Crazy Books, Part 11 : “Double Header” Dude Tells All (OMG)

Double HeaderMany moons ago, I stumbled across a book about OMG, a condition I shouldn’t laugh at (but do), which stands for “Oversized Male Genitalia.” Today, I’ve come across a book called “Double Header: My Life With Two Penises,” written by a man with diphalliaa rare condition with two male sex organs.

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This particular guy, who calls himself Diphallic Dude on Twitter (aka “Double Dick Guy”), answers questions about what life has been like for him, having this rare condition.  As he says in the book: “Nobody cared what I had to say before I came out about having two penises.” [You think?]

As you can imagine, he’s caused a sensation online, from his Reddit AMA in January 2014 (where he provided pictures) to his interview in Rolling Stone to his recent interview on the Playboy Morning Show. His book went up on Amazon on Christmas and is free with Kindle Unlimited. Everyone else pays $7.99.

Amazon’s Book description:

December 25, 2014
76 pages

He was featured on the front pages of, and was covered by The Huffington Post. Both Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno featured him in their opening monologues. Countless news agencies around the world broke the story when he went on Reddit and did an Ask Me Anything (AMA). Ranking as the 4th most popular Reddit AMA of all time (beating out the likes of Peter Dinklage, Bill Murray, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford), DoubleDickDude spent 48 hours discussing his life with a genetic condition known as diphallia.

Only 1 in 5.5 million males worldwide are born with two penises. However very few (if any) are born with two working, and by all accounts, attractive penises. After having managed to stay under the radar for over 20years DoubleDickDude (or DDD for short) amassed thousands of followers on Twitter and Tumblr in a matter of hours. In fact Twitter (temporarily) suspended his account for replying to his followers too many times!For the past year he has taken to writing a more lengthy and detailed account of his life so far. Very little could be detailed during a frenzy of questions from thousands on Reddit.

DDD goes from discussing his childhood, and explains how he knew he was special at an early age. His parents support grounded him in his early youth. We find out how he lost his virginity and was exposed to his peers. From there he discusses his wild streak of sexual adventures fresh out of high school. Recapping his favorite questions and answers, discussing sexuality and acceptance DDD covers the gamut.

Don’t worry, all the saucy and steamy stories he hinted at in his AMA are covered and then some. Like that 7-way orgy he briefly detailed amid the torrent of questions during his AMA. Not to mention the hunky straight gym jock who “went gay” and the poor girl who… shall we say, her lady place was a wreck after one time with DDD. It’s all in there and more!Written from first person perspective the narrative is raw, honest and often times gritty. Details are not spared and readers beware, naughty moments are revealed! The next time you see a man on the street with more than an adequate bulge in his jeans, it might just be DDD.


My husband and I giggled our way through the initial joke period:

  • “That takes OMG to a whole ‘nother level.”
  • What a holiday gift! “Merry Christmas, honey! Here’s a book about a man who packs more heat than you.”
  • “Wow, he’d start a whole new porn genre.”
  • “Can you imagine getting oral sex times two? I’ll bet you’d pass out.”
  • “Hey, Baby, let’s mix it up. Let’s try your your left one tonight!”

But then we started thinking about the actual issues:

  • Do they both get hard at once?
  • Do they both come at once?
  • Do they both pee at once?
  • Can he control them?
  • Does he need special underpants?
  • Does it hurt?

All that is discussed in his book and the Reddit AMA. Incidentally, according to the Rolling Stone interview, “he signed away the rights to the Kindle version of the book to the editor and released all profits to them as well.” He did the book to honor his father and to answer all the questions he received during the Reddit discussion.

The Washington Post article explains the complications well:

“Diphallia is a rare condition; only 100 cases have been reported in the past 400 years. But in what little medical literature exists, diphallia is usually characterized as an unhappy thing: a herald of social ostracization, and spinal bifida, and a slate of reproductive complications too grotesque to explain here. DD has been relatively lucky — his complications are minimal, and his equipment’s in working order — but he didn’t exactly escape diphallia’s downsides.”

I have to give DiphallicDude full points for maturity and good humor. He suffered all the young bullying you can imagine and has managed to overcome a deformity and turn it into something positive. My hat’s off to him…but I can still giggle a bit. I think he’d want me to.

Young Turks did a video on this where they express many of the questions I had.

Warning: Put down your beverage! I almost died choking on coffee over this video.

You see what I mean? Here are 10 Fascinating Facts gleaned by Rolling Stone from the AMA discussion.

p.s. August McLaughlin, have you put in an interview request yet?

What questions would you ask him if you could? Do you plan to buy the book or follow him on Twitter? What jokes did the Hubs and I miss? Enquiring minds love to know these things here at More Cowbell!

~ Jenny

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15 Responses to Crazy Books, Part 11 : “Double Header” Dude Tells All (OMG)

  1. Brosephus says:

    I had not read the Reddit AMA until now.. LOL!!!!!

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    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Brosephus, I have to admit, I was shocked. I had no idea this even existed and then, BAM! Right in front of my face, so to speak. He was smart to put up photos, and SUPER smart to remain anonymous.


      • Brosephus says:

        I was reading the comments, and I don’t have the courage to look at the photos yet. Like you, I had no idea that this condition existed, and I come from a family full of nurses and such. I’ve heard all kinds of medical stories, but never one like this..

        Maybe I’ll build up the courage to look at the photos later on. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the thought of the condition right now. I’m gonna ask my wife about this as she works in a urology clinic.

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        • Jenny Hansen says:

          I’ll be interested to hear what your wife has to say. I believe there’s been 300 people in the history of the entire world who have had this, so he is wise to keep it to himself. A lesser man would’ve ended up somewhere entirely different.


  2. Kelly Byrne says:

    It’s funny, unlike Brosephus, I went straight for the photos. 😉 You were not kidding about the “bone” you were bringing to this post, Jenny. Double bone! I do hope he’s not a butcher: “Ah, yes, I’d like the two bone special, please and thank you.”

    Wow! I’d seen something about this somewhere recently – I know, the specifics are killing you aren’t they? It was online somewhere in my path, but I didn’t read about it till now. Thanks for enlightening us. Your giggles and questions are great. And yeah, I’d like to know – can he turn one off or is it always a package deal?

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    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Word from him is he’s “right-bone” dominant when it comes to the nookie, but he pees from both sides. I’m a nurse’s daughter too, so I really wanted to know the biology of it all.

      What I found out is this guy is lucky he doesn’t have spina bifida. As “lucky” as so many guys think he is, the majority of the people who have had this affliction have been terribly uncomfortable, and not nearly as attractive.

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      • Kelly Byrne says:

        Yeah, we giggle a little about it, but honestly, I imagine it’s been difficult at best for him. I can’t imagine what high school was like for him. Kids are brutal, even when there’s nothing particularly different about you. I’m glad he’s so open and honest about it and I think it’s great that he wrote the book. Spina bifida is no joke, so he is indeed very lucky.

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        • Jenny Hansen says:

          If you click through to the links from Rolling Stone, high school was AWFUL for him, and he contemplated having the second one removed for a long time. I only put up the books that make me laugh or applaud in some way. This one did both.

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  3. Well, let’s just say, better him than me.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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  4. I have that on my Kindle! And yes, the author is on my to-interview list. Great call! 🙂

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  5. Jenny, thanks for the visit on my blog. Yes, my face has been missing for quite some time. I shall return in three weeks with a new series of posts. Happy New Year and see you soon 🙂

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  6. I see a superstar in the porn industry if he so chooses. That is just crazy.


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