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Some Days You Just Want To Hang Out in Your PJs

Earlier this week, I posted about those days when you just want to swear.  I also have days when I just want to hang out in my pajamas…or when I just want to write..or learn. This Friday and Saturday, you can … Continue reading

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5 Blogs That Knocked My Socks Off

In my quest to craft a viable freelance writing niche, I signed up for Media Bistro a few weeks back and, since the stomach flu decimated my house right after that, I didn’t check the results. Wowzers! I signed up to receive … Continue reading

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How Much Love Can Fit In a One-Inch Picture Frame?

I don’t know why, but I’m always looking for big message in a little space. Anne Lamott advises writers to: “Keep a one-inch picture frame on your desk to remind yourself that for each moment, you only have to write as much as you can see through a one-inch picture frame.” In other words, when a whole project is overwhelming, break it into little pieces or as she says, “don’t try to eat the elephant in one sitting.”

I think of that one-inch picture frame all the time… Continue reading

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Silence The Voice of Doubt by DOING

If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. — Vinny vG. Yep, that “Vinny vG” was a do-er. [That’s Vincent van Gogh to the rest of us, in … Continue reading

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Simple Problem Solving: “Keep the Cow Out of the Ditch”

Harvey Mackay is one of my favorite columnists because he always makes me think about multiple topics. For example, I might go to him for a business lesson and come away with a family or writing lesson. Case in point: … Continue reading

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10 Bizarre Work Habits of Famous Authors — Do You Share Any of Them?

Someone sent me a post this week called Bizarre Habits of Famous Authors. It details the unusual methods famous authors have used to keep the words flowing. Holy cowbell, these people make me feel normal! Below, I’ve shared the ten completely strange habits I … Continue reading

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3 Writing Commandments and Why I Love ROW80

Novel writing isn’t for sissies. I’ve written software training manuals, short stories, a memoir and more than 500 blog posts and still full-length fiction makes my soul shake in fear. I hitch on my titanium panties and keep writing, and I … Continue reading

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A Groovy New Tool + 18 Awesomesauce Links

Today’s Techie Tuesday post is pretty eclectic but I’m bouncing off walls over the nifty tool I discovered. And of course I share all turbo-coolness with my More Cowbell posse. The graphic above is an example of Text Is Beautiful. That’s … Continue reading

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Figuring Out Your Story’s Turning Points

One of my favorite speakers on writing is Jennifer Crusie. For some reason, she makes sense to me…as if she has an expressway dug directly into my writing mind. Stephen Cannell (creator of The Rockford Files) was the man who … Continue reading

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The 7 Essential Questions of Plot — Do You Ask Them?

Welcome to Techie Tuesday here at More Cowbell! This is the day each week when I unleash my inner geek and we talk about some groovy piece of technology or a technical point of writing. Today I’m going to share … Continue reading

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