Undie Chronicles, Vol. 29: Scratch N Sniff Undies

Those of you who are new to More Cowbell might have missed The Undie Chronicles. The regular posse here knows: When the Undie-verse speaks, we will always listenI had no idea when this began that there were so many hilarious undie-based topics to discuss. Plus it’s Monday, and I like to start the week with a good belly laugh.

I keep my ear to the undie-verse ground, in case anything interesting pops up, if you know what I mean. Several weeks ago, THIS article shows up: Charleville Home Hardware now stocks men’s underwear.

Of course, I want to scope out this hardware store, and also discover where the heck is Charleville, so I can send one of the posse in for a browse.

[Charleville is in Australia, y’all. In Queensland, on the east side of the continent, to be precise. In the county of Toowoomba. Are any members of the More Cowbell posse near Toowoomba? *bats pretty-please eyelashes*]

The article says:

After the closure of Target last year, the Charleville community began to wonder where they could buy the essentials – socks and jocks. 

A number of small businesses stepped up, bringing in new lines and increasing their supply to help the community, and now Home Hardware has done the same.

“We saw the Tradies undies at a trade show last month and thought it wasn’t a bad idea after Target shut down.”

My feverish little brain is looking up “tradies,” the whole time hoping they’re referring to “tradesmen” because undies are a private personal item that should not be traded. 

Lo and behold, there is a whole company dedicated to cladding the manly bits of Australia’s tradesmen. HUZZAH! I rushed off to explore Tradie Underwear and discovered a whole new undie-sphere.

[Not to worry, Ladies, they have Tradie Lady apparel as well.]

But back to the men…

These cats at Tradie have trunk types I’ve never even heard of: Fitted, Bound, Manfront, No Stink, and Big Pouch.

What kind of tradesmen are they breeding over there in Australia?

Perhaps “Down Under” refers to and area I’ve never considered…

Seriously, y’all, there are a plethora of man-trunk choices in Australia. I fear the Americans are sadly behind.

In exploring this new marketplace, I found all the aforementioned brands and much, much more. Finally, I scrolled down to the Limited Edition section, which just says “Coming Soon.” (Lucky bastards.)

Tradie Scratch N Sniff

Check it out. They’ve got UV Print, which sounds useful, and Bright Spark, which sounds super-festive. And…

Scratch N Sniff underpants? Are you kidding me?

I love my guy. I really, really do. But I don’t want to sniff around his underpants, not even with the “hot dog” or “rad pineapple” options.


You’ve gotta draw  your line in the sand somewhere, and I’m drawing mine in front of the Scratch N Sniff section.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the marketing team at Tradie are right up there with the folks at PooPourri. I give them full points for creative advertising and general naughtiness.

To give you an example, these are some recent Facebook updates:


(You know you’re clicking that link to Like their page.)

But I’m saying “NO” to the Sniffies. I won’t be importing those particular undies here to the West Coast.

What say you, friends? Would you buy or wear Scratch and Sniff underpants? Which Facebook update above is your favorite? Enquiring minds always want to know these things here at More Cowbell!

~ Jenny

p.s. It was a bang-up week over at Writers In the Storm last week. We had an eye-opening post from Les Edgerton on defining characters through action and an amazing post from Gwen Hernandez on the Top 10 Scrivener Features for Writers. Both these generous souls are answering questions.

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27 Responses to Undie Chronicles, Vol. 29: Scratch N Sniff Undies

  1. The Glow in the Dark undies are genius! The Scratch and Sniff . . . not so much. Surely there is one among us brave enough to give this a go??

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  2. Simone says:

    Jenny, I live in Australia, in Sydney, which is about a 10 & a half hours drive from Toowoomba. Let me please confirm, yes, Tradies are definitely tradesmen & women!

    I have to say, I have never heard of this brand before, but I pass a Big W on my drive home & I’m going to have to check them out! They look fantastic! But I do have to agree that the scratch & sniff is going a tad too far. My only guess is that the guys scratch them after they themselves have created an odour! I may have to buy a pair of the glow in the dark ones & make sure I get a fashion parade to see how they light up.

    Thank you for bringing these to my attention. My curiosity has been well & truly tickled by these fabulous addition to the undie-verse!

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    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Simone! If you see some of these Tradies at the Big W, PLEASE send us a photo. All my social media links are at the bottom and in the right sidebar. You’ll be able to find me for sure. 🙂

      The “Put Your Best Trunk” forward pair would certainly give you something to aim for when the lights go out…


      • Simone says:

        Jenny, I found them! Not the scratch & sniff, unfortunately, so I can’t report on them. Big W has a wide range & I got 2 pairs at $10 each, which is under US$8 a pair. I grabbed a few photos on my phone of the different designs & there is quite a few of them. I bought ones they call “Signed, sealed & delivered” on their Facebook page, that I just had to like. I also grabbed “Put your best trunk forward”. How could I resist a glow in the dark elephant!
        The recipient of these wonders has a good sense of humour (luckily) & couldn’t believe his eyes when I showed him them. He cracked up laughing when I told him about the glow in the dark pink rhinos! If you want, I can send the photos to your Twitter account, as I don’t have Pinterest or Tumblr.
        Cheers, Simone

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        • Jenny Hansen says:

          OhmiGod, YES! Simone, we would call you “awesome dipped in glitter” over here in the States. Please send, and thank you so much!!


          • Simone says:

            Hi Jenny, sent! Hope you don’t mind, but there is 3 tweets with all the photos. Couldn’t get a fashion parade last night – too sick, he has the flu. Hope you enjoy them!

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  3. Fabulous start to the morning, Jenny. Thanks for bringing Tradie to the other hemisphere 😆

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  4. K.B. Owen says:

    Thanks for the Monday snort-a-thon, Jenny, starting with the “sadly behind” remark! Great to see you ringing that cowbell again. 😉 I find myself strangely drawn to the glow-in-the-dark undies…kind of handy, don’t you think?

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    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Handy is a fine word for them, Kathy! Especially the prickly pair… (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

      Yes, I am ringing that cowbell, and I am dying to try out some glow-in-the-darks myself. Although, don’t they have to walk around for a while in the light to get the glow feature activated? That could scare the children. I’m just sayin…

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  5. Scratch-n-Sniff and No Stink? Ummm…. Yeah. Not. 😀

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    • Jenny Hansen says:

      You’ve got to give them points for creativity though, Kristy. I love marketing departments that let you just sit around and brainstorm naughty thoughts all day long.


  6. I’m still stuck back on the trunk “sizing” categories. I get the fitted and no stink categories, But manfront? I mean wouldn’t they all be manfront? And bound? Is that like a girdle to keep the parts from bulging conspicuously under the pants? Or are those the male version of the Christian panties with the Godly cotton panel that Sister Myotis is so fond of? The ones these tradesmen would wear to church on Sunday? And “big pouch?” Seriously? That’s too funny.

    Scratch and sniff is something I’d certainly stay far far away from. But those glow in the dark jobbies, those might be kind of fun.

    As always, thanks for the Monday chuckles.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I feel your pain, Patricia. The curiosity is burning a hole in my brain. What exactly is MANFRONT? (Amy is having the same problem in the comment below you.) The possibilities are just endless.


  7. amyskennedy says:

    Manfront! Manfront! Put your best trunk forward…I am dying, while trying to hide my computer screen–I’m at the library Jenny! Luckily, I work here and have an office…but I still had to tilt it so random folks did not get an eyeful of manbits!

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    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I’m glad you ducked for cover, Amy. It wouldn’t do for the library kids to see you sputter and spew. The MANFRONT seems to be the pair that stymied the posse, but the glow-in-the-dark? I think those are going to be showing up in bedrooms all over the Western hemisphere. 🙂

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  8. yvettecarol says:

    I vote for the bright pink on black elephant undies

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  9. The Guat says:

    These are awesome! It seems like everything in Australia is better. Big pouch and Manfront ahhhh too funny. I think that’s what the Thunder Down Under wears in Vegas.

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    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Do tell, Guat!! I crack up every time I hear about “The Thunder Down Under.” I totally thought for years they were speaking of monsters-in-pants. Then I went, “Ohhhh, ‘Down Under’ as in Australia!” Silly me.


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