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Y is for Y Chromosome: Man Motivation (or How I Get My Dudes To Play Scrabble)

Whether it’s testosterone, perversity, or just plain curiosity, most of the men I know are fiercely competitive. That’s been both a blessing and a curse when it comes to me and Scrabble. You see, I looooooooove to play Scrabble. And … Continue reading

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M is for Man Facts ~ Here’s 13 Groovy Ones

Anyone who hangs out here at More Cowbell knows that I’m kind of a “dude.” I don’t know if it’s because I was influenced by my big brother (the Bag Whore) or if it’s just because my mama was kind … Continue reading

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There’s No Talking In The Men’s Room!

Hubby and I have been involved in a long-term (and very informal poll) about Men’s Room Etiquette. It all started in a counseling session a few months back when I made the stray comment wondering “what men talk about in … Continue reading

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