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Invention Madness: A Doll With a Hoo-ha Flame Thrower?

Inventor brains are fascinating. Apparently, they go “what if” at about the same speed as writers. Just like writers, these ideas can coalesce into The Bizarre at an alarming rate. BigClive.com is my current favorite. He does everything from changing … Continue reading

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Coffee-Snorting Holiday Videos

It’s the holiday season and shoppers are rushing around with their hair on fire, trying to find the perfect gift for their loved one. My personal preference is to give personalized gifts…a picture of Baby Girl, a scarf I knit, … Continue reading

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Marketing “Quick Response”: QR Codes, The New Sexy…

Are you capitalizing on the sexy little bit of free Techie gadgetry that’s all the rage? Welcome to Techie Tuesday with a post about QR Codes! I know, I know…QR just doesn’t sound sexy and, unless you’re more the nerdy type, … Continue reading

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