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10 Life (and Writing) Lessons I Learned From My Dog

In honor of National Puppy Day, I’m sharing my favorite post about Hoshi with y’all. There’s just nothing like an awesome pet and my first baby girl was the best. Hoshi was everything a dog should be: loyal, loving, sweet-tempered, funny. … Continue reading

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The Pet of a Lifetime: I’ve Had One…Have You?

Since it was National Dog Day this week, I’m celebrating the pet who rocked my lifetime. Have you had one of those? The kind of pet who’s a member of the family, and who is mourned long after they’re gone? … Continue reading

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10 Writing (and Life) Lessons I Learned From My Dog

This weekend would have marked the 17th birthday of my pal, Hoshi. (Isn’t she cute??) For Techie Tuesday today, I’m going to share her with you, since she’s on my mind. (I previously posted this at Writers In The Storm.) Hoshi … Continue reading

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Thundershirts For Humans–A Bazillion Dollar Idea

When you’re (a) in bed with a shingles headache, or (b) trying to forget about your stupid shingles headache, social media is a nice distraction. Plus, I can do it on my Smartphone in between naps. On Facebook the other day, … Continue reading

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G is for Good God, Would You Look at that Dog?! #AtoZchallenge

Videos like this make me miss having a dog. There’s just nothing like a nice big loving dog to cuddle…except maybe a baby. I’ve watched the video below like five times – the dog just looks so proud of itself … Continue reading

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If Humans Had To Date Like Dogs

Several people asked me more questions about my Friday post about my dog, Hoshi, and what she taught me in her 14.5 years. Lesson #1 in particular got a lot of comments: 1) 50 New Smells A Day It’s said … Continue reading

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10 Life List Club Lessons I Learned From My Dog

Today is Life List Friday and there’s a whole lot of blog hopping going on (click on the Life List Club names in the right sidebar to start browsing). I’m over at David N. Walker’s place today with Dreams: The … Continue reading

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