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23 Motivating Lessons from Zig Ziglar

Several years ago, I went to a motivational seminar and saw Zig Ziglar live. Two words: Life Changing. He wasn’t a young man by any means but he was the guy with the most energy and enthusiasm. I’ve never figured … Continue reading

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How To Stay Motivated During “The Dark Times”

Welcome to Thoughty Thursday here at More Cowbell! Thanks to more than a week down with the flu, I’ve got motivation on my mind. I need some BAD, to get me moving from my bed this week when pretty much I … Continue reading

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N is for Never, Ever, EVER Quit

The stories I always come back to for inspiration are the ones where people quit right before achieving their goals. They remind me to never, ever quit…even when things look bleak. We all know what that’s like, to feel that you’ve … Continue reading

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Motivation Like You’ve Never Seen It Before…

This time of year is amazing, magic, fun…and HARD. Seriously, if you’re over the age of thirty, the holidays are a glittery bunch of fun rolled together with a pile of crapola in the form of “things to do.” Don’t … Continue reading

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5 Key Qualities of the High-Value Writer

I’m getting ready to start a quick informal round of Fast Draft at the end of the week. I’m not ready and I haven’t prepared, yet the Fast Draft invite issued by Nigel Blackwell called me. Why am I helpless … Continue reading

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The Most Freeing Thing I’ve Ever Done…Writing Every Day

I’ve been doing Fast Draft for more than a week now and it’s making me feel very philosophical. And powerful. And a gajillion other things. I don’t know if it’s because I’m doing Fast Draft with 12 (FREAKING AMAZING) people…or that … Continue reading

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#ROW80 Check-In: Getting Tricky with It

Happy Sunday to all of you! I hope your writing week is going well. This is an interesting update for me. I FEEL like I’ve accomplished a lot, but in looking at my Work in Progress, I haven’t done a … Continue reading

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#ROW80 Update and February Plans at More Cowbell

It’s time for my Sunday ROW80 Update and it’s a very mixed bag. I’ve been working a ton of hours this week, trying to finish up some projects before busy season gets into full swing with the accountants I work … Continue reading

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#ROW80 Check-in: Project WRITE (Finally!)

Happy Sunday check-in to Team ROW80!! Have you been getting your fix of motivation with ROW80’s Monday posts? There was Kait Nolan’s fabulous post on The Test “Mile” and my post last Monday, called Do You Fear Your Dream? If … Continue reading

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Avoid The Dreaded Writer’s Boo-Hoo Chair…

A Wednesday without a ROW80 Update…I’m feeling a bit verklempt. Like Wednesday has lost a bit of its twinkly sparkling magic. How about the rest of my ROW80 pals? What? You’ve never heard of A Round of Words In 80 … Continue reading

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