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Holiday Disorganization At Its Finest

Every holiday season, I lament that I am in possession of the Stuff Disorder gene. Thankfully, I married the Hubs, Mr. Disaster Recovery, and he passed the Supreme Organization gene on to my daughter. Around the holidays, I depend on … Continue reading

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Hubby’s Jewels Threatened by Doctor With Tuna…

I swear to God, that’s the headline at our house this week. (And yes, I’ll explain.) The last time we talked this much about the Hubby’s junk was October of 2011 when the Thunderwear discussion erupted. For those of you … Continue reading

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The Almost X-Rated Garage Sale (Part 2)

In the last two weeks, the Hubs and I have engaged in the energy-sapping double-whammy of “garage sale” and “kid party” over back-to-back weekends. The kid party, complete with margaritas and a bounce house, was a blast. The garage sale? Oh, … Continue reading

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How Do You Accidentally Wax Your Butt?

This question came from my husband yesterday at breakfast. (Y’all know I like to share these bloggable moments with you.) First, I should say, I was on my first cup of coffee. Also, I might have a touch of PMS. (Yeah, … Continue reading

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Porn-Watching Map of the U.S. (Shut the Front Door!)

Hubby and I are dying over this map we saw on Facebook. I wish I could remember who turned us on to it so I could give them credit because this thing made our weekend. Basically, PornHub has tracked the … Continue reading

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5 Vices I Get To Keep (Sweet!)

I read a post on vices the other day that made me feel so much better! I just had to share my fabulous find with my posse here at More Cowbell. 🙂 I mean usually, I console myself that my … Continue reading

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There’s No Talking In The Men’s Room!

Hubby and I have been involved in a long-term (and very informal poll) about Men’s Room Etiquette. It all started in a counseling session a few months back when I made the stray comment wondering “what men talk about in … Continue reading

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The 4 Basic Human Needs: Are You Hitting All Of Them?

Welcome to Thoughty Thursday here at More Cowbell! This is the day of the week when y’all get to be privy to whatever thoughts are kicking around in my brain. Today I’m thinking about sex and good health. According to … Continue reading

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The Bag Whore Goes Commando! (The Sad Tale of The Blue Papier-Mache Thong)

Today is Monday for a lot of people here in the States, so I held my More Cowbell Monday laugh until y’all could get back on your computers and appreciate it. Set your beverage down, and enjoy…I can’t wait to … Continue reading

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Traffic Jam to the VaJayJay?

Last week Hubby and I were talking about getting out for a date, which is always a MAJOR subject when you have small children. There’s childcare and logistics and the packing of all the crapola that small kids need. Really, … Continue reading

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