A Hearts and Flowers Pimp and Promo-Fest…More Cowbell Style

I saw this on Facebook - Winner!

I saw this on Facebook – Winner!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This week is all about laughter and appreciation, which means it’s time for some “Pimp or Promote” magic here at More Cowbell!

I’m taking a page out of Chuck Wendig’s book once again and throwing open the doors of the comments section for you guys to ring your cowbell! (Chuck makes people ring once for themselves and once for others, which I think is a grand idea).

For those who are new at this…Pimp and Promote means you:

1. Promote: share one thing that you’re proud of, whether it’s a new book, an idea or a blog.

2. Pimp: Do the same for someone else whose work has lit you on fire this week.

We all “Oooo” and”Ahhhh” at your awesomeness down in the comments section. I can’t wait to hear about what’s exciting in your life today.

To start this fiesta off right, I’m going to:

PIMP OUT…my Top 6 Commenters over the last several weeks:

Who’s Shaking Their Cowbell the hardest?

Gloria Richard Check out her “Spatchock” post – there’s plenty there to make you laugh.

K.B. Owen – Kathy’s got a grand new look and plenty o’ fun stuff to keep you entertained.

Natalie Hartford – Nat’s on a blog break right now (yes, I’m having withdrawals) but you can still visit with her on Facebook.

Pauline Baird Jones – since Pauline just became a grandma this week (YAY!), I thought you’d like this post where she talks about what kind of grandma she plans to be.

Kristy K. James is always good for stimulating conversation (IYKWIM) but did you know she lives in a fun tiny area of Michigan?

Lisa Hall-Wilson – Lisa always has good stuff at her blog, but this one on remembering the ‘good stuff’ is a stand-out read.

I hope you click on those links – these are stellar peeps and great writers.

Photo by: By Cellar Door Films at WANA Commons

Photo by: By Cellar Door Films at WANA Commons

As far as my promote side of the fence goes…I choose WANACon. I gave y’all deets last week about the writing conference where you’re encouraged to attend in your pajamas. At $125 for two days of high-caliber speakers, it’s a smokin’ deal.

I offered up my first free LinkedIn profile analysis and the winner is Lisa Hall-Wilson (you see the riches that unfold when you comment on blogs?)!!

I’ll be giving out another LinkedIn profile analysis on Kristen Lamb’s blog tomorrow so be sure to tune in! If you’ve never heard of Kristen before, I promise you are missing out. Click that link and experience the Social Media Jedi in action.

OK, my friends, you know the drill.

You. Comments. Go…Pimp and Promote!!
Jenny :-)

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43 Responses to A Hearts and Flowers Pimp and Promo-Fest…More Cowbell Style

  1. Honey, I’ve been pimping all week long! I love this meme and think you have picked some winners. I’ll check out the one I don’t know.


  2. LauraDrake says:

    Pimp? The squee that I’m working with an adorable bull rider on a project for my debut book – his picture is on my website (http://lauradrakebooks.com/) – if I were about a 100 years younger….

    Promote? The new Women’s Fiction Writers Association that we’re organizing. An inclusive group of writers of a Woman’s Journey. Contact me for details!

    Thanks for the opportunity, Jenny!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      OMG, that man is seriously adorable! I’m starting to see why you get so juiced over the PBR… And “go WFWA!” As a member of this fledgling group, I can only tell you my opinion: it’s worth it!


  3. SKA-WEEE! and Mega Thanks for the Ping-back love, Jenny.

    I almost posted the answers to The Turtle Club riddles this morning, but chose to let them hang out for a bit; just in case a reader bops over there and wants to take a stab at solving them.

    I have plans (and drafts) for future series: The Snark-a-Doodle News Flash, and a tongue-in-cheek advice column authored by Sated Sadie and her male compandre, Hugo First. Spatchcock Wonkepedia will return on a regular whenever-the-mood-strikes schedule.

    *Waving “HI!” to Natalie! I miss you!*

    For some Valentine’s Day love, visit Nigel Blackwell’s blog , and read about a happy collision engineered by the cosmos in a Target Parking Lot. Here’s the link for Nigel’s Is This a Sign post: http://www.nigelblackwell.com/wp/2013/02/is-this-a-sign/

    Happy Cowbell Valentine’s Day Clang to all.


  4. @SusieLindau is pimping and promoting today, too. So I guess I’m suggesting you check her out. And as for me, well, my son is 13.5 today. I got his favorite treat and woke up early to give him some momma love (and watch the first 1/2 of SURVIVOR.)

    WANACon sounds so fabulous, but I burned the budget at BlissDom. I hope it turns out to have been worth the investment.


  5. OOOH! Some good posts here! I’ll pimp my new release, but tell you to check it out on Sherry Isaac’s Psychological Sizzle where she gets into all kinds of good stuff and it will be up until Saturday. http://SherryIsaac.com
    And as for great posts, hmm, I think I’ll promote Dean Wesley Smith. He’s putting his e-book on publishing up one chapter at a time, and it is well worth the read, even if you are not considering Self Publishing, you will learn a lot! http://www.deanwesleysmith.com/?p=8459
    thanks Jenny for the P&P opp!


  6. Catie Rhodes says:

    I hope it’s okay if I do books rather than blogs.

    Pimp: Tales From the Mist (in which I have a short story) is on sale this weekend for .99. Here’s the link:


    Promote: Into the Dark by Stacy Green (who is my critique partner and good friend) is on sale right now for $1.99. Here’s the link:


    If you’ve put off trying either of these books, this is a great opportunity to get them both on the cheap.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Jenny!


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  8. Hi Jenny, Love that bacon pic!
    Today I’m pimping The Indelibles Indie-kissing blog fest http://indeliblewriters.blogspot.com/2013/02/join-us-for-indie-kissing-blogfest.html
    And I’ve got my own kissing post where I discuss first kisses and pancakes and how to have a golden, greaseless experience with both, 🙂 http://coleenpatrick.com/how-to-have-a-golden-first-kiss-or-pancake/
    Thank you Jenny. Happy ❤ day!


  9. amyshojai says:

    I gotta pimp out a SQUEE! moment–my Puppies.About.com website just won a Dog Writers Award for best website! And here’s an example of some of the fun content (tongue firmly in furry cheek, of course):

    And I want to promote the BlogPaws Conference, a pet-friendly event in May where bloggers with pets share the furry luv! I’m going…http://events.blogpaws.com/blogpaws-2013.html


  10. Jenny! You are awesome to mention me today in your blog (and if anyone is reading, still in search of a cool grandma name! LOL). I’m still a bit shell shocked, so will just say THANK YOU!


  11. Julie Glover says:

    Books…coming soon.

    Promote: I have a young adult short story coming out in the Orange Karen anthology this spring. This collection of a stories from various genres is to support author Karen DeLabar after the harrowing experience she had with toxic shock syndrome. The book is due out in April, but the Orange Karen blog will be introducing the authors and the stories. Be sure to follow: http://orangekaren.wordpress.com/ and keep up with release information.

    Pimp: It’s not here yet, but it’s coming: Don’t Lick the Minivan by Leanne Shirtliffe. You can preorder here: http://www.amazon.com/Dont-Lick-Minivan-Things-Thought/dp/1620875268 and follow her hilarious Ironic Mom blog here: http://ironicmom.com/


  12. Thanks so much for the blog love. ((hugs)) And I WON!! Wohooo. Looking forward to the critique.


  13. You are such a giver, Jenny! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! I definitely do love you more than bacon, and that’s saying something! 😉

    Here’s my pimping… everyone should check out Susie Lindau’s blog today. She’s also throwing a huge party where peeps can use her and abuse her. Fun, I know!


    And for promoting, well I loved the interview I did with Amber West. So if anyone is interested in our intergalactic trip aboard the TARDIS, they should check it out here:


    Have a fab day filled with love, y’all!


  14. K.B. Owen says:

    Hi, Jenny – thanks for the blog love! What a nice surprise. I would love to go to WANAcon, but hubby’s away that weekend, so I have solo parent duty. Sigh.

    I always get “pimp” and “promote” mixed up, so I’ll just say that CC Mackenzie is a fab cyber friend – so supportive, irreverent, and funny. She always has a great answer to a difficult question, and makes me feel better when I’m ready to tear my hair out. And as a romance writer – “fizz and fangs” is her motto – Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to check her out: http://ccmackenzie.com/

    For me? Well, y’all know about my first book coming out, but if you’re in the mood for some Valentine’s Day humor, I’d love for you to check out my post today: “My Love Tweets Before Twitter.” http://kbowenmysteries.com/posts/my-love-tweets-before-twitter/ That includes my wedding day, btw, which was a little “unusual.”

    Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      That’s rough, Kathy…it’s recorded, but I don’t know that it will be as fun for your that way. Still, you might check it out. 🙂 I’m heading over to your blog right now – that’s a great title!


  15. Never pass up a chance to pimp I always say. So here goes:

    Wanna see just how naughty I’ve been? Swing by with your guesses. http://www.jansenschmidt.wordpress.com

    And, since Natalie’s not blogging right now (cryin’ shame too) I’ll pimp Ms. Ginger Calem, who always has some positive stuff to say. http://www.gingercalem.wordpress.com

    Thanks for the opportunity, Jenny. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  16. Amber West says:

    My pimp and promote are intertwined:

    Promote/Pimp: My book has a brand new cover! It’s live on the Kindle, and will be live on the paperback in just a few days: http://www.amazon.com/The-Ruth-Valley-Missing-ebook/dp/B00A4GPHFS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1360869244&sr=8-2&keywords=ruth+valley+missing

    Now, if you buy a copy of either format, ALL the proceeds I receive this month will be going to http://annasgreymatter.com/. This blog was created by my two very best friends, in an effort to raise funds for their childhood friend, Anna, who is undergoing cancer treatment.

    Even if you’ve already purchased my book, go give some love to Anna.


  17. shanjeniah says:

    First, I want to celebrate someone I’ve known nearly all my life. We’ve had some turbulent times, and partings of the ways….and still, we;ve found our way back to each other as we learn to trust ourselves.

    She is my Syster, by long and happy choice, and, because I’ve known her since we were 4, I know how vulnerable she can be, and how glorious it is that she posted – and is living! – this:


    And now, for me…

    i am growing and stretching way past my comfort zone….and, while it is exhausting, it’s also exhiarating!

    I’ve taken a plunge that has been waiting, tickling my mind, for months now, and have invested actual money into my writing career…

    I have upgraded my blog, signed up for Blogging for Brand Bronze, and a day of WANACom, too!

    This is a huge leap of faith for me, because money is not overflowing our coffers, here, with one modest income, and two unschoolers who are growing almost faster than I can blink!

    It takes courage to say, “I want to spend money on this, for myself, to become better at my passion.” It takes courage to invest in the currently intangible, and I do it knowing that now I will want to earn more than enough to repay what I spent, and also that I will be wide open to the deep changes these investments will bring, the perception shifts, the metamorphoses….

    Here’s the very beginning….note that sweet custom blog in the making, and the new awareness of what my future holds….

    Yay, me!



  18. susielindau says:

    You are the coolest Jenny!
    I have been out so much of the day and am heading out again! Sheesh! Not the best timing for me. 🙂
    Here is a blogger that always cracks me up – Lame Adventures with a post from last year’s Valentine’s Day. She must have been in between girlfriends. Figuratively not literally… 🙂
    Enjoy and thanks again for stopping by!


  19. Hi, Jenny! I need to apologize. I’m sorry. I’ve been slacking off in what I call my sleep-deprived stupor. I THOUGHT I’d already thanked you for the shout out but I see that I did not. So…thank you…eight days late. 🙂


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