Expect Turbulence — Guest Post by Lara Schiffbauer

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Expect Turbulence
by Lara Schiffbauer

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Thank you so much, Jenny, for having me over here at More Cowbell for Life List Club Friday, and hello to all the More Cowbell-ers!

Something I have learned over time is that life is never perfect.  John Lennon said “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”  Sometimes luck is in our favor, and we can ride that wave of success without having to endure much or work hard.  Often, the opposite is true.  We have to work hard and endure to see our goals and dreams come to fruition.

In the book Flight Plan: The Real Secret of Success, Brian Tracy states that one of the key components to success is to expect turbulence.  He suggests that how we react to the trials we encounter along the road of goal achievement is the only “part of the problem equation” we can influence.  He termed our reactions to difficulties our “response-ability.” 

The book holds many different thoughts and suggestions about achieving success, but as I didn’t want to quote the whole book, I picked a few that resonated with me.   

Remain Calm

“Fear is the thought of admitted inferiority.” Elbert Hubbard

Fear will keep us immobile more than any other emotion.  Our bodies react the same to perceived fear as they do to a real threat.  We hear about the flight/fight response, but there is one other reaction we can have to fear, which is to freeze.  We become immobile and procrastinate from doing what we need to in order to succeed.  Steven Pressfield calls this fear “Resistance.”

People who work in high stress situations train for how they will react under pressure, and we need to do that, too.  When we expect turbulence in our goal achievement to occur, and plan for how we will react to it, we cut Resistance off at the knees.  It no longer has the ability to immobilize us because we are thinking clearly, and reacting calmly, maintaining control.

Get the Facts

“Just the facts, Ma’am.” Joe Friday, Dragnet

When we react emotionally to any situation, there is the tendency to catastrophize.  We look at the situation and automatically see if for worse than it is.  By focusing on the facts, we pull ourselves back into the right-side of our brain (that logical part) and temper our emotional reactions.

We need the facts of a situation to know exactly what we’re dealing with, as well as come up with ideas for a solution.  Mr. Tracy noted that often a solution is hidden within the facts of the problem. 

Think in Terms of Solutions

“Superior people are intensely solution oriented.  They think about solutions and what can be done rather than the problems and who is to blame.”  Brain Tracy, Flight Plan

The moment we blame other people for the turbulence we are experiencing, we give up our power to be effective change agents in our own lives. By focusing on solutions, we are able to plan for how we are going to respond when things don’t go as planned.  We have the ability to affect our future.

Lara Schiffbauer writes contemporary fantasy and general fiction, and has been lucky enough to see some of her short stories published.  By day she works as a school social worker in an elementary school and at night juggles writing, playing with her two adorable little boys, and doing everything else that has to get done in a day.

You can find her on Twitter at @LASbauer or blogging at www.motivationforcreation.blogspot.com.

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32 Responses to Expect Turbulence — Guest Post by Lara Schiffbauer

  1. stacy says:

    Wow – this post came at the exact time I most needed to hear it! Thank you for posting this extremely valuable information. I can take some great lessons from here and apply to my life – especially right now… hope to see more from Lara!


  2. Excellent post. Good insight for all of us to absorb and use in managing our approach to stress. Thanks!


    • Thank you so much! It never ceases to amaze me at how much stress we all have to deal with, even children. Often, it just takes having a plan to help us all to feel safe and secure in our abilities to handle it all!


  3. tomwisk says:

    Wonderful post. We need to expect a few hangups in our journey through life, but we shouldn’t be looking around every corner for something to derail our plans. That causes stress. Just keep an eye out and move ahead.


    • I totally agree! I wrote a post recently about revisions making me nervous, and another Life List Clubber reminded me to just relax. When we get all tense, we totally derail ourselves, and cause our own turbulence!


  4. It seems to me that turbulence crops up most when we’re encroaching on something fantastic and big—almost like a test, of sorts. When it does, I try to see it as the proverbial storm before the rainbow. More often than not, awesomeness follows. I love what Lara shared about not blaming others.

    Fantastic post, ladies. Thanks for the shout out and support! 🙂


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I agree wholeheartedly, August! And you’re welcome for the shoutout – you deserve it.


    • I love the song by the All American Rejects that says something like “when you think all hope is gone, move along, move along, like you always do.” It is so true that sometimes you just have to make it through, and then the rewards of your perseverance are amazing!!


  5. Great post, Lara. You show a lot of maturity for a young woman. Keep your eyes on the solution.


  6. Jess Witkins says:

    I agree with August, it’s inevitable when we’re on a journey towards something larger with our lives. If we can weather the stress and move forward and learn, then the journey is so worth it.


    • You’re totally right. Growth (change) causes stress, but we can’t move on if we don’t allow for change. That journey requires us to continue on in faith that it will be okay in the end (and maybe even better!) 🙂


  7. Catherine Johnson says:

    Lara does look a very calm person too. Great post ladies. I will endeavour to be an effective change agent from now on. There must be a badge we could rig up for that lol.


    • That’s just my outer appearance! Inside I’m just as worried and stressed as everyone else! 😉 In all seriousness, a lot of the reasons those three resonated with me is because I need to remember to stay calm, and I do that by gathering facts so I can clearly see the problem ahead of me. And then, thinking in terms of solutions is just a naturally optimistic thing to do!


  8. Lara, I’m OK when it comes to getting the facts and thinking in term of solutions, but I definitely need more work on staying calm. Losing control is definitely NOT a good thing.


  9. Sometimes my emotions get in the way and I react poorly to situations. Thanks for a great post, Lara. 🙂


    • I think we all do, Darlene. Emotions are amazing! They can be wonderful, and then just as terrible. I’ve noticed that for emotional people, the non-emotional rest of the world doesn’t really “get” us. But it’s not a bad thing to be emotional, we just have to figure out how to use them to our best advantage and contain them when they have us by the throat, so we can get on to the rest of the task involved! 🙂


  10. Marcia says:

    During turbulence, my first reaction is over reaction, but after a few minutes I calm enough to figure out a reasonable solution. Fear can be a real kink in the works. I try to get around it quickly. Great insight, Lara.


    • Yeah, fear is one of the biggies, if we let it be. I’m impressed you only need a few minutes to get reasonable! I’m not sure how long it takes me, but I know it’s longer than that!


  11. Good post. All good points. Especially the last one. People tend to focus way too much on the problem and not the solution. Don’t waste time laying blame, that time would be much better spent on finding a way to fix whatever is broken.


    • Hey, Nomad! Nice to see you over here! Blame is definitely not worth the effort of trying to assign it. I agree you might as well spend that energy being productive, and getting through the problem.


  12. Thank you so much, Jenny, for having me over at More Cowbell! You made the post look great, by the way! And thanks to all you More Cowbellers for giving me such a warm welcome!


  13. Life definitely has a way of throwing turbulence at us. And most of all when we need it the least. LOl. Great post, Lara.


  14. What a great resource! Thank you 🙂 I’m going to keep this on hand for reference for sure!


  15. Brilliant post, Lara! Thank you for sharing 🙂


  16. Ooh Lara, I love this comment,“Superior people are intensely solution oriented. They think about solutions and what can be done rather than the problems and who is to blame.” Brain Tracy, Flight Plan

    You gave us some well thought out and extremely helpful advice. Now to implement them. Thank you and Jenny. You two make a good team! 🙂


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