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Bestselling Authors, DFWcon and The Flu…Oh My!

It’s been one wild ride since we last chatted here at More Cowbell! I’m still feeling like death-warmed-over from the flu I brought home from my trip to Texas but I missed y’all too dang bad to stay away. By … Continue reading

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J is for Jenny…Who’s Bar-Hopping at #Writer’s In The Storm Today! #AtoZchallenge

OK, I’m not actually bar-hopping. I’m talking about where to meet agents and editors at a writing conference, and THE BAR is one of the many hot spots I talk about. Click here to find out the other fool proof methods … Continue reading

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Do Writers Read Differently Than Non-Writers?

From our earliest moments, most writers are avid readers. We devour books – for story, for Craft, for new worlds and new ideas. We have To Be Read piles (TBR for short) that are taller than small children. Our favorite … Continue reading

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