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Twitter Lessons From A Gal with Helmet Hair

Y’all remember Sister Myotis, right? This is the “gal” of Christian Panties fame?? Well, she’s back with some seriously shellacked hair and some advice on Twitter. I think you’re going to enjoy this video. (Amen.) What else is going on this … Continue reading

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Q is for Quick Giggle – Visit with Sister Myotis (of Christian Panties fame) #AtoZchallenge

Welcome to Thoughty Thursday! This is the day of the week that y’all get to be privy to whatever thoughts are kicking around in my brain. I’ve been working on an Undie Chronicles Unveiling so I’m thinking about Sister Myotis. You … Continue reading

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Coffee-Snorting Video Clip of the Week…Christian Panties!

In her Twisted Tuesday post, Dear Santa – I’d Like the NEW Hitch Stripper Pole, Natalie Hartford  asked us all what had cracked us up lately. Not 12 hours before, I’d busted a gut laughing over the video below. Meet Sister … Continue reading

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