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Does More Sex Equal Higher Checks?

Y’all are gonna have to weigh in on this article I read about sex and wages. It all started last night, when I was online in the dining room. Hubby was doing the dishes in the kitchen. (And yes, he’s a rockstar … Continue reading

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Online Dating: What Role Does the Crap-o-Meter Play?

Today, for Thoughty Thursday, I’m going to make you laugh. We’re traveling back to April’s A to Z Challenge to discuss online dating. I started thinking about this post after reading Natalie Hartford’s dating post last week. (You might want to peek if you missed it…it was … Continue reading

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The 4 Basic Human Needs: Are You Hitting All Of Them?

Welcome to Thoughty Thursday here at More Cowbell! This is the day of the week when y’all get to be privy to whatever thoughts are kicking around in my brain. Today I’m thinking about sex and good health. According to … Continue reading

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Crossing the Line at Crossfit (aka The Moaning Workout)

Hubby and I have been doing Crossfit for about 6 weeks now. Actually, I took a three-week hiatus for shingles, but he’s been going the entire six weeks, 3x a week. Crossfit is kind of wild. He’ll come home and say stuff … Continue reading

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