social stuff, as long as he’s not tired when he starts. I’d lean toward the extroverted introvert. :-)

  16. Gene Lempp says:

    Right on track, Jen. Part of taking Bob Mayer’s class last year involved doing the traditional Briggs-Myers test, I’m an INTJ – Yes, I love people, yes extended contact wears me out and I long to be alone for a bit to process and recharge. However, I find that social media evens the playing field. We can take it in as big a dose as wanted, walk away for a minute if needed and manage our contact in a number of ways that reduce the feel of overload that Introverts, like me, get from direct contact.

    Great post Jen, you wonderful smiley extrovert :)

  17. Laura Drake says:

    So very true, Jen – I never thought about this in regard to blogging, but now a lot of the way others react to blogging makes sense to me now.

    To me? It feeds my extroverted SOUL!!!

  18. Fabio Bueno says:

    Great post, Jenny! So insightful. I guess I’m a face-to-face introvert and a virtual extrovert, if that makes sense. May I be an introvert that loves hanging out with friends? :-) Is that an oxymoron? Please advise.

  19. lesann says:

    I’m a complete introvert and even social media can be exhausting. Alone time isn’t just something I enjoy, it’s an absolute necessity. Just writing this comment is making me twitchy…just kidding.


  20. Nice post, Jenny. I am one of those weirdo “get in a mood” “doesn’t want to bother with people” kind of people, but oh wait. What’s this? Darlene wants to be social today!! So I flip to the “HI!!!! How are you?!?!? You look so… AWESOME TODAY!! :D”
    Two days later, I’m like, “meh.”
    I am extroverted when I am extremely comfortable.

  21. Lena Corazon says:

    I TOTALLY agree with what Natalie said up above — lately I’ve been trying to “blog the way I talk,” and treating them like any conversation I would have with my besties, and I think it’s made me a lot more enthusiastic about posting and picking topics.

    I’m with Lauralynn about the “introverted extrovert” or the “extroverted introvert” conundrum. When I’m in the mood to party, I LOVE people, I love their energy, and I just want to spend time with them… and when I don’t, hah. Everyone get out of my way, leave me alone, and let me read a book. That said, social media gives me a rush of energy that makes me want to write and get things done like nothing else I’ve ever encountered. Those daily writing sprints that happen over at the #ROW80 hashtag are my combo work/party-times, and it is such a blast. :D

  22. Do you get tired of hearing me say “Great post, Jenny?” Well, quit writing great posts then.

    I see I’m not the only one here who’s biverted. A few years ago at a Bob Mayer seminar, I tested ISFJ. More recently, I tested ESFJ. How about I’m a situational introextrovert? Or maybe just a weirdo.

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      How sweet are you, David?? I just love that about you. :-)

      I think it’s normal to be across the spectrum, but it’s all about energy. If you recharge by your lonesome, you’re an introvert dude. You just have extrovert tendencies…

  23. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos says:

    I agree with you. I have so much fun blogging that I look forward to doing it.

  24. Julie Glover says:

    I am definitely an introvert. I enjoy social media because I can put myself out there and then retreat to re-energize as needed. I love the people and the interaction, but I do need breaks and can monitor that myself.

    As to blogging, I started with the words thing because language fascinates me (and can be fun!), and I come up with possible topics all the time. I think you’ve hit something you’ll enjoy blogging about you already talk about or do it quite a bit. I also love getting feedback from readers that they enjoy it too. Thanks, Jenny! Of course, we all love More Cowbell. :)

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I totally dig your blog, Julie! You have some of the best humor around, and it’s a dry humor, which is one of my fave kinds. Plus, i learn stuff in those Word Wednesday posts. :-)

  25. Why Jenny you just keep coming up with such interesting subjects. I like Gene and David have taken the Meyers-Briggs test through Bob Mayer. Turns out I am an EISTP. I know, there’s an extra letter on the front. That’s because on the test, I was split down the middle. So I am a Promoter/Artisan. Interesting combo don’t ya thing? lol

    But I love, love, love people. For me people make the world go round. But because of certain physical limitations, I don’t get the opportunity to mingle very often. So social media has had its benefits.

    I find it hard to write posts about things that I’m not interested in. So I scour the net to find topics that are fresh and different. I know that you all get thrown from time to time not knowing from where I cometh sometimes, but I like to switch it up and keep it interesting. This week wasn’t a topic that I think people care to talk about. Yet I loved the story because of the resourcefulness of the artist amongst desperate times and it had a positive ending. I like to blog about life and so I’m thinking of changing the title of my blog to, “Expressions on Life as it Happens”. I’d love to know what you think.

    Thanks Jenny! :)

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Karen, i know social media has opened new worlds for you and I’m SO glad!

      I’m delighted to know you can’t write about things you’re not interested in! I like that in a person!!! :-)

      I think the vital people to run that blog title by is Kristen Lamb and your WANA class group. They’ve been with you from the beginning and they will get an automatic click YES or NO for your blog name. i don’t know why that’s so, but it is.

  26. K.B. Owen says:

    Jenny, the comments section is cracking me up…all the introverts are coming out of the woodwork and talking! (including me, LOL – I’m an INFJ). Blogging can be a struggle for me; while I love interacting with folks, I’m not as funny or “cowbell-ish” as you wildly successful bloggers out there! You all have such a natural flair for this. But it’s a wonderful community of peeps, and I’m glad to be a part of it!

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Kathy, the comments have been cracking me up too! But I’m going to disagree with you:

      I think you’re damn funny. You’re shy about it, but very droll and I can’t count the number of times your posts have made me crack up. I hate to hear you downplay your talent. You are plenty amazing, whether you struggle with your blog or not.

      And you are one of the most supportive tweeps I know. Just sayin…

  27. tomwisk says:

    No matter if you are an extrovert or introvert bloggers are coflicted. The introvert wants to reach out but is pulled back by his secretive nature. The extrovert is happy to talk to the world but sometimes finds himself telling too much. I know. I like being alone but when I begin to blog it just comes out.

  28. So much of blogging really is about joy, Jenny. For me, it’s also about passion and an ability to listen to your heart (aka, intuition). If my heart tells me to write about something funny, embarrassing or sexy, I go for it. If I feel I should share something sad, touching or inspiring, I do my best to honor that, too.

    Thanks for the terrific insight. We all learn bunches from you!

  29. CC MacKenzie says:

    Great post, Jenny,

    Gosh, I love people and face to face I’m an extrovert and my careers have always involved the service industries. However *need to take a breath here and tell you all the truth* I hate blogging. It screws me up, sucks energy, causes extreme anxiety and slams the brake on my creativity. I don’t know if it’s because of the right/left brain thing. However, I love reading and commenting on as many blogs as I can get to on any given day. But even then I feel guilty if I’ve not had time to read or comment. There must be an easier way to handle all this stuff.

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      CC…take a deep breath with me here…

      LET GO OF THAT GUILT. Guilt paralyzes me like nothing else and makes it hard for me to jumpstart (fill in the blank). Can’t we just go with the idea that you do your best and you’ll pop in to see people as you can?

      If you hate blogging, you absolutely should not do it. If you feel that you must, maybe you could consider a group blog where you can share the responsibility with others. We all started out at Writers In The Storm for that exact reason.

  30. Catie Rhodes says:

    Loved this post, Jenny. I am an introvert. Like you couldn’t tell. That’s why I disappear for days at a time and guard my “off” time like a Brinks driver. When I’m around people, I feel like I have to put on a face or be in character. You’re right, I do this for fear of being socially embarrassed. The only person I don’t put on a face for is my husband. He gets the uncensored me. Poor him, right? LOL

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      LOL, Catie. OK, I’ll admit it, I knew. :-) And I love that you stretch outside your comfort zone so often. It makes me feel like I know you better, whether you’re letting me see all of your real face, or not. I think you completely rock!

      My husband was terribly shy as a child. Looking back, it was entirely rooted in the fear of social embarrassment.

  31. cctexasskies says:

    Jenny, I love reading your posts. They either make me think or entertain completely.

    I, like so many other commenters here, don’t honestly know which I am. I thought I was shy – always sat in the back of the room, never raised my hand – I would actually shrink in my seat to disappear. I will, however, seek out people to network in my writing. When I thought about blogging, I delayed because how could anything I wrote be of interest to anyone? I developed a pseudonym and became more outgoing. It was easier to put myself out there with a blog, Facebook and twitter, under another name. Recently, I’ve entertained the idea of telling my relatives and friends on Facebook about my alterego.
    Am I becoming more comfortable with myself? Am I an extro-introvert? Ultimately time will tell.

    Thanks for posting this great article and, look out, you made me think again! Carra (aka Gloria)

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      THANK YOU Carra/Gloria. :-) What a lovely compliment!

      I think there’s a lot to be said for that pseudonym thing. But the writing community online is so very embracing, I think it’s been a wonderful opportunity for so many of us to get out there and mingle, no matter where we fall on the shyness spectrum.

  32. I’m 100% an introvert, but most people don’t realize it because when I’m comfortable and have had enough alone time, I can be as bubbly as an extrovert :) As an introvert, I’ve found blogging and social media liberating because I can get to know people in a non-intimidating way. Then when I meet them in person, we already know each other enough that I feel like I’m with friends rather than strangers.

  33. I’m primarily introverted. I love people and interacting, but there’s a lot of stress involved, depending on the situation. Sometimes, I even seek out social interaction for that very reason: when I’m ‘too’ energized, I just need to be around people to feel normal again.

    I also totally understand the blogger burnout for an introvert. Cultivating great posts, and keeping in touch with your readers (No matter how much you love them!) can be draining all the way around. But there’s always answers to it. Like blog vacations or guest weeks, like I’m doing on my blog this week. (Still doing administration, but I like the back end of my blogging, I’m going into IT after all!)

    Great post, Jenny!

  34. I started blogging in 2000 though I didn’t get serious about it until 2004…either way it was still pretty much about being a diary back then so I’ve never really gotten out of that (bad?) habit. Not that I don’t like visitors but still the ratio of private to public in my blog is 5:1.

    LOVED the cartoon about Extroverts~having a clear preference for Introversion, and being married to someone who best lives with Extrovert showing all over the place I can vouch for ‘run away part’ – In the Summer he often chases me and slings me over his shoulder, carting me outside, to have a beer with the neighbours.

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  36. I finally figured out I’m an introvert. :-) Being around people drains my energy. I mean I like people and wouldn’t mind hanging out with two to five at a time (and I love it when it happens). However, I feel my energy draining when a lot of people are standing close to me… It’s like I absorb all the emotions around me which is quite draining.

  37. LOL I am late to the party – as usual! Yup, total introvert here. I like one-on-one or small group interactions, but parties or large gatherings are very stressful for me. I have to psych myself up beforehand. And yes, I’m one of those who started blogging and got on Twitter because Kristen said we had to. LOL! But I do like it, now that I’m settled in. I can pop in when I feel like it, and back off when I need to. And I have met so many cool WANA friends!

  38. I’m definitely an introvert, but people have difficulty believing it, since I tend to be very friendly and talkative. Like you said, I like people just fine, but I often prefer my own company.

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  40. Kelly Byrne says:

    Great post, Jenny. I feel kind of like that was me you were referencing at the top – the bit about the chocolate blog – unless of course there are others out there who, well, have issues with chocolate. ;) (Hah! Only a grillion or so, I’d say.)

    And yes, you did get me thinking. I’m still struggling to figure out my “brand”, which I know is just me, but it’s the whittling away to the essence part that I’m having trouble with. But I’ll get there. In the meantime, I enjoy reading your posts. They keep me moving mentally and that’s always a good thing.

    Also, I think it depends on the company I’m keeping whether I’m an introvert or extrovert. Some groups of people/friends just seem to sap me of all energy and others absolutely invigorate me. Dunno what that all means or says about me or them, but just thought I’d share that. I think we can be both under different circumstances. :)

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