Holiday Collection of Fun Baby Links

This is the fifteenth post of my Risky Baby Business series and I’m just blown away. Who knew I’d have so much to say about babies or that all of you would provide such incredible comments?

I originally started this series to help me finish the high-risk pregnancy memoir I’m writing. These posts have ended up teaching me things that will make the book so much better.

All of us live in our own baby bubble, especially with our first child, and I would never have come into contact with such a broad range of experiences without all of you who comment here on Saturdays. THANK YOU!

In honor of you, here are the two baby videos that make me laugh every time I watch them. Also, here is a link to the other 14 posts so you can easily catch up on any that you missed: Risky Baby Business series at More Cowbell.

Baby Turbo-Cuteness #1

In today’s job market, this video of Baby Micah cracking up over the destruction of dad’s latest rejection letter is especially poignant:

Baby Turbo-Cuteness #2

And then my ALL-TIME favorite video of Baby Cory rocking out to Beyonce:

How freaking cute are those babies, huh?

With Christmas next weekend, then New Year’s, I’m likely to suspend my weekend posts until after the holidays. But come January, we’re gonna have some serious baby fun!

See you then,

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15 Responses to Holiday Collection of Fun Baby Links

  1. Okay, really? Cute laughing and dancing babies? I was going to have a cute laughing baby on my blog this week! GMTA, I guess, but now people are just going to think I’m stalking your blog. Hmmm, maybe I am. I forsee another link in your future!

    Those babies are way too adorable and make me giggle every time I watch them. There is just something about their exuberance and joy that fills my soul. Thanks for sharing them.

    Happy Saturday!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Great minds definitely think alike! I’m glad you enjoyed the babies, and you should feel very free to use them. These are my two fave baby vids in the universe (so far)!


  2. Hey Jenny… I’m really not a person that is into the cuteness of other children besides my own (and I’m not all that into her cuteness since she is a teenager!)…
    but these two videos are definitely adorably funny!

    Great post. Enjoy your holidays!


  3. K.B. Owen says:

    Can you imagine when those babies grow up and see these videos of themselves? Priceless. The baby laughing at paper takes me back to when ours were little – I love it!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      OMG, I didn’t even think about what thosze babes are going to say about these videos! There’s another one of Baby Micah, like six months after this where he’s laughing his guts out about his dad throwing books into a bin. It is priceless.


  4. Oh my gosh, that Beyonce video is hilarious! I’ve got a tiny dancer of my own. Cracks me up every time!


  5. OMG, adorable! I’m at a grocery store watching these videos on my phone and people are giving me strange looks when I laugh out loud!

    Did you see Fabio Bueno’s Friday post? He has an awesome baby video there too 🙂


  6. I look forward to your resumption in January.


  7. Hi Jenny

    My man-card is often seriously challenged, and I can’t just go saying “those baby videos are soooooo cute” on the internet and get away with it. So I’ll just say they’re amusing, fascinating, and a good laugh – you know, in a manly sort of way.

    Have a great Christmas. See you next year!



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