Some Days You Just Want To Hang Out in Your PJs

Earlier this week, I posted about those days when you just want to swear.  I also have days when I just want to hang out in my pajamas…or when I just want to write..or learn.

This Friday and Saturday, you can do all of those things at WANACon!


Their damn good sales pitch:

Why spend your hard earned money on plane tickets, overpriced food and hotels when you can have the conference experience right from the comfort of your own home? YES. WANA has made it that easy with live presentations in our state-of-the art virtual classrooms. This is as close to the conference experience as possible, only every seat is the BEST seat.

WANACon is a truly interactive entirely-online Writer’s Conference. No Yahoo loops or text based online conferences here. You’ll be able to chat with the presenters, see most presenters via their webcam, see a slideshow or the presenter’s screen, type text questions if the pets or children are making noise, and of course, pass notes behind the moderator’s back.

And yes, PJs are appropriate conference wear.

Not only that, but I’m teaching one of the sessions (Friday – 1:30 pm! Squeeee!!!).

Best of all, if you live in a faraway land (time zone issues) or you’ve got wild plans this weekend, this conference is fully recorded. You can look at the handouts and listen to the seminars for the next 6 months. It’s included in your conference fee.

What you need to know:

WHEN: PajamaCon is tonight at 6 pm ET (it’s free) and includes Kristen Lamb’s seminar on Author Branding. WANACon runs from Noon-9 pm Friday & Saturday (2/21 & 2/22).

COST: $149 with NO travel costs

DISCOUNT: Use coupon code “special” for 20% off your conference fee!

INCLUDED: Agent Pitch (yes, they take practice pitches), all workshops, recordings, and handouts, plus all the virtual cocktail parties, prizes and the Pajama Contest.

Register here.
See the speaker line-up here.

Read what Gabriela Pereira at DIY MFA had to say about WANACon.

And finally, feel free to ask me questions down in the comments section. Oh, and guess who I scored as a workshop moderator?? The happiest girl on Earth, Jess Witkins! *screaming with wild abandon in my kitchen over my great luck*

Now I’m gonna go find some more cool stuff to show y’all in my presentation…Hope to see you at WANACon. 🙂

~ Jenny

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4 Responses to Some Days You Just Want To Hang Out in Your PJs

  1. Jess Witkins says:

    I’m more than happy to be your moderator Jenny! Looking forward to partying with all the WANAcon attendees this weekend, especially one of my fave California girls!



  2. This sounds like just my kind of conference, especially since I’ve been sick and hanging out in my PJ’s anyway for the past week. 😉 Sorry I missed it. Maybe next year!


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