Let’s Meet Up (for Training) Contest – May Winners!

The commenters on this blog are AMAZING!! And I’m so excited to be able to give back some generosity for the time you take to visit with me each week.

For those of you who comment, again and again, I’ve been throwing your name into The Hat – y’all remember the Big Birthday Hat right? It seemed like the perfect thing to use for this drawing. (I mean, LOOK how colorful that thing is!)

The voting results, in order of popularity:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tweet Deck
  • Microsoft Word, Facebook and General Computer Knowledge (three way tie)
  • WordPress and Social Oomph tied for last

The WINNERS of May’s Webinar, in alphabetical order – I’ve linked to your sites with the info I have (please let me know if it isn’t correct!):

  1. Ellie Ann
  2. Raelyn Barclay
  3. Bridgette Booth
  4. Sandra Hunter
  5. Jodi Janz
  6. Amy Kennedy
  7. Sharon Louise
  8. Angela McGill
  9. Marcia Quinn Noren
  10. K.B. Owen
  11. Jolina Petersheim
  12. Shellie Sakai
  13. Amy Shojai
  14. Karen Pokras Toz
  15. Tiffany A. White

Since the tech votes were calculated from ALL the comments, I’ll ask the 15 of you to submit your final votes for LinkedIn vs. Twitter tricks (I’ve heard a lot of mention about Twitter Lists). Whatever you vote for, that’s what we’ll do. This is your webinar.

Note: I believe, if we pick Twitter, that I can find a few minutes for tools like TweetDeck and/or Social Oomph.

Some people asked me NOT to enter them in the webinar so I did not add those names to the hat. I also picked a few extra in case any of you need to bow out from doing a webinar on May 21st (that’s this coming Saturday). I’ll just put your slip of paper back in the hat for the June webinar, no harm-no foul.

If you prefer to send email, it is jennyhansensmail@aol.com.

To show my appreciation to ALL the fantastic readers that follow this blog, I’ve listed a short mash-up of the techie blogs that got my wheels turning this week. (I have a special LinkedIn post slated for tomorrow as well.)

Wowza Tech Blog Mash-up:

What’s got your organization/technology interest these days? I’m with Kristen Lamb and being organized does not come naturally to me so I really, really want to know. What tricks have you found work best for you to stay organized? (Hint: I’m thinking of working your responses into a blog so feel free to expound. :-))

See you tomorrow for an in-depth look at a very cool LinkedIn feature!

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19 Responses to Let’s Meet Up (for Training) Contest – May Winners!

  1. This is my 2nd win of something in the last month! How exciting! I pick linked in…I have an account but don’t really use it. The webinar is this Saturday the 21st? What time? I may not be able to make it….


  2. Jodi says:

    Wow! I won! Thanks Jenny.
    I am into learning all I can about LinkedIn and Twitter. However if I have to pick one I pick LinkedIn because I know nothing about that one. However I honestly am tickled just to learn about either.

    Your blog is really great! And helpful! And fun – I love the hat!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Thanks, Jodi! (she LIKES me…she really likes me…*s*)

      That’s TWO votes for LinkedIn so far. I’ve also gotten requests about potentially having the webinar on Friday so let me know how that works for you. I can put it off for a week if that works best too – this is about you guys, not me. 🙂


  3. Thank you, very much for the link to the TweetDeck Learning Guide! I hope they offer value to all your readers who use TweetDeck.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Thank YOU, Patrick, for writing such a great blog. You saved me time from having to do one myself. 🙂

      I’ll be referencing it again, I’m sure. Welcome to More Cowbell!!


  4. K.B. Owen says:

    Thanks, Jenny! I’m thrilled to have won your webinar. It sounds really cool and helpful. I always envy you tech-savvy types, LOL. My vote would be for the twitter tips. How long is the webinar, and around what time? Saturdays are soccer games, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can make it!

    Thanks again,


  5. Wow…Thanks. What all is involved with the webinar? I guess I’d pick LinkedIn as I know nothing about it.

    Ref: What tricks have you found work best for you to stay organized?

    Still trying to figure it out, LOL, some days are better than others. Today for example is turning into a complete wash!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      For a webinar, I send you a link and you click to download GoToMeeting (takes 2-5 mins). At the appointed time you call the number and we have a big conference call while we watch what is going on at the computer.


  6. amy kennedy says:

    I was so excited to see my name! Yay! My vote would be twitter (and, yes, the lists!), but I’m happy learning about LinkedIn — just getting started there.
    So glad I found this blog…everyone needs more cowbell.


  7. Hey, Jenny. Thanks! I don’t know anything about LinkedIn so that would be cool to learn about but I wouldn’t mind some help with Facebook either. Looking forward to the webinar. Just let me know a day and time.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I’ve had a few people request Friday instead of Saturday so I think i’m going to have to send out an email to do a final vote. This webinar is about the 15 of you so we’ll do it whenever it’s convenient.


  8. Shellie Sakai says:

    I WON! Holy cow! I never win! I am so happy!!!!

    Whatever the group decides is fine with me. I have no clue what LinkedIn is. And twitter is still a confused muddle.

    Thank you so much Jenny!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      See what you get for all your great comments? I’ll confess, I never win anything either. I think since I already got the big win, the prizes go to everybody else now. 🙂

      The vote seems to be leaning toward LinkedIn, which is a professional site – lots for writers on it but you do have to do the work to get your profile all set up.

      BTW, on the Twitter from your phone front, did you go find the “Twitter Phone Home” blog?? Did it help?


  9. K.B. Owen says:

    Jenny, a slightly off-topic question (I know this won’t be a webinar topic choice). Do you have any previous posts with advice about WordPress? I switched from Blogger about 2 months ago, and there are still features of my template I don’t like, and haven’t been able to find widgets/plugins to get around them.



    • Jenny Hansen says:


      There is a blog called “Help For Those Late Night Fights with your Blog” but it doesn’t cover the widgets per se. I’ll think of something but I’ll bet it wouldn’t take long to get you on the right track.


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