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Another Peek Into Man-Speak…

Earlier this week, we discussed Man-Speak. All of us agreed that men have the astonishing ability to think about nothing at all. (Still boggles me, dudes…) And it reminded me of the conversation I had with Clair, a few weeks … Continue reading

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A Discussion of “Man-Speak”…

Among my BFF’s, my husband is the undisputed KING of translating Man-Speak.  Seriously. They bring over their dating troubles, relate conversations that make NO sense to them, and he gives them some possible translations. He loves it, they love it…it’s … Continue reading

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The Triple D: A Peek into “Guy-Speak” (or Stop Hinting!)

The “Triple D” column has stood for “Disastrous Dating Don’ts” and “Dynamic Dating Do’s” – it depends on the day and what’s been going on that week. Friends are coming out of the woodwork with their dating stories because word … Continue reading

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