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Thoughts On Love: 50/50 Is A Crap Ratio

Fridays are all about LOVE here at More Cowbell. What better way is there to start the weekend, I ask you? Ingrid Schaffenburg did a post last week called Bring Back That Lovin’ Feeling that’s  fantastic. Her post is well  worth reading … Continue reading

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Another Peek Into Man-Speak…

Earlier this week, we discussed Man-Speak. All of us agreed that men have the astonishing ability to think about nothing at all. (Still boggles me, dudes…) And it reminded me of the conversation I had with Clair, a few weeks … Continue reading

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A Discussion of “Man-Speak”…

Among my BFF’s, my husband is the undisputed KING of translating Man-Speak.  Seriously. They bring over their dating troubles, relate conversations that make NO sense to them, and he gives them some possible translations. He loves it, they love it…it’s … Continue reading

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A Christmas Conversation That Was Both Naughty AND Nice…

Christmas morning at the Hansen House ROCKED! Last year at this time we were grieving my mother-in-law’s passing and rehabbing a house in one of the rainiest seasons Southern California has ever had. I cannot describe to you the relief … Continue reading

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When Disorganization Gets Embarrassing…

Welcome to Thoughty Thursday here at More Cowbell! This is the day y’all get an open window into the twisty tunnels of trivial things that litter my brain. Today’s topic is about my biggest fault…I am a disorganized procrastinator. I … Continue reading

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Dating Disasters: A Success Story

Last Monday, I did a guest post with Stacy Green called Avoiding Dating Disasters. This is a topic especially dear to my heart, since the first fifteen years of my dating life seemed like one long disaster. Still, great things usually come … Continue reading

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An Ode To Garter-String Knickers

Undies are pretty dang personal for most people, at least they are for women. I mean men get catalogued as “Boxers” or “Briefs,” and the discussion is pretty much resolved at that point. However, for us gals, things are different. … Continue reading

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Relationship Question of the Week: Are My Earlobes Growing?

To start your week with a smile, I’m sharing a rather embarrassing conversation between myself and my critique partners, Laura Drake and Sharla Rae (usually known as Writers In The Storm). You know I like to make my pals here … Continue reading

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Are You Fighting Dirty?

This weekend, when my honey was cleaning the office (SQUEEE, I can find more books!), he came across a piece of paper that cracked us up. This four page document – called, “Dirty Fighting Techniques” – helped save our relationship. … Continue reading

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