Undie Chronicles, Vol. 27: Underwareness is Sweeping the Nation

Those of you who are new to More Cowbell might have missed The Undie Chronicles. The regular posse here knows: When the Undie-verse speaks, we will always listenI had no idea when this began that there were so many hilarious undie-based topics to discuss. Plus it’s Monday, and I like a good Monday belly laugh.

Whether you’re an astronaut, into extreme sports, or just have an overactive bladder, I thought y’all would appreciate this #Underwareness Campaign.

Their slogan? Drop Your Pants for Underwareness!

Catchy, right?

They encourage you to “join the cause” at Underwareness.com. According to them, you can show your support *smothering an IYKWIM*, get a free sample *eyebrows wiggling* and find out how to help Depend® donate up to $3 million to charity.

[Me? I’m still back there with the “Drop Your Pants” slogan. Y’all know I have the humor-meter of a middle-school boy. Plus, I always thought the adult version was called “Depends” with an “s.” Turns out I was wrong.]

Wikipedia gave me the scoop on the origin of these things.

Kimberly-Clark has been making Huggies for infants since 1978. In 1984, the Depend products were introduced for adults, pioneering the retail incontinence category in the United States. The original products were liners, available in regular and extra absorbency. 

After watching that video above, here’s what I’d love to know:

  1. What was the selection criteria for those dancing models in the video? Depend products never looked so good! I’ll bet they paid these people a lot.
  2. Where do I get one of those shirts?

If you’ve got questions after watching that video, put ’em in the comments!

Would you “drop your pants” for charity? Have you already done so? What do you think of those models and their “underwareness party?” Enquiring minds LOVE to know these things here at More Cowbell!

~ Jenny

p.s. I reserved my turkey yesterday for Thanksgiving. To hear about my turkey phobia, click here.

p.p.s. You’ll especially like the post if you’re a writer.

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15 Responses to Undie Chronicles, Vol. 27: Underwareness is Sweeping the Nation

  1. julipagemorgan says:

    I could probably raise more money for charity by promising *not* to drop my pants! (And I totally thought it was Depends with an S, too!)

    By the way, I read this post, then read your post about turkey block where you used the words “glistening gobbler.” I had to stop and think about that for a minute, IYKWIM!

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  2. Is it bad that I feel a bit discrimated against? I mean, what’s a gal to do if she prefers to go commando 50% of the time? If I were to follow instructions I’d end up in the hoosgow for indecent exposure. I wholeheartedly support my brothers and sisters who may have some plumbing problems. I don’t need to put on some pull ups to prove it. Shoot, my mom will tell you it was hard to keep me in diapers when I was little. In fact, according to her, I just woke up one morning and decided I was a “big girl,” took off my diapers, and that was that. Now they’re trying to change me? This hurts. Why can’t I be accepted just as I am? I figuratively support THEM! I’ll leave the literal bit to Depend, IYKWIM.

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  3. K.B. Owen says:

    Jenny, leave it to you to make adult incontinence fun! It’s good to see that the stigma is going away about that sort of thing. I have no snarky comments to contribute; you’ve said them all! 😉

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  4. yvettecarol says:

    Is there a codebook somewhere for this site? What does IYKWIM mean? 🙂 Just wondering. Another hilarious undie update, Jenny. Loved it. p.s. I don’t drop my drawers for anything other than showers and bedtime, not even to swim – I swim in my shorts!

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    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Yvette, it stands for “if you know what I mean.” I’ll put the origin for that post on your Facebook timeline, so you can have yourself a fine giggle. 🙂

      And I hate to drop my drawers too. Hail damage, you know.


  5. I’ve saw the commercial on TV and just about shot wine through my nose. Seriously? And there’s one for some kind of men’s product for bladder leakage that’s just as weird. The slogan is something like “protect your manhood,” or some stupid thing. So, so not cool to watch while you’re consuming dinner in front of the boob tube. I mean really, who wants to see that?

    And – as a side note – we have a company up here in the Sacramento area called “Jaws Gear and Axle” and their slogan is “we do rear ends.” Seriously. That’s their radio slogan. For some reason, I always think of you when I hear that commercial. Take that and run with it.

    Have a great week, Jenny!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  6. No. I have not seen this video & LOVE IT!

    Yes. I, wonder where they got these models.

    Would I drop my pants and strut my underwear for charity? DependS. On what? Whether we have a fair number of More Cowbell participants. Recruiting efforts begin tomorrow.

    KA-SNORT, btw, on those wiggling eyebrows.

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  7. #27 of the Undie Chronicles??? Who would have guessed … and there’s no end in sight! I like Gloria’s idea of having the More Cowbell posse do our own video … about anything actually, cuz your posse rocks!
    For what it’s worth, I always thought there was an “s” too!

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  8. Laughing! And yes, I’d consider it. 🙂


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