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The Amazing Speed of Toddlerhood

How do we go from this…. To this… In just 24 short hours?? Darned if I know. But Babykins had the stomach bug today and Mommy is NOT a happy camper. Didn’t we just do this? Send hugs. Send chocolate. … Continue reading

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The Scoop on Croup – Facts and Remedies

Techie Tuesday today is about the latest in medical news from the Hansen House. We’re keeping the doctors at the local ER hopping these days! Baby Girl went to the ER Sunday night with what turned out to be croup. … Continue reading

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If Hurling Were An Olympic Sport, My Baby Would Win Gold

As the title indicates, it’s been a messy week at Chez Hansen. I know…Ewwwww!! But for a parent whose baby hardly even spit up, this week has felt like serious stuff. I had to go digging for facts about infant and toddler vomiting. … Continue reading

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Traffic Jam to the VaJayJay?

Last week Hubby and I were talking about getting out for a date, which is always a MAJOR subject when you have small children. There’s childcare and logistics and the packing of all the crapola that small kids need. Really, … Continue reading

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Kids: The Agony, The Ecstasy, and The Ways They Embarrass Their Parents

Yesterday was Father’s Day and my hubby really gave it up for Team Dad. Through some miracle, our pastor was able to get him to agree to help give the Father’s Day sermon with two other dads. Hubby’s talk had the inspirational … Continue reading

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Combat Computing: Beware of Kids and Pets!

Those of you with toddlers or pets know my pain. I’m not talking about the pain of 10 hours of Elmo each week…I kinda like the little red guy. Nor am I addressing the pain of watching Finding Nemo for … Continue reading

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