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8 (Mostly True) Facts About Mondays

I don’t know about you, but I suck at Mondays. And mornings. They’re just not my thing. My only solution to the Monday Madness is to share some smiles. Facts and theories about the first (often dreaded) day of the week. 1. Monday … Continue reading

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3 Posts That Made My Cowbell Clang

Seriously, these posts made me laugh so hard, my Cowbell slipped (if you know what I mean.) #1 I adored Heather Curley’s entire post, I  laugh in church. Loudly., but this sentence started the gigglefest: “Look, I’m perpetually twelve.  If … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why I’m Laughing My A$$ Off Today

I was on YouTube to look up Minnie Mouse’s Bowtique for Babykins and what do I see at the top of the page? “Vaginas Are Awesome…10 Reasons Why.” How do you NOT click on that? Continue reading

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