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Hopped Up for National Coffee Day + Coffee DEALS!

Mondays are traditionally my favorite day here at More Cowbell, but today is truly special because America is celebrating my favorite beverage today: Glorious COFFEE. I’ve got my t-shirt ready. My favorite coffee mug. Here’s where you can get your free (or … Continue reading

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So Much Coffee, So Little Time…

I have a confession… I drink too much coffee. Most mornings I want to bathe in it and soak it into my pores. Granted, I’ve seriously cut down (NOT because I wanted to) but I’m pretty helpless against the sultry … Continue reading

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Can A Cup O’ Joe Make Your Man A ‘Ho’?

Like most writers, I make some damn fine coffee. We like to mainline the stuff, so it’s important to keep our taste buds happy, right? The interesting part about this is that my dude doesn’t drink it unless I add chocolate, … Continue reading

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The Triple D: A Tool-Tilting Cup Of Coffee

My neighbor, Clair, and I spend a lot of time chatting over coffee. We talk about life, her schoolwork, kids and – of course – dating and men. We’ve traditionally done this at my house because (until recently) I made better … Continue reading

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