Birthday Fun Bumped Tuesday’s Post

Techie Tuesday will be a day or two late this week!

We all had WAY too much birthday fun and we’re lying in a big Elmo Hangover Heap.  By popular Twitterverse request, I’m posting some photos of the revelry. Enjoy!

I can’t tell you how many times we worried about surviving the 1st year (though I’m sure all the parents are going, “yeah, we know.”)

Birthday Girl Smile

Here’s the Amazing 1st Birthday Hat…it traveled around. Below are Birthday Girl (and Daddy).

Do you ever have theme parties? Which ones were your favorites? I’d love to hear about any stand-out parties, for you OR your kids.

See you when the blood flow returns to my brain…

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7 Responses to Birthday Fun Bumped Tuesday’s Post

  1. amyshojai says:

    Awwwwwww fun! Since I have a twin brother, we shared b-day parties. Once we got old enough to care and want our own friends, we alternated years who got the party. My fave was the year we had a cookie baking party. We mixed up the dough, baked it, ate ourselves sick, and all my little friends got to take cookies home, too. I was maybe 8 or 10?


    • Jenny Hansen says:


      I didn’t know you were a twin! I’ve always thought that must feel a bit surreal…

      Aren’t cookie baking parties fantastic?? I do those every few years for Christmas and the adults love them too. Thanks for sharing – I’m going to store all these up for when Baby Girl gets older. 🙂


  2. Jenny!!! She is so beautiful, what a smile! Thank you for sharing….No kids for me yet, but one of my favorite birthday party memories was hiding under the table when my family sang to me. My, how I’ve changed! I used to be terrified of being the center of attention, now I’m a full-fledged princess! I also loved playing “pin the tail on the donkey” – oh, to be a kid again! One thing I loved about one of my nephew’s 1st birthdays was Chase-man(about to be 14) crying when we put his hand in his cake – he’s like me and doesn’t like to get his hands dirty. 🙂


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      YOU hid from the singing? You have changed. 🙂

      Seriously, my husband was painfully shy as a kid so I know that’s hard. I think one of the funnest things I ever did at a kid party was to make face masks…followed by all the variations of pin the tail on the donkey.

      Baby Girl wasn’t too impressed with the cupcake idea. I think that was partly my fault though – responsible mom fed her first. She poked it and looked up at me like, “Could you get that creepy thing away?”


  3. Love the cupcakes, what a sweetheart your little girl is, and you Jenny are remarkable as a super-mom who somehow, seems able to do it all. (Be a great mother, a devoted writer, and a supportive friend to other authors.) Congratulations, and what a spectacular Mother’s Day weekend for you and yours.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      You’re a sweetie pie, Marcia. I think the only way to “do it all” is to have good helpers and a GREAT cell phone (which is where I do 80% of my social media posting from).

      Thanks for the comments!


  4. Alicia Booboo says:

    Our little Booboo looks like she is actually saying “Cheeeeessssseeee”! and the cupcakes are amazing.. (soooo cute) I am excited that you have everything (well almost everything, we are working on the other part) that you have ever wanted with a beautiful baby girl, a wonderful husband and a great writing blog that people look forward to reading daily !!!! I’m sorry that I missed the party, but got a chance to see the family on Sunday for a short time and it make my week..

    I love you all,

    Auntie Alicia Booboo


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