The Year I Became Bionic (#BOAW2015)

Last year began with screaming kick-my-ass-pain and ended with me feeling beautiful and bionic. To say it was a roller coaster year is an understatement.

Let me explain.

For years, my right hip has been cranky. It was happy during my pregnancy, groovin’ on happy hormones and Relaxin, and then cranky again within a year. The Hubs and I went to a year of Crossfit and it improved. We took a work break from Crossfit and it got worse. Way worse. Screaming pain and limping worse.

The Hubs finally got me to tell the doctor last February and an x-ray showed some mild hip dysplasia. How could I have lived more than 40 years and not known about this?

We called it “Dog Hip” and I was feeling like a very old and unattractive dog.

By March, I had trouble sitting. I spent April pacing around my house like a wild animal, working with my laptop atop a box on the table so I could stand and work at the same time. I was worse for the wear by May, tired and puffy, with house-bound prison pallor. Fifteen minutes in the car could reduce me to cold sweaty pain.

The MRI diagnosed a labral tear and the doctor went inside the hip in June to stitch it up. It wasn’t just a tear. The labrum was dying, flapping, not holding the leg in the hip socket, and my femoral head was a mess. Dr. Kramer fixed it all and I took a three week spin with “Cruella,” the evil CPM machine. The pain was hideous, but still better than before the surgery.

Cruella, the evil bitch.

Cruella, the evil bitch.

Yep. Me, crutches and Cruella into July. Me and the flu in July. Me and PT in July and August and September and OctoberI learned a lot about the concept of beauty from Cruella and from PT.

Beauty is strength. Beauty is perseverance. Beauty is love.

Beauty is family, and the good friends who cheered me up and cheered me on through 4 long months of rehab. Beauty is having a hip that works, and living a life without pain.

August sent me date bars, and GirlBoner lip balm. Patricia Rickrode (aka Jansen Schmidt) sent me wine. Sharla Rae sent an Undie Chronicle gift box. Still more friends sent me cards and songs and funny messages on Facebook.

Who cares that I weigh more? Who cares that I can no longer cross my legs. That gives you blood clots and varicose veins anyway. I can walk and I can sit. I can swim and I can dance.

I climbed a mountain in the Rockies in October. I went back to Crossfit in November. It was baby-steps Crossfit, but I’m doing squats again and it feels GORGEOUS.

When I returned to work in July they looked at me and said, “Wow, you look renewed.” I WAS freaking renewed, to be out of pain after eight solid months.

I still have my own hip and it is bionic. I am loved and that is beautiful. I am strong and so very, very grateful. Love, independence and a healthy skeleton have gone a long way toward making me feel like a goddess.

What says “beauty” to you? Share it in the comments, and please visit the Beauty of a Woman blogfest today at August McLaughlin’s place. She has an “original” BOAW blog hop and a GirlBoner version. This post is a tiny little part of the original category.

Go spread some love today, and wallow in your own beauty.

~ Jenny

That smart lady, Patricia Sands, gave me the idea to list my other BOAW posts from years past. Enjoy!

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Undie Chronicles, Vol. 28: Illegal Undies

The U.S. Patent and Trade Offices banned these Norwegian Undies, called (wait for it) “ComfyBalls.” As far as I can tell, they’re traditional boxers with “just a little bit more” here and there. I’ve been sitting on this post for a while now, if you know what I mean.

I’m convinced these ComfyBalls blokes are marketing geniuses. They’re not quite up there with the PooPourri team, but they’re just a hair behind. Check out this video they made with the 2014 Curling World Championship team. Their challenge:

Wearing ComfyBalls, put your pants on with NO hands…on ice.

The company describes their trademarked PackageFront™ system as follows:

“Package Front™ is designed to keep your equipment in place, while being lifted away from the inside of your thighs, preventing unnecessary heating of the balls. Extremely curved panels combined with innovative use of elastic fabric seams lift the user experience to a new level!

The size of the PackageFront ™ is the same regardless of the size of the boxer trunk. There is no (statistically significant) relationship between a person’s penis size and height / weight / other body parts. There is a weak correlation between testicular volume and weight / height / BMI. Because the volume range is limited, and because the PackageFront ™ is made of an extremely elastic material, you can be assured that the PackageFront™ will fit you.”

[Good to know!]

Besides their ad copy, their cute technology icons that won my admiration. “BSA.” Heh.

ComfyBalls logos

Y’all know you want to visit their site to see what’s up with that ComfyBalls Fit Program. Plus they have a “Power Users” section.

Young Turks did a bit on ComfyBalls where they called the U.S. patent and trademark office “Ball Torturers.” They decided in their show, The Undies So Controversial The Government Banned Them, that the company can call the mundies “Nifty Nads” so they’re allowed onto U.S. soil.

Considering what I see and hear on television, I’m shocked at this Undie Discrimination!

What happened to separation of…

  • Church & State
  • Cash & Prizes
  • Twigs & Berries
  • Testes & Thighs

And how is it that Duluth Trading Company is getting by with Ballroom Jeans (and no, those ain’t for dancing the Foxtrot) or Buck Naked Underwear? What about their Crack Spackle packaging for their Longtail Shirts “to cure plumber’s crack?”

Why isn’t the Patent Office twisting their panties up about those? said it the best in their article, The U.S. Government Wants to Keep You From Wearing “Comfyballs” Boxers:

“The regrettably named Norwegian underwear brand Comfyballs was all set to make its big debut in the U.S. this year when it was shut down by the country’s patent and trademark office. A trademark on Comfyballs, USPTO argued, was just too vulgar for Americans to accept.

The Independent reports on the tribulations of the company, which was already comforting balls across Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, and the U.K. when its trademark application was denied…”

This company deserves to have their undies be legal here in the States. Don’t y’all agree? UP with ComfyBalls! DOWN with discrimination!! I’m just sayin…

What say you, my MC Posse? Do you think ComfyBalls should be legal anywhere in the world? Why or why not? Enquiring minds always  love to know these things here at More Cowbell!

~ Jenny

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Ultrasonic Cavitation and V-Steams Are REAL, y’all.


The ultimate “kitty” spa…

When I saw a LivingSocial email in my inbox about “Ultrasonic Cavitation,” I totally thought they were selling vibrators. Turns out it’s a form of liposuction that’s all the rage in Europe. Who knew, right?

I haven’t seen a discount coupon for the V-Steam, but I read an article on it that I wish I’d written. This gal had me crying with laughter over “Great news: You can finally get your vagina steam-cleaned.” (Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow thinks women all over the world should get some mugwort steam blown up their hoohah.)

The article was written by Lucy Gransbury and she gave me a hilarious 15 minutes. The entire article is fabulous, but my favorite paragraph was:

So… a stranger will rub some ground-up compost onto your special place, and then spray some steam up there for a good half hour. Anyone else feeling uncomfortable about this? I’m accidentally doing pelvic-floor clenches just thinking about it.

When I told the Hubs about it, he said: “It’s not a stovepipe! Jeez. Don’t they realize that’s the last area where a woman wants steam?”

My sentiments exactly. (Go, Hubby!)

There’s a video featured at the bottom of Lucy’s article, sharing the experience.

All I’ve got to say is: Shelly (from the video) is either one brave-ass babe, or she’s missing half the nerve endings in her vajayjay. [p.s. I’m sure she is now, after the “treatment.”] Here’s Shelly’s article on the V-Spa. She brings a whole new meaning to “smoking gun,” if you know what I mean.

And apparently, if you’re on the hunt for beauty treatments for your lady bits, there’s something called the vajacial. Read THIS review (also at Mama Mia) if you want another belly laugh. Her conclusion is fabulous:

I guess, whatever makes you feel more confident, right? The politics of pubes are tricky, and if you find self-confidence in the dewy glow of a fanny facial who are we to judge.

Okay, I’ll admit it…I judged. What’s up with all the Hoohah Haters, coming up with these treatments? Why does this particular part of the female figure need to be improved? Can’t we all just celebrate our bodies without treating them like a fireplace flue?

What say you, More Cowbell posse? Would you try (or support your lady pals in trying) the V-Steam or the Vajacial? What’s the strangest beauty treatment you’ve heard of? Enquiring minds love to know these things here at More Cowbell!

~ Jenny

Kitty photo credit: “I’m all right, Coolest place in the house!” via photopin (license)

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These Guys Laughed Me Into a Book Review

stuff-know-stuffI rarely do book reviews because it’s just not what More Cowbell is about…but these guys laughed their way in. Y’all know I can’t resist a good belly laugh.

If you miss Seinfeld, and their hilarious yammering about life’s trivialities, you will love Stuff You Should Know About Stuff: How to Properly Behave in Certain Situations

I died over their section on “dudes and bathrooms.” Those of you who have been around for a while know we interviewed The Bag Whore (my brother) and various other males about bathroom etiquette and the six rules that must be observed.

Product Description:

  • Do you know how to properly conduct yourself in a public restroom?
  • What about while in the midst of a profoundly awkward silence?
  • Have you perfected how to get out of helping your friend move?

If you answered no to those questions, fear not. You need Stuff You Should Know About Stuff, the book that future anthropologists will no doubt call “the Rosetta Stone of handling trivial life situations.”

From the sketch comedy duo who created the viral videos “Sh*t Nobody Says” and “Things You Can’t Do When You’re Not in a Pool,” Tripp and Tyler bring you the written word in Stuff You Should Know About Stuff, a guide instructing you how to navigate the treacherous waters of life’s odd quandaries.

If you’re a fan of reading what others have to say on Amazon, here are the reviews. If you decide you need more Tripp & Tyler in your life, here’s their YouTube site and more about the #StuffBook.

Their videos kept me just as entertained as the book:

For the pet lovers:

For both the kid lovers and haters:

Were you already a fan of these guys? Have you read this book? Which video above is your favorite? Enquiring minds always want to know these things here at More Cowbell!

Happy Monday!
~ Jenny

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Twitter Users are Fluffing the Balls: BallGate by the Tweets


Twitter blew up this week with “DeflateGate” aka “BallGate.” For those of you who don’t follow the post-season football playoffs, “BallGate” can be translated to “sports fans freaking over Patriot’s quarterback, Tom Brady, and his 16% deflated balls.”

Tweets were flying with trending hashtags like:

The world is on fire and we’re talking about balls. Go figure.

Some sample tweets:

And the hashtag that was in poor taste (but still a bit funny):

As Brady says:

“I have a process that I go through before every game when I go in and pick the balls I want..the footballs I want to use for the game. Our equipment guys do a great job of breaking them in. When I pick the balls out – at that point, they’re perfect..I don’t want anyone touching the balls, rubbing the balls, nothing.”

The magic happens at the 20 second mark.

What do y’all think of this football madness? Have you been following #DeflateGate? Enquiring minds always want to know these things here at More Cowbell!


Photo credit: By Petey21 (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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How Many Years Does It Take to “Break Out?”

Maass-Writing-the-Breakout-Novel-coverIn 2002 Donald Maass published Writing the Breakout Novel, a book now famous throughout the writing land. I sat in the fifth row, through his all-day workshop in Orange County in 2004, thinking: “This guy scares the bejeezus out of me. I’ll never learn all this.”

I was still a baby writer. He was talking about “tension on every page” and “breakout novels” and honestly, I didn’t know what the hell any of that meant yet.

I hadn’t written enough, read widely enough. Hell, I hadn’t lived bravely enough at that point to grasp what he meant.

“Writing the breakout novel demands a commitment to life. How can you engage readers in your fictional world if you, the author, are not engaged by your own world? To write about life, you must live it. You cannot make readers cry or feel joy until you have wept and exulted yourself.”
— Donald Maass, Writing the Breakout Novel

Some people are born knowing how to write. Most of us are not. We have to work and play and learn. We have to write and SUCK at it, and write some more.

I’ve written about Malcolm Gladwell’s theory that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master anything. Since math isn’t my strongest skill, let me break that down. If you wrote 8 hours a day, taking into account the various sick days, it would take you FOUR years of solid work to master the craft of writing. 

That means if you’re like me, constantly impatient to “be there already,” you’ve got a looooong wait in front of you.

I’ve never written more than 2-3 hours a day, and I usually take a few days off. That means, if I include the 700 blogs, 71 non-fiction articles, 23 short stories, 9 unfinished novels and 1 book I’ve fully drafted, might be getting somewhere close to “there.” Sometime in the next few years. If I keep working as hard as I am now.

Before, y’all start getting depressed about how long this writing thing takes, or wondering when you’re going to “break out,” ask yourself something:

Have you jumped yet?

Here’s what it means to “jump.”

I don’t love that the video equates success to snazzy cars, but I adore that Harvey tells you to be fearless.

Here’s how “The Donald” puts it:

“In both life and fiction, when people act in ways that are unusual, unexpected, dramatic, decisive, full of consequence, and irreversible, we remember them and talk about them for years. Isn’t that the effect you want to achieve?”
— Donald Maass, The Breakout Novelist

I just spent some time with an amazing infographic from BlinkBox Books examining “the careers of some of the world’s most successful authors. You can sort by first published book, age at breakthrough book, and number of books published.”

It’s extraordinary and extremely revealing to see the impact these novelists have had. Especially those like James Joyce, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Charlotte Brontë, who only wrote five books. That infographic illuminates that quality of fiction and depth of character are what make an author memorable.

That infographic is the reason why I wrote this post. It’s Thoughty Thursday, and I’m thinking it’s time to JUMP! How about you?

What brave moments come to mind, where you jumped with both feet? How did it turn out? What did you learn from it? Enquiring minds LOVE to know about these things here at More Cowbell!

~ Jenny

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Crazy Books, Part 11 : “Double Header” Dude Tells All (OMG)

Double HeaderMany moons ago, I stumbled across a book about OMG, a condition I shouldn’t laugh at (but do), which stands for “Oversized Male Genitalia.” Today, I’ve come across a book called “Double Header: My Life With Two Penises,” written by a man with diphalliaa rare condition with two male sex organs.

[Click here to see the previous “Crazy Books” posts.]

This particular guy, who calls himself Diphallic Dude on Twitter (aka “Double Dick Guy”), answers questions about what life has been like for him, having this rare condition.  As he says in the book: “Nobody cared what I had to say before I came out about having two penises.” [You think?]

As you can imagine, he’s caused a sensation online, from his Reddit AMA in January 2014 (where he provided pictures) to his interview in Rolling Stone to his recent interview on the Playboy Morning Show. His book went up on Amazon on Christmas and is free with Kindle Unlimited. Everyone else pays $7.99.

Amazon’s Book description:

December 25, 2014
76 pages

He was featured on the front pages of, and was covered by The Huffington Post. Both Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno featured him in their opening monologues. Countless news agencies around the world broke the story when he went on Reddit and did an Ask Me Anything (AMA). Ranking as the 4th most popular Reddit AMA of all time (beating out the likes of Peter Dinklage, Bill Murray, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford), DoubleDickDude spent 48 hours discussing his life with a genetic condition known as diphallia.

Only 1 in 5.5 million males worldwide are born with two penises. However very few (if any) are born with two working, and by all accounts, attractive penises. After having managed to stay under the radar for over 20years DoubleDickDude (or DDD for short) amassed thousands of followers on Twitter and Tumblr in a matter of hours. In fact Twitter (temporarily) suspended his account for replying to his followers too many times!For the past year he has taken to writing a more lengthy and detailed account of his life so far. Very little could be detailed during a frenzy of questions from thousands on Reddit.

DDD goes from discussing his childhood, and explains how he knew he was special at an early age. His parents support grounded him in his early youth. We find out how he lost his virginity and was exposed to his peers. From there he discusses his wild streak of sexual adventures fresh out of high school. Recapping his favorite questions and answers, discussing sexuality and acceptance DDD covers the gamut.

Don’t worry, all the saucy and steamy stories he hinted at in his AMA are covered and then some. Like that 7-way orgy he briefly detailed amid the torrent of questions during his AMA. Not to mention the hunky straight gym jock who “went gay” and the poor girl who… shall we say, her lady place was a wreck after one time with DDD. It’s all in there and more!Written from first person perspective the narrative is raw, honest and often times gritty. Details are not spared and readers beware, naughty moments are revealed! The next time you see a man on the street with more than an adequate bulge in his jeans, it might just be DDD.


My husband and I giggled our way through the initial joke period:

  • “That takes OMG to a whole ‘nother level.”
  • What a holiday gift! “Merry Christmas, honey! Here’s a book about a man who packs more heat than you.”
  • “Wow, he’d start a whole new porn genre.”
  • “Can you imagine getting oral sex times two? I’ll bet you’d pass out.”
  • “Hey, Baby, let’s mix it up. Let’s try your your left one tonight!”

But then we started thinking about the actual issues:

  • Do they both get hard at once?
  • Do they both come at once?
  • Do they both pee at once?
  • Can he control them?
  • Does he need special underpants?
  • Does it hurt?

All that is discussed in his book and the Reddit AMA. Incidentally, according to the Rolling Stone interview, “he signed away the rights to the Kindle version of the book to the editor and released all profits to them as well.” He did the book to honor his father and to answer all the questions he received during the Reddit discussion.

The Washington Post article explains the complications well:

“Diphallia is a rare condition; only 100 cases have been reported in the past 400 years. But in what little medical literature exists, diphallia is usually characterized as an unhappy thing: a herald of social ostracization, and spinal bifida, and a slate of reproductive complications too grotesque to explain here. DD has been relatively lucky — his complications are minimal, and his equipment’s in working order — but he didn’t exactly escape diphallia’s downsides.”

I have to give DiphallicDude full points for maturity and good humor. He suffered all the young bullying you can imagine and has managed to overcome a deformity and turn it into something positive. My hat’s off to him…but I can still giggle a bit. I think he’d want me to.

Young Turks did a video on this where they express many of the questions I had.

Warning: Put down your beverage! I almost died choking on coffee over this video.

You see what I mean? Here are 10 Fascinating Facts gleaned by Rolling Stone from the AMA discussion.

p.s. August McLaughlin, have you put in an interview request yet?

What questions would you ask him if you could? Do you plan to buy the book or follow him on Twitter? What jokes did the Hubs and I miss? Enquiring minds love to know these things here at More Cowbell!

~ Jenny

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The Great Toilet Debacle of 2015

Toilet HumorThe next time you think you’re having a bad day, just come back to this lively story by my pal, Kelly Byrne. I was late checking in to Facebook today, but “The Great Toilet Debacle of 2015″ was waiting for me on my wall, ready to send me into a choking fit of laughter…

*  *  *  *  *  *

A cautionary tale, if you will.

After a shower, I put lotion on all my pertinent parts. When I got to the leg this morning it all went sideways. Literally.

I did what I always do: rested my foot up on the toilet seat to better get the full reach of the leg. I was wearing my super awesome, super soft, super slippery socks and well, you probably see where this is headed.

Into the toilet the foot goes.

But wait there’s more.

When I tried to rectify that horrible situation, my world disintegrated into a Buster Keaton movie. The other slippy sock lost grip on the cold tile. So I’m skating around with the right foot trying to regain balance, and the left foot has apparently set up shop in the toilet because it’s decidedly not cooperating with my pleas to leave it. It’s Bambi on ice, a flail-fest…and I’m going down.

So of course, on my way, I do what now? Yes, grab that shower curtain because a 2 pound rod not-securely-fastened to the wall will hold up a (redacted) pound woman as she’s thrashing wildly about.

I go down hard, curtain in hand, over the side of the shower, and down the bar comes, smacking me in the face as I slump over into the tub.

All this while nekkid, except for the super cushy socks. Yep. Not one of my finer moments. But I sure did get a good laugh out of it.

And a nice shiner on my eye.

Toilet/shower: 1
Kelly: 0

Luckily – the toilet had been flushed.

How was YOUR morning?

Thankfully, nothing was broken except her dignity. And my lunch, when I spit coffee into it from laughing so hard.

Have a nice day. Oh, and you should buy Kelly’s book – it’s fabulous (and naked embarrassment happens there too).


Photo credit: Todd Fong - Flickr

About Kelly

In addition to the 10 things below, she wrote a kickass book called Chasing Kate.


Kelly Byrne

Chasing Kate – $2.99 on Kindle

  • An award-winning writer in many a genre, I currently herd words into YA novels and short stories.
  • In a former life I was a snowboard instructor at Snowbird Resort in Utah and a pet photographer in Los Angeles. I’ve also raced motorcycles (with and without tutu) and jumped out of a helicopter into a lake. All of those things were rad.
  • A friend of mine once requested that I put love in everything I write. I’ve happily obliged.
  • Because of my prodigious gift for empathy, I’m inspired by stories of great personal sacrifice, courage, and loyalty. Like when I selflessly gave two whole squares of my favorite chocolate bar to my boyfriend. You know, incredible sacrifice.
  • In my effort to spread kindness, I’ve been known to hug strangers, especially if they’re wearing something soft and fuzzy.
  • I’ve only lived in four states, but I moved over 30 times in 10 years because I was running from the law. No. No I wasn’t.
  • I believe in the good in people, except when I don’t.
  • I’m an avid pessimist re-framing my worldview daily, so my glass is half empty. No, wait, it’s half full. Ugh. Who cares? I just want to know who’s been drinking out of my glass.
  • My favorite color is sage because it’s the best color in the universe. Fact.
  • I live in Los Angeles with my desperately handsome boyfriend and loopy dog, Lucy, AKA The Goon (the other love of my life) where I’m working on my next project, a three-book series.

Click here if you’d like to sign up for her eNewsletter. Or visit her blog where she discusses why chocolate should be its own food group and other important issues.

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An Undie Chronicles Flashback: “The Undie Sway”

Undie Chronicles

Photo courtesy of

I considered holding this “Undie Chronicle Flashback” until Throwback Thursday, but all the new members of the More Cowbell posse need it nowMany of you weren’t here when it all began but, thanks to a nifty new Microsoft product called Sway, you can feel like you were.

Set down your beverage, hitch up them underpants, and prepare for a Monday belly laugh. Here at More Cowbell, when the Undie-verse speaks…we will always listen!

p.s. For more about Sway, click here. In the meantime, enjoy going “back to the beginning”…

[How fun is that? Feel free to scroll through and click the social links to share it!]

Had you seen a Sway before this? What is your favorite Undie Chronicle of the first five I included? Enquiring minds love to know these things here at More Cowbell!

Happy Monday, y’all!
~ Jenny

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Thoughts on 2015, and Why 2014 Was Bionic.

Adriana @ Great Food 360°

2014 was a really bizarre year for me, and I’m hearing that sentiment all over Facebook. Everyone seems to be thinking the same thing: Bring on 2015.

That’s not to say there weren’t major highlights over the last year.

I started the year in breathless pain from the crazy Dog Hip, but then I had the surgery and became pretty bionic! Surgery and rehab took all of the summer and part of the Fall, and was followed by wicked vertigo. However, the spinning stopped in time for me to journey to Colorado to study with Writing Goddess Margie Lawson. Add in a writing award and the holidays, and the year ended pretty nicely.

2014 was all about people

I spent lots of time with my online pals during the surgery and rehab, which really kept up my spirits. Getting a hip rebuilt isn’t a small endeavor and my entire community rallied to make it fun.

Plus I got presents, and groovy playlists for the 6 hours a day of Cruella! It was amazing and humbling and, in it’s own way, magical.

  • August McLaughlin sent me date bars and fun get well cards.
  • Patricia Rickrode (aka Jansen Schmidt) sent me kickass wine.
  • Sharla Rae sent me hilarious Undie Chronicle products.
  • Piper Bayard and many others called or checked on me every few days.
  • My relatives and friends took time from busy lives to come take care of me.

Best of all, y’all made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Laughter made that trying time go by quickly, and I cannot thank you enough.

I love that the More Cowbell Posse is so funny AND naughty. Seriously, with the exception of some tech and health articles, the most popular posts here in 2014 were:

And my most popular post (by far) every single year:

See? We have a wonderful bunch here, and I love it!

The Bean 2015Still, I’m looking forward to 2015. A lot. I’m pushing forward in a zillion wonderful directions on my writing, and my daughter will be entering a new phase called “public school.” She’ll be closer to home, and we’ll be saving lots of money so (just maybe) we’ll get to take a vacation this year.

[Really, who can resist that smile?]

What are you looking forward to in 2015? What are you most thankful for in 2014? Were you happy or sad to see last year come to a close? Enquiring minds love to know these things here at More Cowbell!

Happy New Year!
~ Jenny

Beach photo credit: Adriana @ Great Food 360° on Flicker – cc license

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