Some Days You’ve Gotta Strut Your Stuff

white peacock

Here’s a video of a white peacock who wandered up to a poet’s blanket & strutted his stuff. 

Watching this peacock video made me think of all the times so many of us:

Step back from the spotlight…

Agrue with a compliment…

Hide our own luminous light…

Deny our dreams…

Sing only to ourselves in the shower…

Note: Video Post by Diana Dworin.

Mr. Peacock has much to teach us about tapping our feet, flapping our feathers and putting on a hell of a great show with our talent.

Today, I want you to take credit for just one thing you’re proud of. Anything, big or small. Whether it’s a project, an act of love, an invention, or a special talent.

Today, I want you to shout out about your magnificence down in the comments, even if it would sound silly to someone else.

Today, I want you to STRUT YOUR STUFF!!!

p.s. Here’s my example: After three years of failed attempts, I have both potatoes and yellow squash flourishing in my garden and I am so freaking proud!!! I’m also entering my favorite manuscript into two contests.

Now it’s your turn. Enquiring minds LOVE to know these things here at More Cowbell!

~ Jenny

photo credit: onkel_wart (thomas lieser) via photopin cc

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20 Responses to Some Days You’ve Gotta Strut Your Stuff

  1. Jenny, for two mornings in a row, I woke up before the alarm, awash with the need to write. That’s been dormant since last Fall. That’s my strut!


  2. Amber West says:

    Jenny, I know you will appreciate this strut. I boxed up my pile of books for the YA library project last week and got it to the post office YESTERDAY.

    This is a record for me. Boxed, addressed, and shipped in just under a week. PHEW!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      WOW! I totally appreciate that strut. Especially since my own box is just sitting her, whistling at me. Way to go, girlfriend. 🙂


      • Why, Jenny, why?

        Why did you have to write …”my own box is just sitting here, whistling at me?”

        Unless California gals don’t use the same vernacular as Pennsylvania born ‘n bred, the comment invites a query as to why your vajajay needs to whistle to get your attention.


  3. Today I left the house WITHOUT a list of decorator items I GOTTA, GOTTA, GOTTA have for the new house. Obsessing over the small stuff I want? SO over that.

    Today I made the decision to let my novel brew and percolate for 60 days before attempting another rewrite. As a result of the gift of time and reduced angst, today I sketched the basics for an erotic novella with humor hits and a quirky MC. Yes. I know. That’s outside the box for the genre.

    Yes. I fit ‘box’ into that last sentence on purpose.

    FINALLY! Today I woke up to day sixteen on a Paleo diet. No. Not DIET diet. I don’t need to lose weight, but I want to eat healthy. The increased energy without grains and refined sugar? AMAZING!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      WOW!!! A new book? Paleo lifestyle? No house renovating??? This is a banner day, Gloria. I am completely impressed iwth you. Now about this erotic novella…do tell us MORE. 🙂


  4. Today I am proud of my “girls”!! Yes, those! They are looking good, not too saggy and just the right size! {flashing you as we speak}. 🙂 🙂


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Nice!! Everyone should be able to appreciate their girls. And, if you read through the comments, so very many of us appreciate our boxes. 🙂


  5. I decided that maybe I do know how to write after updating the text of my first book (to correct novice writer errors that were haunting me). The story was sound and the characters likeable, even before the update. Here’s the link if anybody wants to take a look:

    And I did not get the least bit discouraged when I got on the scale and hadn’t lost any weight since last week. I will just re-double my exercise and dieting efforts!! Speaking of which I’m off to Zumba…


  6. Jenny Hansen says:

    Kassandra, cool!! Thanks for sharing. And I believe I already bought that book. I’ll have to see if I get the update.

    That weigh-in is hard. Good for you for not getting discouraged. 🙂


  7. Jane Sadek says:

    I’m pumped to be headed to DFWcon tomorrow and though I will be pitching, I’m also going to investigate the whole world of self-publishing. (Did I hear someone say, “About time!”) Along those lines, I set up a writer page on facebook and desperately need folks to “like me”. (That feels so needy.) Anyway, please do : (Jenny already did!)


  8. I’m pretty impressed with myself that I did not go out drinking on a Friday night! Now on Sunday during a pub crawl I am in charge of things might get pretty messy…..


  9. Kelly Byrne says:

    Today, I had fun. All day. The man took me to Universal and we rode the new Despicable Me ride along with a bunch of other cool rides (but come on, MINIONS!!) and it was glorious. I had perma-smile all day and didn’t once feel guilty about it. I got out of the house and had fun. That’s a big deal for me lately. 🙂


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