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What Is In a Rock Star’s Undie Drawer?

As y’all know, the undie drawer is always a topic of speculation here at More Cowbell. I’m reading Roni Loren’s Wanderlust right now (only $3.99 on Kindle!), a sexy summer read. I’m only halfway through and I’m wildly curious about what’s going on under … Continue reading

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Bloggers Beware: You CAN Be Sued for Photos by Roni Loren

I’m popping in with an unplanned posting to recommend all of you go take a peek at Roni Loren’s blog today.  She’s sharing her  personal story about using photos and, in my opinion, every blogger should read it. It’s not pretty, and … Continue reading

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More Cowbell Mash-up #7 – Kick Creativity In The A$$

After a Saturday of inspiration and brainstorming techniques from a successful writer, I asked a musician friend of mine the following question:

“You’ve made an album a year for TWENTY years now. What is the creative process that allows you to do that?”

He smiled at me, a really benevolent cozy smile that made me feel better about bringing work to his Saturday night of fun. And then he said, “I don’t really know.”

My response: WHAT? That’s it? Come on! I thought this music business was different than being a writer. That’s what all my writer pals would say. Continue reading

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