Invention Madness: A Doll With a Hoo-ha Flame Thrower?

Inventor brains are fascinating. Apparently, they go “what if” at about the same speed as writers. Just like writers, these ideas can coalesce into The Bizarre at an alarming rate. is my current favorite. He does everything from changing LED lights to making tissue containers to creating dolls that shoot flame from their buttocks.

Here’s the DIY video on the tissue dispenser. And I knew y’all would want to SEE the flame thrower for yourselves. (There’s a tiny bit of a language alert here.) You can thank Kristen Lamb for this magnificence. This Big Clive is a character…that’s all I’m saying.


What’s making you laugh on this fine Monday? Enquiring minds always want to know these things here at More Cowbell!
~ Jenny


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15 Responses to Invention Madness: A Doll With a Hoo-ha Flame Thrower?

  1. Kit Dunsmore says:

    OMG, Jenny, that is a complete RIOT. I can’t believe there’s a doll out there like that. I thought he was going to make one… I will be laughing for the rest of the day. Thanks for the share.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Kit, he DID make that doll, and spoofed the video. But he made me laugh so hard, I didn’t care.

      Apparently that is a sparking birthday candle in her enlarged bum.


      • Kit Dunsmore says:

        Well, I’m Queen of the Gullible (if there is such thing) but I do not mind being tricked by someone who is this clever and funny. Thanks again for sharing this!


      • Betcha he used the soughtering iron on that too. ‘Cause you know, plastic like that can be brittle … He needs to do the DIY verson of creating the doll. I’d DIE. Thank you and thank Kristen for this bit of Monday joy.


  2. tomwisk says:

    Hi Jenny, I know her brother. He didn’t flame but could clear a good-sized room in a heartbeat. I guess he had to provide his own flame.


  3. Jess Witkins says:

    Ohmygod, I just watched with this Joe and I was dying! DYING!!! His commentary is priceless. And this doll is a piece of s*&%! What the heck kind of message is this sending kids??? Maybe for bridal shower favors I can hand everyone their own copy of Taken by the T-Rex and a badge they can wear that says “Smokin’ Pussy Patrol”. LOL


  4. Kelly Byrne says:

    He is a riot. “Right?” What the…!? This is brilliant in such a twisted, deranged way. Where does Kristen find these gems? Hilarious.


  5. RIOT!! I love it!

    I need to get one for Christmas for Scott. He’ll FREAK!! ROFL!!

    And can I just that the DIY tissue dispenser is GENIUS!


  6. HAHAHAHA! Gives new meaning to being a “Firecrotch”!

    That, or it feels like when I have some bad spicy Mexican food!


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