The Amazing Speed of Toddlerhood

How do we go from this….

Car trips...

Car trips…

Interpretive Dance…

To this…

Lookee what's following us around the house, with about 4 towels...

Lookee what’s following us around the house, with about 4 towels…

In just 24 short hours??

Darned if I know. But Babykins had the stomach bug today and Mommy is NOT a happy camper. Didn’t we just do this?

Send hugs. Send chocolate. Send jokes!!

I’ll be back soon…

~ Jenny

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24 Responses to The Amazing Speed of Toddlerhood

  1. It’s a shame your little one’s sick. I hope she gets well soon. That’s for your sake as well as hers.


  2. davidprosser says:

    Hugs and chocolate coming.
    xxx Massive Hugs and lots of sympathy xxx


  3. Imelda Evans says:

    Poor thing. But I’m sending wine, as if you’ve been cleaning up that bug, chocolate might be unwise!


  4. Laura Drake says:

    The really crappy part is, of course, after nursing her through it, you’re next.
    Sorry, but it’s gonna happen.
    You know it is.

    Debbie Downer


  5. Children are God’s way of paying us back for all the gray hairs we gave our parents. Hope the tyke gets mobile soon and you get a break.


  6. Awwww…hope she feels better soon!


  7. Jenny: We had this already with both my girls – each took a different week (not smiling at the turn taking). The good news (if it’s the same bug) is that it is usually over in about 24 hours. Also, I read that is was the Rotovirus (highly contagious) – so I got all paranoid and Clorox sprayed the entire house – especially door handles. Babykins: Feel better soon so mommy can get back to her blogging fun! πŸ™‚ You’re lucky to have a mom like her who survives all the insanity with an amazing sense of humor and wit (you’ll understand this one day).


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      LMAO over the note to Babykins, Kristal! I didn’t think of spraying the house down. Hmmmm….

      And why do kids always get the bugs at different times? One of my friends said her mother didn’t leave the house for four months when she and her five siblings got the chicken pox. Because of course, no one was on the same schedule (and this was before the vaccine).


  8. Poor sweetie. I can’t believe she’s sick again. There are so many viruses going around. I hope you and hubby don’t get this! I will wait to come over until the germ is gone! You have my sympathy.


  9. K.B. Owen says:

    Aww, poor baby! And poor mommy. Our oldest (now a 6’1″ tall 20-yr-old fella) got sick a lot as a kid. Repeat ear infections, then repeat strep throat infections. His first symptom with both? (I’ll give you a hint: not ear pain or throat pain).

    Throwing up.

    No warning. Just heaving. That kid could blow chunks like you would not believe. And even when he had nothing left, it would go on and on. I cannot tell you how many urgent care visits (because OF COURSE it would be late at night), how many hours, and how many IVs because of fever and dehydration we went through. Finally by fourth grade, he had his tonsils/adenoids out, and the ordeal was over.

    Hang in there! You’ve probably seen this, but it’s sure to make you smile again:


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Thanks, Kathy! The good part is, the hurlage passed pretty quickly, considering, and how our girlie is back at school. She’s all stuffed up and likely spreading her cooties throughout the land like every other pre-schooler, but at least she’s not throwing up. πŸ™‚


  10. Hope she feels better just as quickly as she got sick. 😦


  11. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    I feel like heaving just looking at this. Feel bad for you. You know you’re next right? Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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